Precinct - from the creators of "Police Quest" (Canceled)

by Jim Walls

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    1. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      This is all great news, but you still haven't addressed the biggest issue right now. What are you going to do about the "backer-exclusive content" added in at the $29 level and above?

    2. Dablue

      3 things. 1. I agree with Serena, please address this question. It seems a question alot of people have. 2. thnx for getting the 19 buck tier. Now I had a reason to get my ass off the 1 buck range. And 3. Police brutality mission, you know you want to.

    3. Jim Walls Creator on

      Hi Guys,

      I'm not sure what you're talking about. What are we going to do about it? There will be add-ons in the game that work for donors at that level.


    4. jessiebains on

      Now they want the add-ons too for 19 bucks.

    5. Dablue

      No Jesse, that is not even the discussion.

    6. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Good update!
      Nice to see that you take the comments serious.
      At least a few of ´em ;-)
      The thing Serena addresses is that it´s not common for advenure players that there is additional game contant that is only available for those who pledged higher.
      Most of us want the same game experience for all pledge levels.
      It´s fine if someone who pledged higher get additional digital stuff besides the main game.
      Or physical things, making of videos, his name in the game, a character like himself in the game and so on.
      But the content, missions, cars, weapons etc. should be all the same for all pledge levels.
      Because this is no Call of Duty where the kids are happy to get bonus content for early ordering or so.

    7. Joshua Ouille on

      Essentially, the question is whether the backer exclusive content at $29+ is being made available as DLC at release.

    8. Joshua Ouille on

      Also, Jim could the feasibility of Oculus Rift support as a stretch goal be addressed?

    9. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      I mentioned this in the main comment section, but it's a bad...BAD...idea to include gated in-game content that only backers will gain access to. It's been tried before and nearly broke the involved projects. Shadowrun Returns, Tex Murphy, HeXit, and Dreamfall Chapters all tried to gate content and the backlash was DEVASTATING.

      THAT is what I'm talking about. As hard as it might be to some people to understand, adventure gamers don't want to have exclusive stuff to themselves. At the worst, give it to backers as an "early access" level and give it out to everyone at a later date. And before anyone says anything, I was ALREADY at the $30 tier and even moved UP to $60. So, if you think I'm asking for a free handout you're sadly mistaken.

    10. Michael Shaw

      Guys, the DRM-free announcement and the $19 limited tier for the digital copy of the game are GREAT announcements. I think limiting the $19 to 2500 backers makes great sense. Thanks!

    11. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      As mentioned in the main comments, the issue would be at the $20 tier, the words "Including all previous rewards" might bite them in the butt. Not the fault of Jim or Roberts since it's a Kickstarter issue. But it might have to be made clear or else people might pledge at $20 thinking they will get the game as well.

      And agreeing with Serena again. Any in-game exclusives should, at most, be timed exclusive. There is no reason why someone who buys the game when it is released shouldn't be able to enjoy the same content as a backer does. Other Kickstarters considered it, and they all dropped it for a reason.

    12. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      But yes, DRM-free and a limited number at $19 level, still a great and important move.

    13. Jim Walls Creator on

      Thanks everybody! We think it's a great move forward, and we really appreciate the feedback from the community to help us get here.

      Serena -- we'll keep reviewing the reward tiers throughout the campaign and will definitely keep your feedback in mind. Thank you for your support and your great pledge!

    14. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      I'm still happy with my $30 tier... :)