Precinct - from the creators of "Police Quest" (Canceled)

by Jim Walls

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    1. Senchaholic on

      I don't think you can spam is with updates. Most backers like frequent updates.

      If I speak for me personally, I like a lot of updates. Of course, not so that it takes too much time away from the rest of your work, but I don't like when projects to silent, especially dying the funding stage. Then more updates are needed.

      When you've reached your goal, you can slow down the updates and focus in the game.

      This is how I feel and it's also the impression I've got from watching how people in general feel.

    2. Daniel Gimness on

      Great news Robert! Impressed by all the press coverage. Who's your marketing guru?

    3. Missing avatar

      RV on

      Thanks for the update guys! Now I'm off to bed. It's 12.02AM here in Australia (Wed morn)

    4. Jim Walls Creator on

      We are using a PR firm called For The Win! They have been amazing for us.

      Thanks for your feedback Father Jack and you're right -- we'll be sending out more updates moving forward.

    5. Wilson Bilkovich on

      Well, as an example, spamming would have been posting an update for each of those instances of coverage by the press. :)

    6. Missing avatar

      TexMur on

      Press coverage is fine, but what counts is the pledged money; and that ain't so great - unfortunately.