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Code Hero: a game that teaches you how to make games! Your Code Ray shoots Javascript in Unity 3D. Hack the planet: Become a code hero!
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    1. Daniel Larsson on

      Thank you for your rapid answer Alex. Don't feel that you must force yourself to be done tonight :) I'm happy with the answer that you currently working with the Linux-version :)

    2. Alex Peake Creator on

      The Linux version is working we just have to get a mouse sensitivity issue tested and it's been low priority till we got the Mac and Windows versions working well. I'm going to test Linux mouse sensitivity right now and get it working tonight.

    3. Daniel Larsson on

      Still silence about Linux-version, otherwise, keep up the good job :)

    4. Alex Peake Creator on

      Hi Sean, your account is now activated to be able to login. Thanks for letting us know. Mac and Windows versions are both up and working now, by the way. This is the first of a few pieces that need to come together to make a complete learning arc and we're pushing hard to get them all together and working by the 1st anniversary on February 23rd, so expect a fourth alpha then before the end of the month!

    5. Sean Davies on

      Hi guys, I don't seem to be able to link my kickstarter pledge with my user account so I can't play these alphas - any chance you can fix it? (username berkbig on the primer labs site...)



    6. David Doyle on

      I'm thrilled that this project is back to regular updates! I'm glad that there's visible activity at last!

    7. Alex Peake Creator on

      Windows file link is fixed and uploaded, Mac is being uploaded now, check at 8PM.

    8. Juan Miguel Expósito on

      Quick note, download links seem not to be working. And by that I mean the ones after you click on the address on the update (ie the ones on the subdomain, which also gives a 404 error on itself)

    9. Juan Miguel Expósito on

      A 1000 word update? Now you're just showing off XD

    10. Missing avatar

      jspenguin on

      I see requirements for Linux on the alpha page, but no no download links. Is the alpha actually available for Linux?

    11. Ettore Gislon on

      Well, finally you are communicating! This makes me glad. Looking forward to these updates, looks like being patient will pay off :D

    12. Alex Peake Creator on

      The files are still uploading, give them a few more minutes!

    13. Andy Baio on

      Great to see that you're back to regular updates! One issue: the download links for the Mac/PC builds are currently 404.