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An intelligently designed, beautifully crafted lunchbox and smart recipe app: Get Prepd and kickstart your healthier lifestyle.
An intelligently designed, beautifully crafted lunchbox and smart recipe app: Get Prepd and kickstart your healthier lifestyle.
An intelligently designed, beautifully crafted lunchbox and smart recipe app: Get Prepd and kickstart your healthier lifestyle.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Alex Warwick on

      not really worth getting as the 'reheating conditions' now say not to heat for more than 30 seconds. so no warm food. pretty disappointing for the cost of the product. wouldnt have committed if reheating food was not possible.

    2. Missing avatar

      Philipp on

      I have not received my Prepd package so far. Do you guys have any update on those where something went wrong?

    3. 廖偉鈞 on

      Not received anything so far...

    4. Samuel Pakenham-Walsh on

      So a number of months on, and the rubber insert on my Pred is now starting to stain.
      has anyone else noticed this and if so, how have you cleaned it up again.
      Prepd guys, maybe you could look at this for future boxes in using a rubber that doesnt stain, or a different colour, to hide any staining

    5. Denise Tee on

      I love it. IT made cohen so much easier.

      However, the main case is rather heavy... so a lot of times, I live it at home.

    6. Shiva Jabarnia on

      @paul hassett
      I second your opinion - I think a larger version would serve my appetite better :D


      @fr Irony ensues that you lashed at someone questioning the quality of their Prepd packs; serves you right:…

      Just proves that either the change to a new manufacturer was a regret or someone in Prepd team didn't QA this properly. My new replacement has started to warp again but it's consistently been only the long narrow container; the big square container is fine... probably because it has more room to deal with the heat.

      With that survey that came out, they'll hopefully fix this issue among other ones (such as the lunchbox not being able to stay open).

    8. Kenneth McGhee on

      I have yet to receive mine

    9. fr on

      Has anyone seen cracks show up on their containers? Mine has Hess weird ebbings.

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Hassett on

      May have been said already but would love to see an XL version. Maybe same length and width but an inch or two taller? I realize all containers etc would be affected, but just not enough space for an active adult/runner. Filled to the brim is brunch for me that I eat by 11am, not enough for a full lunch and I'm hungry by 3pm.

    11. Andreas B.Hansen on

      My most serious complaint about this is the lack of actual food storage space. Perhaps it'll fit a low-height sandwich. I paid in total $90 for a container that would cost me ~$10 at IKEA.

    12. Missing avatar

      Troy Weets on

      Congratulations on your inclusion on Oprah’s Favorite Things! Very happy to see you guys doing so well! Keep up the great work!


      I finally got a response saying that it's been shipped but they left no tracking number. E-mailed them back about that but in 2-3 days, I have it on my doorstep. And they didn't ship me the one container I wanted to replace; they shipped me the whole set which is really nice.

      Turns out that they're selling the Prepd Pack on Amazon now, which explains the fast shipping time and their total silence.

      I'm glad they kept the promise in a replacement but maybe in the future, I hope they improve their communication.

      I hope for the best for them if they make a version 2... and that these new containers don't warp. Going to have to set the microwave at work to 70% to be safe....


      @people who haven't gotten their prepd box yet = I would e-mail (and spam) them to this address:

      However, it seems that they may be unresponsive; I've e-mailed them about one of my warped containers and they said they'll ship a replacement... that was a month ago and haven't heard or received since then. There is one confirmation that someone did get their replacement so I don't know what's going on

      @Wolf I agree that microwaving right after pulling it out from the freezer is a bad idea... but I've seen not seen one comment stating they did that. And I have (and probably others) only heated it only for a minute, stir, and reheat again. Simply put, none of my containers are never heated beyond 2 minutes.

      So the only culprit would be the high heat level... but they should have considered that in their QA. They seriously can't expect everyone to have cold foods all day everyday like you and others; it just feels like all the money to move to this new manufacturer was a waste... and don't get me started on the app that hasn't been updated and fixed for ages. So don't go about white knighting this situation if you are. They need some legitimate criticism if they want to improve.

      Aside that they need to improve customer service, I really want this company to succeed. This is a really nice looking product; I've gotten many compliments at work and it's nice and small to control my food intake and save space. I would like them to fix all these issues for the second version... of course, if they live through it.

    15. Mark Graham Dunn

      ugh, same here.

    16. joel escher on

      Not received anything so far...

    17. Missing avatar

      Nick Andrews

      I have not received my lunchbox, I've realised. What do I do now?

    18. Leigh Wolf on

      Everyone that is saying there Containers are warping. First off you can't freeze it then take it out and put it straight in the microwave. You need to defrost it or get it to room temperature first. The others that say they are warping in the microwave how high do you have your microwave and how long. With everything you put in the microwave you should only put it in no longer then 2 minutes. Then you stir and put it back in. I have heaps of the containers and use them everyday and have never had one warp and neither has the wife. Maybe look into how high your power setting is on your microwave.

    19. 廖偉鈞 on

      Why I do't get my lunch box? Do You send all the order?

    20. Missing avatar

      Stephani on

      I order a package with 6 set of containers, the majority of my large containers are now warped and useless.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kirsty Lloyd on

      Thank you Prepd for sending a replacement box for my broken one. Great customer service

    22. Missing avatar

      Kirsty Lloyd on

      I have emailed them about a problem and got a fast reply. Maybe try the email address instead of commenting here.

    23. shawn hanson on

      Some backers still haven't received their items and prepd is ignoring them while spamming emails about ordering now to get new custom colors from them. Horrible form. Criminally negligent company imo.

    24. Missing avatar

      Dave Wood on

      I ordered a Prepd Pack on Kickstarter 32 months ago, it was delayed and finally shipped over 4 months ago but they used a carrier that would not leave it at a depo or anywhere. As I was out of the country when it arrived they then sent it back to Prepd. I emailed the Prepd team and they said to give them an alternate address to deliver it to in case I was out again. I did but heard nothing back. One month later I emailed them again, they said it had still not arrived back at their warehouse and as soon as it returned they would ship it back to me. I emailed them again twice and they have not responded to me, it has been 4 months!


      People who still don't have it, go to their contact and e-mail them on the status.

      And yes @fr, it does matter that we have to be critical at them... because that delayed shipping to stop "2% of the bad ones" was for nothing because it still came through anyway. It seems anyone who quality checked them didn't do thoroughly. No need to defend and bend over backwards for the creators.

      One of my plastic containers have started to wrap as well but luckily it's not the big square one and the lid can still be snapped on sort of. And I'm not sure everyone's main container (the one made out of bamboo) has been holding up but mine has been holding up pretty good.

      The way I see it, if the plastic containers end up going bad, the bamboo container can still be used to store other containers I hope.

    26. Jon Atwood on

      I've never received my pledge? Please advise

    27. Missing avatar

      Curious on

      @Kristy, You can use any larger magnet to instantly magnetize it. I bought it from local hardware shop when needed to do it but you can simply find some powerful magnet and keep prepd magnet at closest proximity...

    28. Missing avatar

      Brandon Campbell on

      I have also still not received mine.

    29. Paul Champion on

      I still have not received my lunch box? Should I have receive by now??

    30. Missing avatar

      James on

      One of my two big containers has warped for me also. It takes a lot of effort to get the lid to clip on securely. The other is still ok but I'm sure it will suffer the same fate at some point. It must be once they get microwaved I imagine.

    31. Amanda Simermeyer on

      My containers are al cracking and warped as well. Seems like every kickstarter I fund ends in a crappy product.

    32. Jon Atwood on

      I've never even received mine �

    33. Amie Barron on

      After a couple of times in the microwave my containers are also warped and I can't put the lids on either. It's like they're bowing in the middles.

    34. Serena on

      So I put one of my containers in the freezer for the first time, then microwaved it....sadly it's now deformed and I can't put my lid on anymore...there's so much history here but has anyone else had this issue?

    35. Fabian H.

      When will you start adding more recipes to your app?

    36. Missing avatar

      Kirsty Lloyd on

      Matt, one of my magnets droooed out too. I am keeping it in place using the coolpack stick until some let's me know the best way to fix it.

    37. Missing avatar

      Kirsty Lloyd on

      Dear Fr , yes it does make a difference. I really love the idea of having a clean 'table' to eat my lunch on. Also very useful for picnics, of which the prepd is perfect for.

    38. Missing avatar

      Matt Jimenez on

      The magnets broke off rendering my Prepd pack useless now. :(

    39. Nicky The Fish

      Have had several emails about my package getting lost I even contacted UPS did everything that I was asked by you guys and you still have not sent me my rewards! bumming me out�. It be nice if I got what I paid for.

    40. Missing avatar

      Niels Kuijpers

      @fr, I feel that it certainly matters, the lunch box is not cheap, yes the design looks great and it does not exactly work as demonstrated.
      For me I have two different prepd packs, one which has the snapping lid and the other one which works as demonstrated.

      Of course I can place something on the lid to weigh it down, but that is not necessarily the point, to me this points to a quality difference.

    41. fr on

      @kristy Loyd.
      Honestly does it really matter? Don't you take out your bowl and place it there? Problem solved?

    42. fr on

      @prepd lol? Did you guys see? You have been copied on Kickstarter. Another eerily similar lunch box called fittbo or something.

    43. Paul Champion on

      Should I have received my Prepd by now ?

    44. Mitchell Ottesen on

      I have sent 2 follow up emails since I was last contacted by your team about resending my reward as it got lost the first time around and nothing. You haven't responded at all. I am one of your very few backers that still has not received their reward. I am very disappointed.

    45. Amanda Scroggins on

      I have sent 2 e-mails now about not receiving my Prepd Pack. The first response I got was that I never filled out a 'backer kit'. I never received an e-mail to do so. I was informed that you'd re-send the invite, and it has been 48+ hours and i have not gotten an e-mail from Backer Kit about this Kickstarter. Is there any ways that I can verify through e-mail with you guys to get my Prepd Pack?

    46. Missing avatar

      Andy Wright on

      After the huge disappointment regarding the project's poor communication and the massive delay in shipping; I would like to provide honest feedback. The design & integration is excellent. The containers are robust. Is there lunch envy from my work colleagues? Yes, everyone loves it. However, the biggest disappointment is the size - it's too small. Taking either a sandwich or salad is fine. However, I wish to add fruit - a banana or apple. No chance! I'm unable to fit a whole apple chopped up unless it's in the biggest container. Prepd, you should look to double the depth of the containers in the next iteration. Rating out of 10 : Concept 10, Design 10, Integration 10, Lunch Box Envy 9, Robustness 9, Size 4. I don't use the app, so I won't rate.

    47. Missing avatar

      Kirsty Lloyd on

      Using it every day. Still no luck with the lid staying flat. Reluctant to hair drier it every day. Is it a fault? Also one magnet has dropped out. Best solution to fix this please?

    48. Mario Sarno on

      Hi Creator,

      I have just sent you another email, as I still have not received my missing container packs despite me raising the issue back in February. As requested on the last email, I sent you photos of what I actually received, and now expect you to send out my missing container set. Please do not delay in processing this.

    49. Missing avatar


      Hi I received mine containers sometime ago and absolutely loved them. Used them to the envy of my colleagues. There's just one detail that bothers me. The main bamboo case refuse to stay open, so I can't use it as a table mat. It curls back and closes on itself. I'm just wondering if this is actually suppose to happen? Or am I suppose to do something to help the cover lay flat on the table as shown in the images? Anyone else have the same problem?

    50. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      I received my pledge but 2 weeks later the container started cracking and warping (no dishwasher use). Haven't received emails, Facebook and twitter responses. Very irritated!

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