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Code Hero: a game that teaches you how to make games! Your Code Ray shoots Javascript in Unity 3D. Hack the planet: Become a code hero!
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    1. Shaun Hansel on

      Hi EOPE42. If you are looking for releases, there is a fairly stable Alpha over at you can get into and play with. If you have trouble logging in, please use the Guest feature, and when authentication is functional again, we'll let you know. Thanks for the support!

    2. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      Where I am:

      I sunk a few bucks to see what this way about, so I managed to get my returns on backing already and so am fine with my level of involvement. But I've read problems regarding this project, so have written it off until I see a release and read positive coverage. That is just feedback, as said, I'm glad I pitched a few bucks to a great idea - is what ks is all about but it's also about risk and seems this project is the only one that appears ropey that I backed (albeit for a few dollars).

    3. Joseph Adair on

      I was just worried I was going a bit daft. I did figure out the guest thing, and poked around a bit.

    4. Mark Nuzzolilo II on

      Oh yes, also, you guys decided to throw away a perfectly good graphics theme and try to make it "better". I'm sure that didn't help either. Graphics are expensive.

    5. Shaun Hansel on

      Hi Rob. Yes, a Linux version is currently functional, but is receiving some tweaking to mouse input before it will be released. I'll update the community once a good Linux build is available.

    6. Missing avatar

      Rob vanBrandenburg on

      Thanks for the update. Is the Linux version still on the table?

    7. Missing avatar

      John Broberg on

      I forgot all about this and my $15.00! LOL No worries, Alex. Thanks for the update. Obey your muse and see your dream to fruition. :)

    8. Gary Page on

      Hey Alex! I really appreciate your creative spirit and your commitment to this project.
      Are you still accepting contributions?

    9. Shaun Hansel on

      DiNo, I don't think it is just you. Being an alpha, there are sure to be a number of bugs like this, and rest assured, they'll be corrected. I'll be talking to Alex about how to handle bug reporting, especially game breaking bugs, and I'll update you and the community on how and where to report bugs, so we can get them taken care of.

    10. Missing avatar

      DiNo on

      It is a bug on my part (any idea how to fiw in this case?) or in the alpha :
      Some functions (that you directly copy from "walls", so no typo) throw a ton of console errors and don't work, eg. the one to display the name of the shot target, making the levels unplayable.

    11. Jomskylark on

      Thanks for the update!

    12. Shaun Hansel on

      Hi Juan, I look forward for writing for you in the future!
      William and Joseph, the new alpha found at allows you to login as a guest when you click the "Guest" button at the login screen. I understand that you might rather log in as yourself, and we will be addressing all login issues, but at least this will get you into the game.

    13. Missing avatar

      Carey White on

      Hi Alex, that's a better and more honest update than most CEOs of public companies are willing to make. We all put a little in just hoping someone would try to pull this off, and you guys went way beyond that. I can't remember any startup I invested in, or was part of, that ever went according to plan, so you won't hear any gripes from me. And communication is great but the game is what matters in the end. Anyway, thank you -- it's an inspiration no matter what happens.

    14. Joseph Adair on

      Sad to hear about the funding issues, but I'm glad you're pushing ahead with the program. I can see it being really handy for people who want to learn to program, or just want to learn more about how computers work.
      It's not something I'm likely to actually get much actual use out of, but I'm trying to check out the second release, and I'm curious if I'm the only person who literally cannot log in to the game? Reset my password, the whole bit, and the screen just sits there like a lump no matter what I do.

    15. William

      Ok so, how do I play the alpha if I've never downloaded it before or signed up on the website? I download it, and login? How do I get a copy assigned to me from my website login? The website just talks about pre-ordering it, and doesn't say anything about being a kickstarter.

    16. Juan Miguel Expósito on

      Hi there, Shaun, and welcome! We look forward to reading you in the future :)

    17. Norma A Owen on

      I second Dan's sentiments. Thank you for the detailed update. I've been a mentor and coach to numerous start-ups and expected there to be a learning curve Jumping into entrepreneurism isn't for the faint of heart and truly commend you for staying in the game. My interest goes beyond an investor. I'm deeply connected into the education reform world and see your game as a catalyst to shift how programming is taught. I have a few initial projects to utilize your game when ready. Keep at it. You have a cheerleader here. I look forward to the weekly blog posts.

    18. Shaun Hansel on

      Dustin, I will be making sure all public updates from Primer make it to Kickstarter, as well as to the Facebook pages, forums, and anywhere else people are expecting to find information.

    19. Dustin Deckard on

      Why not publish the promised weekly blog posts on Kickstarter as well as your site? I can't think of a single reason why you wouldn't want to do this... I would MUCH rather get a weekly update than a monthly one. It seems like a no-brainer show of good faith, and an easy way to actually DO something to correct your horrible communication. You've now 1 for 2 in your promised monthly updates, I'm no more confident that we'll see an update on 3/1 than I was that we'd see one on 2/1. But if you release weekly Kickstarter updates, you could earn that trust back. Food for thought. Also, what about the art? We were teased with a complete redesign of the look of the game last year. I take it the artist left after he stopped getting paid, understandably. What did he complete in the time you were paying him? Can someone else pick up where he left off? Is the new art for the game scrapped now? What about the MMO functionality stretch-goal that you met? You probably won't encounter resistance if you scrap that idea... it was always very silly and vague. Is the "MMO" part what evolved into the Shipyard? Thanks for your answers.

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew Goff on

      Thanks for the update. Like Dan, this was the first project I ever helped fund on Kickstarter, so I had no knowledge of what to expect from it. Glad to see you're still alive, learning from your mistakes, and aiming to fulfill your promises. Thanks again.

    21. Missing avatar

      tessel renzenbrink on

      Thank you for your dedication. Glad your determined to realize this great idea.

    22. Terence Bowlby on

      Are the people still workong (albiet for no money) on the project doing it in their free time, or full time? Out of the 100 projects I've backed, the only one with a similar story to this saw the creator spend tens of thousands of "his own" (I'm sure he had to get personal and private loans) money to pay to finish and ship the end product. I'm curious if this has devolved from work to hobby now that the money is gone,

      Thank you for comminicating with the near 7500 people who gave you money, I know it must have been hard, and it sounds like it's not getting easier any time soon.

    23. Juan Miguel Expósito on

      So glad for this update, thank you, it was much needed. ^_^ I'll go download the new alpha now!

    24. Tomimt on

      Thanks from the honest update.

    25. Khurrum Mahmood on

      Time for a second Kickstarter round guys. You should look at how much you can limit the scope to get something sellable out. I'd also check with some of the bigger universities to see if they would like to be associated with this project. Its a cool idea, I'd be surprised if no big name in education wanted to back you... Maybe something outside the US.

    26. Mark Nuzzolilo II on

      You should have hired my friend! The one who worked for Playstation as an assistant producer/project manager :P Seems like the whole failure point was the LACK of someone like him.

    27. Alex Peake Creator on

      Thanks for your encouragement Dan. Shaun's going to make a big difference in our community engagement and we're going to be posting weekly blog posts on our site and monthly major updates and releases from now on. Despite our setbacks, we love this project and we're aimed squarely at phase 1 in May and a Code Hero that anyone can use to learn to become a Unity game developer.

    28. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Glad to see you are still moving forward with this, this being my first kickstarter project I had little to none in the way of expectations for this to work but I'm glad you have the talent, drive and integrity to keep trying at this, I for one accept your apology wholeheartedly and I look forward to the continuing progress with Code Hero.