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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 6 2013
Jim WallsBy Jim Walls
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Jim WallsBy Jim Walls
First created
pledged of $500,000pledged of $500,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 6 2013

Our first update!

Posted by Jim Walls (Creator)

Hello everybody!

Well, it's day two of our campaign and the support has been amazing! We've had so much great feedback and are super excited to be working with everybody.

We have a couple of new announcements to share:

New reward
We've heard a lot of feedback about the $30 reward tier, and it's clear that the fans are looking for more. So we're excited to introduce a new $29 reward tier with additional rewards that will automatically become available to all of our $30 backers.

As a $29 backer you will receive a digital copy of Precinct with exclusive "VIP Backer Status". As a VIP Backer, you will be sent a unique passkey which grants you access to all "VIP Backer Only" areas of (the website will launch after the Kickstarter). VIP Backers will also receive exclusive content in the final release of Precinct.

"VIP Backer Only" Website Areas Include:
- Sneak peeks of the game (screenshots and video clips)
- Private VIP Backer Message Board
- Exclusive webcasts and chats with Jim and his team during development
- Help develop Precinct by voting on critical design and production decisions

Exclusive Bonus Content Includes:
- Vintage Police Cruiser
- Additional Weapons
- Police Computer Upgrade
- Special Undercover Mission

This tier is meant to replace the $30 tier, and all $30 tier backers (and above) will receive everything in this $29 tier.

We are listening to backers and will continue to evaluate the tiers/rewards. Thanks again for all the feedback!

Daily Videos
Another exciting thing that's happening is starting today, you can check out our daily videos. These are short videos of Jim (and sometimes me) talking about all things Precinct and Sierra-related.

The first video (released today) is: “Why Kickstarter?”

Here's the URL for the video:

We hope you enjoy these daily videos, and share them with all your friends!

That's it for now. Thanks for everything.



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    1. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Btw: nice video update!
      Looking at the statue on the right an listen to Jim´s voice -> awesome ;-))

    2. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Have to agree to the other comments!
      But we discussed that already in the generel comments section.
      What could raise a shit storm are things like "Exclusive Bonus Content":
      This is an adventure game (at least I hope this is adventure enough to be called adventure) and NOT Crysis or GTA.
      Adventure gamers are not used to additional (bonus) content.
      They all want to experience the same game in the same way with the same content.
      Have a look at other adventure kickstarter projects that tried to have more backers or higher pledges with exclusive content.
      Like the different costumes or hair models for Dreamfall (which raised over a million $).
      None of those ideas helped the project.
      Sorry Jim, this was not the best update to start with.
      But you and your team have plenty of time to sort things out!
      As said before I would love to have updates telling more about the game itself.
      How much adventure is in it?
      What is the big story behind it?
      What are you planning to take from the old PQ-series as gameplay elements in Presint?
      And so on.... .

    3. Tomimt on

      Pretty much what everyone else is saying here.

    4. Dablue

      What everyone said.

    5. Joshua Ouille on

      Please believe what these guys are saying. Most Kickstarters need a large amount of backers in the $15-20 range to succeed.

      On another note, I'm really excited about a Police Quest successor. Since it's in the first person perspective, you really need to think about Oculus Rift support.

    6. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      Agreed. Behind the scene stuff etc, that's fine. But stuff in the game? Backer exclusives should, at most, be timed exclusive. Not to mention, shouldn't be something that non-backers would be pissed off that they won't have it (like say, Vintage Police Cruisers). And you still avoided the question on why getting the game is $30 and not at a lower tier. The last thing this Kickstarter needs is controversy that would prevent potential backers from staying away.

    7. Riggo on

      OK... To put a little meat behind our feelings. The low entry tier attracts a ton of backers and every kickstarter needs those. The hope being that a lot of the lower level backers will bump their pledges towards the end, which most projects not put up by Double Fine need.

      Based on my history as a backer, this project will need roughly 10k backers to hit the target and we need to bring as many backers as possible on early to help spread the word. Believe the feedback you are getting. The people providing this feedback are not the ones that will go for the "Cheap Game" tier, they are the ones that will bump their pledges in the time of need, spread the word like maniacs and be your biggest supporters and allies as this moves along!

      Stepping off soap box now. ;-)

    8. Riggo on

      What she said.

    9. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      As I mentioned in the main comment section, I really think you missed the mark on this one. People were asking why you were forced to pledge at $30+ to get the game when most other projects have them at $15-20. Most people won't care about the backer-only behind-the-scenes stuff. And backer-exclusive content is almost universally shunned, almost as much as DRM and day one DLC. With this announcement you're only shooting yourself in the foot, to coin a phrase. You really need to reconsider your tiering structure.