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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 6 2013
Jim WallsBy Jim Walls
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Jim WallsBy Jim Walls
First created
pledged of 500 000 $pledged of 500 000 $ goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 6 2013

Precinct and staged funding

Dear Friends,

As you know we are almost in the final week of our Kickstarter. As of this morning our project is just over 15% funded and it's clear that we're not going to hit our goal.

Throughout the project we've had a ton of great feedback from the community. It's clear you love Police Quest and Jim Walls, but there are questions about the project. One of the things we've heard is that you want to see more. You want to understand what the game is going to be like. How is it going to play? How is the first-person perspective going to work? What will the balance of action and adventure be?

These are all great questions and we want to answer them! So as of today we are shutting down our Kickstarter and launching a new and unique crowdfunding campaign at www.precinctgame.com. Our goal is to create a staged funding campaign that lets you see the vision in as little time as possible. Here's how the campaign works:

- You can pledge $1 or $100,000 -- support the project as much or as little as you would like. Whatever you choose to pledge, you will receive a DRM free copy of the game when it ships.

- Our campaign will be open-ended, meaning there's no deadline for funding. We will build each stage of the project as soon as we hit our target milestones, plain and simple.

- Our campaign has four funding milestones; $25K, $90K, $250K, $400K. At $25K we will begin building a playable prototype, which will be freely released to all backers. $90K will allow us to build a vertical slice. When we reach $250K we will begin building the game demo and at $400K we will build the full game.

- Because the current project rewards are so costly (taking up nearly $200K of the total amount we were trying to raise), we have decided to remove all rewards. All pledges will be used to directly fund the game. We will be opening an online store in the next few weeks so you can buy Precinct related merchandise -- including a Collector's Edition Boxed Set that so many people have asked for.

For more information about our new campaign you can visit http://www.joystiq.com/2013/08/06/precinct-kickstarter-canceled-moves-to-its-own-tiered-funding/ or view our FAQ at www.precinctgame.com.

I also want to announce we will have a dedicated Community Manager moving forward. Rudy Marchant is a hardcore fan, collector and curator of everything related to Sierra On-Line. He will be the voice of the commmunity, connecting the fans and game developers. He will also attend design and production meetings, bringing the thoughts of the community with him. We are extremely excited to have him on the team.

We still love Kickstarter! It's been a great platform and we will personally use it to support projects in the future. Our Kickstarter campaign has been truly amazing -- we wouldn't be where we are today without the help of our backers. We hope you'll continue to support Precinct and give us the opportunity to show you what our vision for the project has always been.



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    1. Sean on

      I'm glad you're going independent like RSI. I'll back soon* with a bigger pledge.

      *assuming you don't use paypal. I don't paypal.

    2. Rudy Marchant on

      Hey guys,

      I just provided part 2 of the community update to the devs. It goes in pretty much detail about what I believe are the most important things to address at this point. They are, in short:
      1) more info on the game itself
      2) expected time schedule and what-if scenarios
      3) return of the non-physical rewards
      4) info on the stretch goals versus time
      5) forum read-access to people who have not pledged yet

      Looking forward to the replies.


    3. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      I think the re-launch came to soon.
      Most of the feedback from here did not make it into the re-launch.
      And the options/ rewards are less, so why should people go there and pledge more?
      It´s all-in just for the game now.
      The game could be great, sure, but I don´t get any additional reward.
      Physically or digitally doesn´t matter in the first place.
      But now I don´t even get a T-Shirt or Poster even if the game never comes out.
      So yes, I throw in $10 or so. But not $100+.
      And the shop will be online later...
      Again, would have been great if you took more time to think about the whole thing and if your decision would be still the same (do it without kickstarter) than it would be nice to have some more new details about the game plus the shop online in parallel.
      Getting $400k (!) outside kickstarter is really a QUEST!

    4. Matt Reppert on

      Honestly I would start over with the $25,000 goal to produce a demo of the game to drum up excitement for it and get people seeing how it works.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sharan Chandran on

      Wow, what a terrible idea and business plan. You've burned any good will you had with me. Good luck I guess?

    6. Scott Erickson on

      ExoWhatever - did you even bother to go to the new site? The answer to your question about whatever a vertical slice may be awaits you there. If you're just going to sit here and kvetch in ignorance, I guess it's your constitutional right. As for funding, I'm sure that whatever pay system they use will take a smaller slice than Kickstarter, leaving them with a higher percentage of the funds pledged to actually make the game. Bottom line - read all the information available, and if you want to back it, back it. If not, don't.

    7. Riggo on

      @Dan... What is sad is that this project wasn't cancelled two weeks ago and relaunched with all of the constructive feedback that would have made it a success. That is sad!

    8. Daniel Alexander Porter on

      This is kind of sad news, but at the same time it is great news. The Kickstarter campaign situation is sad because I was expecting more people to back this and I am kind of disappointed in ones that played the classic Police Quest games and did not pledge...but I am so glad that you guys decided to push forward and come up with your own thing! In my opinion the new campaign is much better and I have every bit of confidence that is will be more successful.

      The Police Quest games are some of my favorite classic adventure games that have ever been released, especially PQ II. They were a big part of my life and I will be there with you guys without a doubt...I would not miss this for the world...

    9. Missing avatar

      jh on

      Given that PQ2 is one of my all-time favorite Sierra games there was never a question if I was going to back this. Heading over to the new site now, thanks!

    10. Riggo on

      I'm not sure the new plan will work. By having and potentially endless tiered campaign, interest will certainly wane. Heck 45 day campaigns on kickstarter have serious issues. I still think a do-over here with a better pitch and with many of the concerns backers raised answered, I think your best shot is here. Well, either way, good luck.

    11. Rudy Marchant on

      The digital awards were also one of my first questions to the team, since many people pledged on the higher tiers to get, for example, their name listed in the credits or their name in the game, or a phone message from Jim himself. I agree this would encourage higher pledges. I plan to discuss this during the next (my first) meeting, along with other questions brought up here.
      I would like to ask you guys however to also join up on the new site and bring your proposals there also. It keeps it all nicely organized and doesn't require a pledge until you are comfortable doing so.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jack The Shark on

      Just thinking on the concept. I think one of the mosy important things in all projects are deadlines. I think without clear deadline at least for the upcoming milestone funding , people might take their time donating...

    13. thenamelessone on

      And again, for the record or whatever: I backed this because of the very fond memories I have of the first Police Quest(s). Those might have been enough for me and others, but like another backer said; that just might ( and possibly will) not be enough for others. Not sure what to add at this moment.

    14. Babaganoosh13 on

      Or perhaps save the naming for the Executive Producer tier. That could be a lot of names at $100 for an adventure game.

    15. Babaganoosh13 on

      I get not wanting to offer physical rewards. Those are expensive.

      But what about digital rewards? Those costs are minimal.

      Be an Associate Producer, and get the soundtrack in mp3.
      Be a Producer, and get the artwork as well.
      Be a Senior Producer, and name a low-profile NPC after them, like a bartender.
      Be an Executive Producer, and name/design a higher-profile NPC after them, like another cop you would interact with, like a Steve Johnson or Jack Cobb.
      Be an Industry Mogul, and live in infamy as the next Laura Watts, or another high-profile NPC.

      Just an idea.

      (and honestly, this is the first time I've ever heard of WePay. I guess looking it up, they allow bank account transfer payments like PayPal.)

    16. thenamelessone on

      Just to chime in, so to speak.

      In general, if the only difference is moving to a different way of funding is "the change", that might not just be enough (understating).

      This part (and it's a direct copynpaste):

      - You can pledge $1 or $100,000 -- support the project as much or as little as you would like. Whatever you choose to pledge, you will receive a DRM free copy of the game when it ships.

      English is not my native language, but I'm reading this as:

      "Give as low as you want, say "$1" (the "$1 or $100,000", mind the quotes), and you will receive a DRM free copy, "whatever you pledge"."

      So people could pledge $1.00 and still get a full game?

      Please correct me if I'm wrong, but if (mind the _if_), I'm reading that correctly, that's probably not a good direction.

      Besides that:

      Part of the "safeguard" of Kickstarter for people like us (or just me, who knows) is seeing a top amount of money needed to create something, and if it won't reach that goal, then nothing is lost (for the one "kickstarting" it). Before anyone asks: yes, I'm well aware of the fact that there are never guarantees, even when a project reaches its goal.

      I might have other concerns, but I'm thinking these are "good" enough to begin with. I'd love to read other backers thoughts though, perhaps I'm wrong.

    17. Jeff (IdleHacker) on

      @eXoScoriae - You are thinking of this as being the same as a Kickstarter, but it's completely different. Think of it as a donation, not as a purchase. Getting the finished game if/when it gets finished is just a bonus

    18. Jeff (IdleHacker) on

      @Paskarl - It costs less to do something start to finish when you know you have the money than doing it in pieces as you raise the funds

    19. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Doing some math.
      $500k was the goal.
      $200k would have cost the rewards
      $300k would be for the game.
      The new final milestone says $400k.
      What are the additional $100k are for?
      For sure, its more police quest like awesomeness!
      I´m not wrong, am I? ;-)

    20. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      The new idea is fine with me.
      But it will not be a success if you don´t chance things like:
      - talk about the project over and over again, give details
      - have (much more) interviews to famous and important sites
      I will throw in money again, for sure.
      But to be honest, the question is when?
      AT kickstarter I believe that you deliver something after the project is finally funded.
      If I´m happy with the result or not is a different story in the end.
      But with your milestones model it could happen that you stick 4ever to one of the milestones.
      So I´ll wait until the $250k are reached.
      Win-win for me:
      I could help that the game will be made if we reache $400k, if not I dont just pay for the idea or so.
      Good luck!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jack The Shark on

      So just decide how much you are willing to risk for each step. I am sure a dollar or two for a POC wont break you.

    22. eXoScoriae on

      Ok, after reading the explanation, I still don't think it is a good idea.

      Early backers could get locked into paying for something like a proof of concept or a "vertical slice", and if funding stalls out you never get anything else for your money.

      That is why people use Kickstarter - there are rules in place to protect them from getting charged for something that isn't complete.

      $250k of peoples money going toward a demo is a bit terrifying to me. If it stalls out at $300k, and I put $50 in... then i have a $50 demo....

      If it stalls at 100k, I have a "vertical slice" (whatever that may be).

      This concept seems to rely on the fact that given enough time it will hit the target. I don't think that's the case though.... eventually everyone who cares has committed... and if that commitment isn't 400k... then none of those who did commit have much to show for it.

    23. Atarun

      I would also greatly appreciate PayPal... What on Earth is WePay, anyway?

    24. Missing avatar

      Brian Shantz on

      After reading the funding proposal on the website, my understanding is that if you pledge X amount before they reach the $25,000 tier, once they hit $25,000 in pledged funding, you will be charged,and they are committed to building the Proof of Concept. If you don't pledge until the second tier, the $90,000.00 vertical slice, then until they reach that, you aren't charged, and once they do, they charge you and are committed to that portion of the project.

      Accordingly, if you don't want to do anything unless you be guaranteed of the demo, you wait until the third tier is under way.

      But then again, I'm only a lawyer, so what do I know.

      Of course, that point of view, in this situation, given the point is to try to get something you love built, you should pledge early, something you can afford to give up, knowing that you might possibly end up with nothing, because the people involved love the project and want it done as much as you do, then its a worthy risk.

      I know I've loved Police Quest since I was 8 years old, and have played through Police Quest II no less than 15 times over the years, and the games have had an influence in my life, so for me its worth it to put in a couple hundred dollars in the new process. If I could afford it, I'd pay for the whole thing. Others may not feel that way, and it is fine too.

      For me, I'm in.

    25. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Well, the cancellation was expected, but not the tiered funding. How is the payment going to be through? If it's PayPal then I'm afraid that I can't back it, but if it's anything else I should be able to.

      And a big congrats to Rudy. You deserve the position, dude. I'll make sure to spread this information over at KickstartVentures so those who haven't backed this get the memo.

    26. Scolaro on

      I'd like the PayPal option as well, please.

    27. Tomimt on

      I think this is a good move. There's a couple of games that have managed to do well with this kind of system and after you get the prototype done, it might start doing even better.

    28. Jeff (IdleHacker) on

      To all the people that don't understand the difference between Kickstarter and what the new system will be:

      Kickstarter is for pledging. You are agreeing to pay a price and receive the agreed upon rewards (and final product when it comes out). You are paying a middleman to help insure your investment.

      The new system is for donating. You give them money, so that they can make a product that you are excited about. If/when they get enough money to make the final product, they agree to give you a copy of it. If you can't afford to lose the money in the unfortunate situation that they can't deliver, then don't donate it. You don't have the insurance of the middleman, but that means that more of your money goes to its intended recipient.

    29. T.J. Brumfield on

      Rudy and Jim, I just went to the new site to pledge, but I'm not seeing an option to pledge/pay via PayPal. Can you please add a PayPal option?

    30. T.J. Brumfield on

      It is unfortunate this project didn't get more attention and funding early (people like jumping on the bandwagon of bullish successes, and sometimes are reticent to support something they fear won't get fully funded). That being said, this move is the right one. I'm glad you're being proactive and taking steps to still make this happen.

    31. Rudy Marchant on

      eXOScoriae: good question. The money isn't locked in until the stages are reached. So when 25K is reached, the pledged 25K gets charged. Then nothing is charged until the 90K is reached, then 250K and finally at 400K when the full game gets released.

    32. Missing avatar

      Kent Teskey on

      I fail to see how this would be more appealing to donors. People could give 250K and have nothing to show but a demo.

    33. Jim Walls Creator on


      I am getting ready to shut down the KS campaign now, but wanted to say that your credit card won't be charged until we hit our funding milestone. So no need to worry about getting charged for something that doesn't happen.


    34. eXoScoriae on

      How does one know that they will ever receive anything for their money?

      This project stalled out at $85. You guys are saying you won't even make a demo until $250k. So if I were to donate money, and you never reach $250k... then that would suggest that I never even get a demo for the money I spent...

      Or at least that is how this appears. I am likely not the only one who has read it this way, so any clarification on that would be greatly appreciated.

    35. S. van Hengel on

      Looking forward to the store and reserving my collectors edition !!