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For Readers and Dice Rollers alike, A Tabletop Style Sandbox in the palm of your hand.
With a setting and characters that always hashed- never rehashed.

Players create a plots, and move the characters like chess pieces with unique properties. The setting and characters are constant, but the stories are always different.

Epilogue Island is a self reflective and serene destination for those who are recognized by the Epilogue Foundation as Saviors of the world.
How does that work? 

Well there's a committee who considers fees collected from tourists who would like to meet these living legends. Between the rare indulgences and their love of legends both fact and fiction, the tourists can never get enough.

Mechanical Demonstration

  • A simple example of how it will work

Epilogue Island is no new fangled Gizmo of a Game. Its core is tabletop strategy but focuses heavily on creativity and applying knowledge of the setting and characters, not unlike that of a Game Master.


one to two players

For this tutorial, all that is required is:

1-2 six sided die, paper and pencil.


Pokemon Red/Blue is the example setting


EXAMPLES: Professor Oak takes over the world, Mewtwo is defeated by a metapod, Pokeballs that catch humans are invented, Pokemon Tower Collapses, The player character's Mom becomes leader of the elite four

    2.   Begin playing

If you have knowledge of the setting and characters in Pokemon Blue/Red all you will need are two goals, paper, and a 6 sided die.

With that you're ready to roll!

Additionally, you can use a game guide, or just a reference list of characters. 



In the original story, the player character defeats team rocket and becomes Pokemon League Champion. 

This time…

GOAL 1. Mr. Mime will be a become a Pokemon master, 

GOAL 2. Brock will pave roads so that people can travel safely between town.



As you makes moves towards these goals, the success will be determined by whether the die roll is ODD or EVEN.

To assign ODD and EVEN to each goal:

ROLL a D-6, 

if it is an even number, GOAL 1 is EVEN,

If the roll is ODD, then GOAL 1 is ODD.


Goal 1, EVEN

Goal 2, ODD



Here's where you get to stretch your brain out and have fun creating your own take on the story piece by piece. It's a great way to practice creative writing and reacting to dynamic, sandbox tabletop scenarios.


CHOOSE a REASONABLE move for each goal. The rule is if there's a reason, the move is reasonable.

GOAL 1, MOVE 1: MR MIME's trainer releases him into the wild because he wants him to be happy and free

GOAL 2, MOVE 1: pewter city gym fires BROCK for too many dress code violations

ROLL the D6 twice, 

If either of them are even, GOAL 1 succeeds, 

If either is odd, GOAL 2 succeeds. 

If both rolls are an even number, only Goal 1 succeeds,

If both are ODD,  only GOAL 2 succeeds

Simple enough right? You can be as brutally specific and intricate as you see fit to suit your style of GMing


Examples of successes and failures

Goal 1 MOVE 1


Mr. Mime's trainer tell him to go out and find his fortune and tells Mr. Mime he can do anything a trainer can do.


Mr. Mime is left in a PC box by his trainer, who was going to release Mr. Mime, but distracted by organizing hundreds of Pokemons.

Goal 2 MOVE 1


BROCK is shirtless yet again, and the health inspector revokes his gym leader license


BROCK is told by a girl that rock trainers being shirtless is way too 90’s. He gets a polo, keeps his job, and has a date soon.



Everytime the Move Success or Failure is rolled, it will decrease the “Plot Armor” of one of the goals. 

Each Goal starts with 100, and EVEN gets hurt when the die lands on an ODD number, and vice versa

Examples: ROLL a 5 twice in a row for the move success rolls, the Odd Goal takes no damage, the Even Goal takes 10. Bringing it down to 90

ROLL 5 and 6, Even loses 5, Odd loses 6

If you're wondering about the skewed balance between even and odd here, it's a hint of mechanical flavor 

The show can't go on

If a Goal reaches zero Plot Armor: 

“it simply wasn't meant to be” as they say.

You then bring that side of the story to a close. 

But the show must go on

Until all of a Goal’s 100 Plot Armor is depleted:

A Goal must persist somehow using your creativity.


The reasoning system

Having a reason for the Move, rationalizing why it would plausibly happen is part of Odd and Even as well as 20 Victories.

Reasoning is a big part of Epilogue Island, and is collected by studying the character interaction and well as flavor descriptions.

You can use multiple reasons to improve the chances of success.

You can have up to 5 separate reasons, or pieces of evidence to support a Goal's move.

In either Odd and Even or 20 Victories, a failed move can go on to redeem itself with a “Reason Roll”

Reason Rolls use D6, and your success is weighed against your number of reasons.

These reasons must have already been specified before the original roll.

So with 1 reason you need to roll a 1.

And with 5, you need to roll 1-5.

I humbly invite you to try this concept of goal based play your way. Single player or multiplayer with any story you wish. 

The final version will be more tailored to Epilogue Island's internal rules. Examples of differences are characters who are uniquely affected by certain rolls, and a system of validating reasoning more precisely than the honor system.

Thank you. 

  • Risa

Writing Sample

Character Account, Gespan the Island Manager

The phrase you'll hear referenced on hats, shirts and beer steins is "Zero is a Very Small Number" . 

This is calculated by an famously unfashionable but always topical council of smart asses in robes who read clouds for a while and then tell the world that a great big bad thing is going to attack, infect, or otherwise influence society in a negative fashion. This happens fairly often. Every other week in one place on earth or another, but not the end of the world kind. Those impossible ones seem to go unnoticed until days, or even hours before they happen. If you see someone in robe walking into town with his head pointing directly at the sky, donation you better hope they just want a donation.

These robed folks have never fail in predicting the conditions of disaster. The funny thing is while they are always right about how a storm or a calamity will begin, they’re never 100% certain how it will end. 

They only report percentage chances of the outcome. 

The end of the world brings a lot of stressful parties. The end of the end of the world brings a lot of resting. Afterwards, it’s like right after a three day weekend Calm and rested we thank the victorious adventurers are then send letters to recommend them the Epilogue Foundation

You'll hear it from all sorts of people on the island. Saviors use it to punctuate points of discussion even when its completely irrelevant.

"Fuck your argument, I saved the world from a giant bug"- is also a popular shirt amongst tourists. 

But that cockiness might be coping a mechanism to keep them considering just how much blind faith is involved in becoming a Savior. They had to have faith after all, or a death wish, or heck- both wouldn't hurt. 

They casually play some golf and drink beer with a sense aww towards the nature of probability. Hard to call the out on it though. A few of them single handed dismantled an apocalypse that was more than ninety-nine percent certain.

Thus the world goes on. I am alive and work on the Island for the Epilogue Foundation. 

I run the educational program for aspiring Members- I mean Saviors.

Maybe that was too cynical, something like .003%  chance of saving the world is a lottery where most people pray someone wins everytime. The green grass of the island and its assortment of free drinks, entertainment, and recognition that would make kings jealous, all help make the odds looks fair. 

Starting right at noon there are plane rides up to a restaurant on top of the mountain. You could get annoyed that the kitchen windows do not have so much as shudders over them, and the draft makes it impossible where hats. But when you see fresh salmon is catapult right in at the ringing of bell, all you can think about it is the roasted fillet. 

My day began with breakfast and meetings with the our faculty of Saviors. After that I took the roster for new students to the floating restaurant. I was looking through it with a buddy of mine who bartends their. Shame I don’t know his name.

He’s always in a great mood, and leaves me in good spirits. So he’s top notch. 

I was looking over the roster when the bartender suddenly laughed, he shared why right after collecting a tourist's tip. 

"I was just thinking why name this restaurant Nirvana and instead of the Island?”

“Maybe they thought it would be too on the nose.”

This island might get people who don't believe in the afterlife to want to be Saviors."

I drank from my half empty beer stein and then smiled back at him. 

"Yeah, and maybe those who do believe in some kind of Nirvana want a different reward. Like having their deeds engraved in stone. Or performed at the theater for both educational and dramatic purposes forever."

I finished my beer amused with atmosphere and wondering about more fun symbolic theories about Epilogue. When I looked at the slogan on the side, and got felt uneasy about how it’s inherent optimism. I then handed off the beer stein for a refill. 

Zero is a Very Small Number.

Thanking the bartender, I took a foamy sip. Drinking dark beer while this far above sea level gave me a rosey smile as I said to him.

"Forever is a very long time.”

He chuckled and thought for a second.

“Maybe they could print that on watches.

Extra bit of comedy, because you're worth it

Peter and Guy dialogue

(In a bar on a golf course…)

Guy: I know you… aren't you the lead designer of fable?

Peter: Yes, but I have now taken to philosophy to find the answers I sought then.

*Looks to the alcoholic beverage in his hand*

And golf.

Guy: I've only been at it for a couple hours. it really gives you time to think. Maybe we could golf together sometime.

Peter: Perhaps, but do any of us ever truly play together?

Guy: I understand what you mean. In golf the answer would be objectively no, but it's fun to be in the same place. I'm having a great time. 

*Feeling an awkward pause*

I'm all set here, but it was an honor meeting you.

*Guy walks off stage*

Peter: Oh to be recognized at the bar and not having the heart to ask what they think of my work… The price I pay for playing god.

Bartender: Maybe you can ask him next time. Do you want another round?

Peter: Yes. Yes I do. But this time do it the way you promised me it would be.

Bartender: I tried to get the all the foam off of the top, but that's just how beer works.

Peter: excuses excuses

Bartender: That feel good to say?

Peter: Yes, *chuckle* you're such a good sport. I always had more luck with people before one of my games came out, when it felt like I could still shape and mold. Not just the design of the game, but also how it would be viewed by others. 

Bartender: But letting people down hurts more and more the farther you led them to believe you had everything under control. 

Peter: exactly.

Bartender: The next one will be the best beer you have ever had.

Peter: Alright then. Now you have me excited.

[Scene End]

Risks and challenges

I have budgeted for 40 pages of black and white artwork, and 15 voice overs.

If my calculations are improper, it could mean rethinking those quantities.

The written and voiced pieces will be finalized quickly, but the art work may be still flowing in until February.

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