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Code Hero: a game that teaches you how to make games! Your Code Ray shoots Javascript in Unity 3D. Hack the planet: Become a code hero!
Code Hero: a game that teaches you how to make games! Your Code Ray shoots Javascript in Unity 3D. Hack the planet: Become a code hero!
7,459 backers pledged $170,954 to help bring this project to life.

The final hours

Thank you all for your support!

We had many questions about the 1,337 Unityversity Founding Intern Level. 

If you have any interest in this level read this FAQ. 

1. Can I do this if I am not in San Francisco?
Yes we will be doing our mentorship via Skype Video chat and other online communication mediums. If you are in San Francisco, you can come to our office and get mentorship and advice.

2. How long does it last?
The internship is a minimum of 4 months, but there is always the opportunity to continue,  depending on your progress, and completion of goals.

3. Will we help you with your own game?
Yes we will provide you training beyond what Code Hero already teaches you.

4. Will I contribute to the game?
Yes challenges and goals will be directly related to the progress of the game. You will be given the opportunity to create pieces like doors, lighting or much larger components all depending on your skill level, and how fast you progress.

5. How many hours, can it be after hours?
You can put in as much or as little time as you want. If you want once a week or on the weekends to contribute, that's fine if you want it to be a full-time project we will work to give you a steady stream of projects to work on.

6. Will I have access to the source?
We give developers modular pieces of the code, so they can develop the individual levels or pieces they need. You will get to see the inner workings.


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    1. Redwood on February 24, 2012

      hay, i know i'm probably going to be your slowest learner with this game D: so i was thinking, can you add an option to get lesions / help at a latter point in time with you guys, i plan to learn this stuff and then boggle my way though as much as i can to make this game idea that's been bugging me for the past two years, and i can see myself wasting a good 5 years getting the feel i want down before i show any of it to someone els but i will say the initial stage would be like the sim's but with control over your hero , there will probably be forums and other stuff like there is now for unity, but it would be nice to know i can do something and get a skype call and someone can tell me why the sky keep's falling in or something

    2. Missing avatar

      Anders Schou on February 24, 2012

      So, where can we learn more about this?
      I'm currently an intern at LEGO, developing concepts, while also making them interactive trough UNITY3D. Can i contact you somehow, to discuss it even further?
      //Anders Schou - Denmark.
      (Congrats with the successful backing!)