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Code Hero: a game that teaches you how to make games! Your Code Ray shoots Javascript in Unity 3D. Hack the planet: Become a code hero!
Code Hero: a game that teaches you how to make games! Your Code Ray shoots Javascript in Unity 3D. Hack the planet: Become a code hero!
7,459 backers pledged $170,954 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Idlehands on

      If I had invested my pledge years ago I could probably buy a Ferrari now.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tony Habib on

      It's never coming out. I'll say ask again, show us all the cool stuffb you bought, parties you had, and places you went to with our cash.

      You owe us that at least.

    3. Missing avatar

      njt on

      6 years from the proposed delivery date - wow, time flies lol.

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      I dunno... this seems like a scam. No KS update and now you can just download that dinky demo for free regardless of backing??

      I am kind of shocked that KS just allows this shit to happen with no consequence to the Dev. So apparently i can start a kick starter with no real goal to finish, raise a shit ton of money and just stop all production... and Kick starter will be fine with that because...

      So this guy got a ton of money, game you a game and demo thats now available to everyone and is promising again that there will be a game? oh and the update just shows a dialog add on for unity?? Looks like a huge scam and KS is starting to put out more scams than real content... I would be totally fine waiting longer for Devs that are putting in actual work. KS seems to support this behavior...

    5. Missing avatar

      Tony Habib on

      I still want pics from the parties, vacations, etc that be bought with cash, then I'll be happy

    6. Missing avatar

      njt on

      5 years and some change :o. We're still waiting :D.

    7. Lon on

      So, he took the project out side of KS. He didn't update it to point to the new page so this is an obvious attempt at trying to scam more people with the same con.
      Shouldn't there be something in the TOS that doesn't allow a project creator to take it out of KS and set up shop? Not that I have any faith that he'll ever complete it but we already paid for it and if he thinks he's in the clear, he's mistaken.

    8. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      I was about to delete my log in information for the game and noticed that the site is back again. So, confusing.

    9. Missing avatar

      mrmonkeypbbt on

      hey, is it alive again?

    10. Missing avatar

      jack on

      And of course comments are moderated on the wordpress site.

    11. James Dearing on

      And here's another update:

      "It’s 2017 and Code Hero is going to see new versions released this year." :)

    12. Missing avatar

      njt on

      Well I'll be - site has been updated again :o (Would be nice to get these posts here too? :<)

    13. Billy Mizrahi on

      can i at least get my shirt that i pledged for? screw it just send me a nice hanes t-shirt and ill be good.

    14. Missing avatar

      njt on

      @gamesBacker - thanks for the link, looks promising ^^

    15. Missing avatar

      njt on

      The site was down yesterday, but up today! (Showing permission issues though :p)... Progress?! :D.

    16. Missing avatar

      gamesBacker on

      Anyone that still wants a coding game, Glitchspace is a great alternative:

      Since Code Hero will probably never come out at this point, I thought it would be nice to share findings on games with the same general idea that have actually been properly released.

      I had a lot of fun with it. Maybe Mr. Peake can play it to get some inspiration. Perhaps just admit you messed up (with the project), Mr. Peake, unless you still think you can get it done. It's time.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kathy Perry on

      hell I never even got the game and people are talking about updates?

    18. Missing avatar

      jack on

      Alex's final comment about maintaining a regular update schedule and posting more information later in the month from 2 years ago still makes me laugh every time I read it.

    19. Missing avatar

      njt on

      Woah, 2 years since the update on the Updates page and 4 years since the expected delivery. I wouldn't be surprised if those that wanted to learn to code through this game already know how to code now :p. That said, there are some new updates on the site (a week or so ago). Would be nice to get a playable version sometime soon *wink wink*

    20. Pete Edge on
      Back up with an update March 24th

    21. cheddar262 on

      Their website is down for me at the moment (March 7, 2016).

    22. Missing avatar

      ementalo on

      OK so they update the website with news etc, but still have not sent out any comms to us, the people who funded it.

    23. Dustin Deckard on

      I agree with Pegasus - please continue to use the report function. It probably won't have any results, since it hasn't for the last several YEARS, but it doesn't cost anything to keep complaining. Some of us have been demanding refunds for years already. Alex has chosen to simply ignore and abandon the 7,459 backers that gave him all his startup money (that he blew) and only post updates on

    24. PegasusOrgans-AGL 589 on

      Hey everyone, I know its unlikely, but please keep reporting this project to Kickstarter (at the bottom of the campaign page) for "post-funding issues". If any project needs to be dealt with by the KS staff, it is this one. It is, very obviously, an abandoned project... and Peake HAS money to spend on OTHER projects, so he can start paying us back, if he was even remotely decent.

    25. Tomimt on

      I don't think open sourcing is really an issues, as Unity is free to use for anyone. So while we wouldn't be able to see the engine code itself, we'd at least see the assets and scripts done for the project.

      Though I'd guess most of the code done in this project is pre-Unity 5, so a lot of it would have to be redone in order to get it up to standards.

    26. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      @njt, one problem with open-sourcesing this is that they're using Unity. Which means that anything they open-source is still going to have to use Unity. So, you're not going to get a fully open-sourced version as Unity isn't.

      The most they could do is release any assets they created for the game and whatever scripts they created for the game. This has come up on other projects that were CTD and once a project chooses to use a non-open engine, it closes the door on providing an open-source copy as a contingency in case they run out of funds before completion.

    27. Missing avatar

      njt on

      Indeed o.o. Can't wait until the new version is something we can test.

    28. KazuyaDarklight on

      The new update does look decent. Fingers crossed I guess.

    29. Joshua Washburn on

      They may actually be unable to for legal reasons, or if they did open source, they may have to omit code that they can't release for some sort of legal reason. (See Solaris->OpenSolaris) So there's cases where they might have their hands tied on that. Additionally, they are still trying to work on the project, and open sourcing it might affect their profitability once (if) it releases. Not to say there isn't a way to profit on open source (See Red Hat).

    30. Missing avatar

      njt on

      o.o Was not expecting that. But why not open-source it? I mean, really? Is there any merit to having it closed off behind a "hiring" page? ._.

    31. Joshua Washburn on is up, and they posted something 4 days ago. They're apparently aiming right now to have 0.5 out by Dec 1

    32. Missing avatar

      perry on

      So... Have I lost my money? My son has been waiting for this release for nearly 2 years now. Not even an update from the devs?

    33. Missing avatar

      jack on

      Coming up on two years since the last time Alex posted but he still logs in to Kickstarter all the time.

    34. Deborah Schumacher

      Kickstarter doesn't care. They may reach out to Alex an encourage him to update us on his progress, but they can't hold him accountable.

    35. Tomimt on

      Of course it has failed. I'm thinking more of pressurin Alex to give a full disclosure about it, as evidently we demanding it does nothing, but maybe KS could have some leverage over it.

      I would love to see a full, honest and brutal post mortem of this project, detailing what went wrong.

    36. Greg on

      Eh, this Kickstarter's status isn't really unclear. It failed - badly. Alex was in way, way, waaaaayyy over his head, flailed, floundered, and drowned. Nothing's going to come of this.

    37. Tomimt on

      Well, I don't know if it helps, but if every backer here could just report this project to KS in the grounds of that its status is unclear, maybe something will happen. The report button is on the campaign page at the bottom.

    38. Joe Cristina on

      So, I have been reading the most recent comments, which answered my question I was going to ask if this project got completed and sent the code out to the backers... Looks like it hasn't and unknown if it will ever.

    39. George on

      Why would you use Macs...

    40. Deborah Schumacher

      I am filling out an official complaint against Alex. If you are in Washington, I suggest you do too.

    41. Dustin Deckard on

      Hey, PC Gamer featured Code Hero in their list of top Kickstarter successes and failures. I bet you'll never guess which category it's under!

    42. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      I've long since written this project off. I only came in here today because I was taking stock of how my various projects have gone. Some of them have failed, but are still working to get something to the backers even if it's not much.

    43. Dustin Deckard on is down, and because Alex has given us a million reasons to distrust him and zero reasons to trust him, my first thought is that one of the other backers, maybe directly through the site, was making some noise about the project so he threw up an update. Every time I've checked the site in the last year+ it's been down anyways. Still waiting for my $300 refund that was promised.

    44. Missing avatar

      mrmonkeypbbt on

      Greg, I've seen the phrase "Coming Soon" in regards to updates/announcements one to many times on this project to get my hopes up :)

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