Funded! This project was successfully funded on February 24, 2012.

    1. Missing_small

      Creator Andreas Czák on April 9

      Does the demo still exist somwehere?
      I'm one of the few people, who don't want their money back, in fact, I'd donor some more money if that'd help to finish this game.


    2. Missing_small

      Creator antejentacular on April 4

      I agree that the current situation is irritating and disappointing of course. But everyone who donated did so in the expectation that their money would be spent and therefore that there would be nothing for refunds. Where would the money come from after all? Funding a project isn't the same as making a loan, and there's no money-back guarantee.

      If Peake had a spare $170k lying around for refunds, I'd tell him to finish Code Hero and give us what we backed in the first place. Assuming there was some way of, y'know, following some sort of realistic project plan.

    3. Capture_1_.small

      Creator Dustin Deckard on April 4

      I only know of one person who got a refund, and it was mostly because they were leaving about one comment per day demanding it. They were also a $13 backer, so it wasn't a big deal to swing. All of the other people who asked for refunds last year (and were promised refunds by Alex on a live video chat!) are still waiting. Yes, apparently because Alex doesn't have any money. But that's not an excuse, since... you know, he spent all of our money.

    4. Officer_b.small

      Creator Tomimt on April 4

      I did ask for a refund ages ago and got an answer that they'd put me "on a list". What that means and if there is an actual change of getting a refund is anyones guess. Like I've said before, the best thing for this project would be to open source it. It's clear that Peake won't be able to deliver this otherwise, as I doubt he has the resources to actually pay oneone to code full time anymore.

      Opensourcing this he could try to safe what little there is and try to help the project to really grow. It's not a guaranteed success ofcourse, but it would be a better change what there is now with this vaporware project.

    5. Missing_small

      Creator antejentacular on April 4

      For those of you who want a refund: you’re probably not going to get a refund. Why? Because there isn’t any money. And even if there were, Kickstarter’s terms leave it up to the backers to find legal recourse. Clearly if you want to spend more money on a matter of principle then that’s up to you; I donated $313 and I have no intention of ‘lawyering up’. Kickstarter will always be a gamble. The majority of successfully funded projects miss their deadlines. Some just fail outright - that’s why pledging more than you can afford to lose is just a bad idea.

      As for Code Hero itself, two years without t-shirts says about as much as anyone needs to know regarding its organisation, planning and delivery. Unless Peake is sitting on something huge (which seems unlikely given that the Project Coordinator just left) the next step should be to solicit help publicly. This doesn’t mean posting 17 open positions on the primer careers page. It means setting pride aside and saying: ‘This is a good idea. It can be done, but it needs a lot of help and it needs that help now.’

      I’ve worked with an individual who I suspect is a bit like Peake, business-wise. The problem is that creativity, enthusiasm and personal competence count for very little in a team oriented project if you can’t manage a team, don’t effectively organise your time and fail to set and achieve realistic goals. Everything I’ve read about this debacle suggests that Peake should have had someone to keep him in line while there was funding – to prevent a capability-expectations gap from developing on the part of backers and Primer. Now it seems to be too late.

    6. Th_jerjesusavatar80.small

      Creator LordDon on April 3

      Alex - I'm impressed by your perseverance. I backed this 2 years ago when Kickstarter was still new and the fact that you're still working on this in spite of a few setbacks speaks volumes. Keep up the good work.

    7. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jonathan Jou on March 12

      (Reposted from my comment on the last update, in case someone with more info chances upon it:)


      Its been exciting to follow the process of putting Code Hero into the hands of other children, and I thank you for your time and effort in keeping us apprised.

      I'm saddened to hear that your updates will come less regularly, especially since the scarce information I've seen regarding the complete vision for the project leaves me with many more questions than answers.

      Is there someone on the team who can fully articulate what the final game will have, what it won't have, and what you have right now? How did a game go from beta back to feature incomplete back to "upcoming beta," only to fall back into feature incomplete again? Can someone tell us what delayed the sending out of T-shirts? Does anyone have a plan for the mentorship, the teacher training, or that intern on a plane?

      We have, unfortunately, heard the "we're working on it" promise more than once, and what worries me isn't that someone is still working on it so much as the fact that I have no idea what someone might be working on. How is the secrecy and lack of transparency helping? Is Alex still hoping to one day sell his game for money, or is there some other reason the code hasn't been uploaded to a public repository and released under a license like the MIT Software License for everyone to hack on together? In all honesty I'm a little scared by the reasons I can think of that has resulted volunteer after volunteer distancing themselves
      from the project.
      I don't know if you'll be able to respond to this, and I do wish you all the best.

    8. Photo.small

      Creator Jean-Luc on March 6

      I want a refund.

    9. 19372_308588293641_530218641_4857993_5968242_n.small

      Creator Urutsini on March 4

      "I’m sad to say that I’m probably not going to be able to update as regularly or as often."

      As often as what . . . you mean like less than the 7 updates in total posted last year?

      I want my refund Alex. I want it now. You are lucky there are no profanities in this post but feel free to add some yourself because that would be closer to what I am feeling right now.

    10. Missing_small

      Creator njt on February 24

      See, the more public communication the quieter the complaints become :).

      I still don't see why it's not more open source, though. I mean - it's still profitable that way (maybe even more so?) and it goes more to the goal of what this game's about (imho).

      Regardless, glad to see it still breathing.

    11. Capture_1_.small

      Creator Dustin Deckard on January 21

      Another update, but still zero news about the game - just "we're still working on tshirts" but haven't even gotten an estimate on the order.

    12. Officer_b.small

      Creator Tomimt on January 6

      Here's an another project, which I didn't back my self, but apparently a game called Unwritten in a turmoil which has lead the devs to retun money to the backers as they aren't confident that they can do the game. I read some of their updates and I appreciate the frankness they have. No beating the bush.

    13. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jonathan Jou on January 4

      Shaun, it's been a while! I'm glad to see you seem to be in festive spirit and doing hopefully well. I'm curious if you have any insight into how Code Hero was doing when you were involved. I really appreciated the attempts to really keep backers engaged when you first started, and am rather very curious to know if you have any comments on the challenges and difficulties that led to the eventual return to silence. Do you know who's the right person to ask who would have answers regarding the past, present, and future of Code Hero? It would be great to learn more about what's going on.

    14. Missing_small

      Creator Kathy Perry on January 3

      Oh we got our yearly "the project isn't dead" announcement I wonder if we will be surprised this year with a 4th of July rendition of "the project isn't dead" or will we have to wait a whole nother year for it?

    15. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Shaun Hansel on December 31

      Happy New Year!

    16. Capture_1_.small

      Creator Dustin Deckard on December 31

      @Thomas - I understand your position and respect it, but you must not have kept up with everything that's happened this year. Refunds were not promised during the pledge drive (why would they be?), no, but they WERE promised a number of times afterwords, even with press present. Some of us are pretty vocal about this, and it's because we take it personally. We spent a lot of money, we advertised for Alex, and then everything fell apart, with more shadiness than can be accounted for in a single post. Alex has made bad calls at every turn, pissed people off, failed to pay devs, ignored calls, comments and emails for months on end, got kicked out of office space with IGN, failed to keep his own website online, lost control of the game's barebones authentication system, took down his support forums, and more... it's not unreasonable for us to hold him accountable.

    17. Officer_b.small

      Creator Tomimt on December 31

      @Thomas: Avtually it's not unreasonable to expect refund. KS rules for project creator state, that if the project is not able to provide what it was set out to create, in this case even a buggy, unstable application, then refunds are not out of the question if the project creator is unable to make due in other means. In this case the other means would be to just open source the whole thing, I'd be content with that, as Alex has, time after time, shown that he's not able to pull this project off.

    18. Missing_small

      Creator Thomas on December 30

      @Dustin, were you not aware that there are no guarantees on KS? Not that it's carte blanche for all manner of scamming, but this risk is what publishers usually deal with, and they usually have a lot more control than we do.

      Justified or not, the negativity isn't helping anybody out. A project like this is hard enough to complete without people going out of their way to gripe about things. We are all aware that the project went south and should have been delivered quite a while ago, there's no need to keep up with the negativity.

      Maybe it gets done or maybe it doesn't, but it's ridiculous to expect a refund before the pledges are paid out, when there was never an assurance given that there would be refunds during the pledge drive.

    19. Missing_small

      Creator Majugi on December 30

      The new project coordinator seems to be pretty good so far. However, this arrangement with a volunteer team stepping in to take over the mess left behind by the original paid team is a little weird, and I'd be a lot more comfortable with it if the project were open-sourced.

      I really see no reason not to open the code for the project if it is already being developed by volunteers. Okay, there might be two reasons the code hasn't been released: (1) the state of the code is so abysmal it would be embarrassing to the team or (2) there are still hopes of selling the game after release to earn back losses. If the latter reason is true, I really think it's misguided to continue holding out for later sales. Make the game open and it might stand a chance at completion; if you need to cash in at that point, sell merchandise or strategy guides or something. The point is this: if the game's finished (even with community help) you have options for moving forward.

      Anyway, best of luck to anyone volunteering on this (misguided as it may be; why you would take an unpaid position at a failed commercial venture is beyond me). Kudos for being willing to work on this despite the challenges.

    20. Capture_1_.small

      Creator Dustin Deckard on December 30

      Yeah, I know that the cost of printing a tshirt is lower than the cost of the pledge to buy a tshirt, but I hate that they're going ahead with the shirts before providing any refunds. I just realized I filled out the tshirt survey, sort of on autopilot whenever I get kickstarter survey emails... but I do not want a tshirt if it's going to be held against me every time I repeat my request for a refund. And the non-BCC'd email addresses.... yikes. What a disaster. Did anyone check the careers page on They list 13 positions available.... 13. I know the right person could fill several roles, but it's astounding that Alex is asking for up to 13 volunteers to step forward and work for free after he blew through $200k.

    21. Image1.small

      Creator Von Bednar on December 30

      I for one, still have hope in this project and would love to see it to it's fruition.
      I don't think that claiming your $50 back will do any good, quite frankly, you are buying a promise on kickstarter, and with the amount of negative feedback Alex got, no wonder the motivation wasn't at it's highest.
      Alex and the team - just remember that there are people who still believe in you, we are not as vocal as the angry customers - but we exist.

    22. 19372_308588293641_530218641_4857993_5968242_n.small

      Creator Urutsini on December 29

      From someone in the IT industry, that sort of error is unforgivable. Looking even more forward to that refund I requested so that I can wipe my hands of this project.

    23. Missing_small

      Creator Ethan Hart on December 28

      We'll see...

    24. Alexpeakefrostruder.small

      Creator Alex Peake on December 27

      From the project coordinator:
      I'm deeply sorry everyone, that was a mistake on my part. It was a rookie mistake and I can't take it back. All I can do it make sure it doesn't happen again. I know it's not a consolation, but I assure you the other batches of e-mails were indeed sent bcc'd. Because of the limit on how many e-mails I can send out a day, I can't send an apology to everyone until at least 24 hours have passed, so I'm posting it here for now. Again, incredibly sorry for that, it was a very stupid error and I can't apologize enough for it.

    25. Missing_small

      Creator Joshua on December 27

      I just received the survey email with 473 other email addresses in the To: field.

      This really is a gift that keeps on giving.

    26. Missing_small

      Creator mrmonkeypbbt on December 24

      Wow. Devs must be knocking down the door! the careers page is down.

    27. Missing_small

      Creator mrmonkeypbbt on December 24

      HE LIVES!!!!!! I totally forgot about this project for the past year or so, yesterday I decided to take a look at the comments as I used to do every week or so and poof, today there is an update. Its a Christmas miracle!

    28. Officer_b.small

      Creator Tomimt on December 24

      We will see. The only thing I can say here that I am very skeptical.

    29. Missing_small

      Creator njt on December 24

      That's my face when I saw there was an update. I for one am crossing my fingers too - but instead of looking for a team - just opensource it? Get more help that way and form a business through offering personal tutors and or guides and or other things that people would like once they get started coding.

    30. Capture_1_.small

      Creator Dustin Deckard on December 24

      Holy shit, an update! There's a new level, but that's all. Otherwise just more promises about rebuilding the "team", a new login system (someday), t-shirts shipping (someday), etc. No reason to believe any of it - it's all on Alex to deliver. Cross your fingers, or whatever makes you feel better.

    31. Keephopealive_512x512.small

      Creator Peter S on December 22

      @Alex Earp, you can try California small claims court. Granted, that'll take no small amount of effort, particularly if you live outside of California.

      If you reach out to Dustin Deckard, I think he might give you some contact info of Alex Peake's. Alex Peake (have to use the full name since you both share the same first name, heh) has said before that he'll give a refund to anyone who asks for one, once he has the funds available.
      And yeah. I think we either got scammed, or Alex had a mental break. And us keepers of the Comments-vigil are kind of being masochists.

    32. Missing_small

      Creator jack on December 19

      Good luck with that.

    33. Missing_small

      Creator Alex Earp on December 19

      So, can I get a refund?

    34. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Artful Dodger on December 17

      Jonathan: I've been thinking of pitching a "2 years later..." story to a few websites in the hope that it gains some publicity again. Not going to let Peake fade into the background that easily.

    35. Cobra_insignia___framed_and_matted_by_nala15-d6wmekd.small

      Creator Justin R. Walterich on December 11

      He logged in on 12/2, but no answer here. probably checking if the coast is clear.

    36. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jonathan Jou on December 4

      Dustin, is there some way you can get back in touch with the media? I'm not sure what the right way to do this is, but I think Alex should have one last opportunity to come out into the spotlight and try to answer the hard questions. In this particular case it would be good to see if we can't get some of the answers that have been on my mind for probably a year now:

      1. Where did the money go? The people Alex hired don't seem to think they got their due, and the trips he went on to talk to people never quite happened. His physical backer rewards never came out, and he got some revenue coming in so where did that go?

      2. How far did the project actually get? Our last communication from him indicated that the he at least was working on a particularly complicated piece in anticipation of a large update. How did the project go from working beta to pre-alpha to vaporware? What engineering decisions went right or wrong for them?

      3. What does he think is the right thing to do now? The people who paid for his efforts aren't getting what they asked for, the odds of his getting any additional funding aren't particularly promising, and what offers of magnanimity or benefits of the doubt we might have are long gone. What can he do for us, and what does he want to do?

      I really hope Alex takes the opportunity to acknowledge his backers, his situation, and his mistakes, as well as make amends for what's happened. I don't know what he's planning on doing, but he needs all the goodwill he can recover.

    37. Missing_small

      Creator Darkezio on November 26

      I'd like to see someone else take this over. It's dead in the hands it's currently in. Code Hero has so much potential too :(

    38. 23290_boxshot_1._preview1.small

      Creator PegasusOrgans on November 21

      I look at projects like Greywalkers (stuck at 21k out of 100k goal)) that will never make it despite being very promising and having a team/office in place, and others like Xulima that made their low goal (10k) but struggle to make very reasonable stretch goals because so many projects burned the belief in the website/system. I even stayed quiet thinking that this will eventually get made even if highhandedly.

    39. Moon.small

      Creator Threemoons on November 20

      Um, how are we doing on this folks?

    40. Missing_small

      Creator jack on November 18

      The site has been down for like a week now. Will Alex bother to bring it back up yet again or will he finally disappear from the internet for good? Stay tuned.

    41. Missing_small

      Creator Arthur Corliss on November 7

      Eh, morbid curiosity has me checking back every couple of weeks (usually). Dustin's sentiment is right on: too many and more worthy projects failed for lack of funding. Examples like this only make people more gun shy in supporting those projects.

      End sum: the long lasting effects of this debacle will reverberate well beyond just Alex's reputation and us backers. I think he's effectively screwed a thousand other projects who had the talent to succeed.

    42. Officer_b.small

      Creator Tomimt on November 4

      The biggest problem here is, that Alex has many times promised to communicate with us, but then he just doesn't do that. He's constantly making the situation worse for himself, and by extent to this project, by giving out a poor image of himself as a leader.

      At this point it looks like no-one is in charge and everyone is just trying to avoid the big responsibility to inform us, the backers, what is really, and I mean REALLY, going on.

    43. Missing_small

      Creator Thomas on November 2

      Arthur, I don't check in on this project with any regularity. As far as I'm concerned the project is a failure.

      Like njt, I'd love to see it opensourced, so that we at least get that out of it. The idea behind this was great, but as long as Alex is solely responsible, I doubt very much that it will be finished enough for sale.

      That being said, I thought the same thing about my Openpandora, and that did eventually ship, so who knows.

    44. Missing_small

      Creator njt on October 29

      I still consider the idea of Open Sourcing it to be a good one. If anything, it could be his saving grace. It'd be a shame to just let it die down :/

    45. Capture_1_.small

      Creator Dustin Deckard on October 29

      So true, Arthur (about the masochists bit). Every time I come here I just stare at that $170k number and think of how many other projects never got off the ground because they had the talent but not the money. This was the opposite. It was a very expensive lesson in vetting out anyone I throw in for online.

    46. Missing_small

      Creator Arthur Corliss on October 29

      We must all be masochists, constantly checking this project when we know what the outcome will be, or rather, *is*. At this point, my only interest here is in seeing if Alex will ever display a hint of manhood and admit he screwed up and will never deliver.

      Until that point, what a lying weasel...

    47. Missing_small

      Creator jack on October 29

      And in a shocking turn of events, all of the websites are down again.

    48. Officer_b.small

      Creator Tomimt on October 23

      Alex, man up. We all know this project is good as dead. Come worth and put it out from its misery. No more "I'll update soon" crap, no false promises, just give us the cold, hard facts.

    49. Missing_small

      Creator jack on October 22, 2013

      It's back with a big, red Drupal error at the top (and no new content of course).

    50. Capture_1_.small

      Creator Dustin Deckard on October 21, 2013

      And hey, look at that - the site's down again.

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