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Mo' Betta Soul (MBS) is a tour created by musician Preach Jacobs doing intimate shows with concept of "music, art & coffee."

Mo' Betta Soul (MBS) is a performance concept with the idea of "music, art & coffee" where intimate shows are put together combining visual artists and performing artists. The creator (Preach Jacobs) is based out of Columbia, SC and the concept has gotten great attention. The idea of not going through conventional venues but instead have a DIY attitude to bring new music and art to the people.

The idea, simple as it may be, is a concept that we hope to take to other cities. We aim to take the concept of MBS to cities outside of Columbia but understand that in order to do so we need funding for travel expenses and artist compensation. We try to keep the shows free (when we are able to) and want to be able to spread this concept.


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    $25 donation will get a free copy of my music (Preach Jacobs album autographed. You can check more music out:

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    $50 donation will get the autographed album as well as a Sounds Familiar Records T-Shirt (the label that sponsors MBS. Here's the example of the shirt: or they will be able to choose a limited edition MBS shirt with a logo with a design by one of the visual artists apart of the shows)

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    $100 donation will get all of the above as well as free digital downloads to every project on the label. This includes exclusive and underground material that the public won't be able to hear.

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    $250 will get all of the above and will be able to receive an original art piece from one of the featured visual artists featured on MBS. We've featured award winning visual artists in the realm of photography, comic book illustration and fine art. They will receive a one a kind piece.

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    $500 will get all of the above as well as every release by Sounds Familiar Records, period.

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    $1000 donation will get you everything prior as well as a performance in your city (and private concert). You will also be able to attend any SFR/MBS event for life.

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