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An ultra-thin, bendable, 3,600-lumen work light that wraps, magnets, and snakes where you need it most.
An ultra-thin, bendable, 3,600-lumen utility light that wraps, magnets, and snakes to where you need light the most.
An ultra-thin, bendable, 3,600-lumen utility light that wraps, magnets, and snakes to where you need light the most.
1,866 backers pledged $190,450 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Power Practical 7-time creator 3 days ago

      @Gerald We've tested the new Task samples with the Pronto 12V and we haven't seen any overheating issues. We'll continue testing throughout the next month to ensure there are no issues :)

    2. Power Practical 7-time creator 3 days ago

      @Kenneth At this time, we are still planning on shipping them together as a bulk shipment to our fulfillment centers, but there is a possibility that we split the shipment to get the Task USBs a bit earlier. We'll keep you posted as we move forward with fulfillment.

    3. Power Practical 7-time creator 3 days ago

      @Scott Unfortunately our initial prototypes didn't have an overheating issue, but we beefed up the power output of the LEDs with the production run which created the overheat issue. We honestly had 2 choices: 1- we reduce the brightness of the task 2- we get new power supply to run the Task at full brightness. We decided #2 would ultimately make the task a better product.

    4. Power Practical 7-time creator 3 days ago

      @Josh All our remotes are sent with a standardized default channel, but we've upgraded all our remotes and controllers so that you pair/unpair them directly so that you can turn on multiple luminoodles with the same remote or have them separated on different channels.

    5. Gerald Tambe
      3 days ago

      Will my Pronto 12V overheat with this?

    6. Missing avatar

      kenneth edelstein 4 days ago

      Question: I am getting the USB model, that does not include the affected power supply. Why will my order be delayed?

    7. Missing avatar

      Scott McCarty 4 days ago

      It seems like the heat issue should have been caught in the prototype process. Being as this is the 7th time doing something like this, it would seem you should have the process refined better than this. If you were a first timer, I would be a little more understanding, but at this point you’ve been around the block.

    8. Josh Johnson 4 days ago

      Hiya. I for one am glad the the new design for the power pack won't get as hot as the previous design. Some will moan, but I'm okay with the delay as a trade-off. One request! Please have your remotes on different frequencies! My Loominoodle v1 and the shorter one are on the same frequency and they both go on and off together. I might not always want that. Thanks! -jhj

    9. Power Practical 7-time creator 4 days ago

      @Ben @Adithep Samparu: We just posted an update that should answer those questions!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ben 5 days ago

      Have you shipped to Australia yet!? Still waiting on information let alone the product!

    11. Adithep Samparu 7 days ago

      I’m not finish the survey yet.
      I will send this to my friend in NY but she will be there till 30 June. So if I complete the survey now, is the item will be arrive there before 30 june or not?
      It important to me for choosing the address.

    12. Power Practical 7-time creator on

      @Jonathan: Sorry for unintentional misinformation--the update was supposed to go up yesterday but obviously didn't. It should get posted here in a few days so keep an eye out!

    13. Jonathan on

      @Power Practical, I was looking for that information but I couldn't see anything regarding shipping, aside from the fact that people who didn't lock down their surveys would be delayed in fulfilling their pledges. Looking forward to the update.

    14. Power Practical 7-time creator on

      @Michael @Tyler @Brain: We're really sorry for the shipping delay. We explained some of the details in our #8 Update, but we are actually going to post another update with more details later on today!

    15. Missing avatar

      Brian Smallwood

      Ship date ????

    16. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      When can I expect shipment information? I completed the survey on time in April.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Harris on

      I am backer 663. The task light was suppose to ship in May. Its now June 6. Any more info when it will be delivered? I really could have used it last weekend.

    18. Power Practical 7-time creator on

      @Cullen Shigeo Kawano: Yep! We posted an update mid May--you can check it out on the updates tab.

    19. Cullen Shigeo Kawano

      Any information updates?

    20. Power Practical 7-time creator on

      @Adithep Please check out our latest fulfillment update for more info
      @Eli We're just about to receive our productions samples. We can't wait to share them with you guys
      @Chip Our update was mainly to let all our backers know that we are about to lock down the surveys. We still have around 250 backers who haven't responded, which means their orders might be delayed. Seems like a pretty good reason to post an update as it is our highest priority right now. We also enjoy sharing our latest Kickstarter campaigns with our backers to make sure they don't miss them.

    21. Missing avatar

      Chip Warren on

      How can we receive only updates pertaining to our pledge and product? You guys are sending surveys (which seemed like a veiled attempt to sell more stuff) and now marketing for new campaigns and whatnot. What's next? I vote for keeping it simple till you fulfill your obligations.

    22. Eli

      The wait is killer! =D I can't wait to see these in action.

    23. Adithep Samparu on

      When will you send the product out?

    24. Power Practical 7-time creator on

      @An Allsma: We resent it! Let us know if you have further questions.

    25. An Allsman

      backer#2094 please resend survey link, electrician wants to confirm what I ordered

    26. Power Practical 7-time creator on

      @HealthCare Futurists: We're so sorry to hear that you've had trouble reaching us! We fixed your shipping rates and your balance is now $0.00.

    27. HealthCare Futurists

      Hi, I have tried twice to contact you. I have pledged for the Black Friday Bundle coming at 169 Dollars. Now you want 999 Dollars for shipping? I am a Backer from Europe and I don’t understand that. Twice I have inquired, twice I ve got no answer.

    28. Power Practical 7-time creator on

      @Eli: The survey should be fixed now!

      @Andrew C: Sorry for the delay, we've updated your pledge level. You will be receiving a confirmation email shortly!

    29. Missing avatar

      Andrew C. on

      I emailed and haven't heard a response: I took advantage of the Black Friday special ($109), but it's not an option in the Backerkit - if I try to add the items individually, it's asking me to pay the difference. What's up with that?

    30. Eli

      @Creator - any news on when the survey will be fixed?

    31. Power Practical 7-time creator on

      @Eli: Thanks for letting us know! It looks like our survey is automatically adding on a second Luminoodle to your pledge (which it shouldn't). We're reaching out to BackerKit to fix this!

      @Adithep: We didn't offer shipping to Thailand this campaign. It looks like your Kickstarter account is set up as a United States account which allowed you to pledge. In this case, you'll want to ship it to a location we're offering, if possible. If you have any questions, please send an email to

      @James: It looks like you might've accidentally added-on another Task USB to your pledge which is why there was the balance. We've removed the add-on so you'll be receiving one Task USB for the $44 you paid when backing. When you have a moment, please take a look at your survey and confirm everything. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at

      @Clark Mahy: It'll last 3 hours at full brightness with a fully-charged 10,000 mAh battery pack.

    32. Missing avatar

      Clark Mahy on

      How long will the task USB last at full brightness with a fully charged 10,000 mah battery pack?

    33. James M Leschber

      On the survey why do I owe $1 after selecting only the item I pledge for?

    34. Adithep Samparu on

      there is no Thailand in the country to choose.
      what should I do?

    35. Eli

      I ordered a task but it’s saying it’s coming with 2 5 ft is that correct?

    36. Missing avatar

      Scott McCarty on

      When should we expect an update?

    37. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Barrios

      Thank you Daniel.

    38. Missing avatar


      @Ricardo Barrios Since the ESTIMATED delivery is not until May, it's early to wonder where your reward is.

    39. Kenyon Ellis Collaborator on

      @Ricardo We haven't started to fulfill the Luminoodle Task yet. Please check out our latest update for the latest status of this project.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Barrios

      I have not received anything. Can you please expedite my order.

    41. Power Practical 7-time creator on

      @Alex Kang: Are you referring to the Rumpl Puffe- shipment? If so, yes, it's coming in waves!

      We haven't started fulfilling this (Task) campaign yet.

    42. Missing avatar

      alex kang

      Hello Powerpractical,

      The shipment only came with battery packs... is this coming in waves?

    43. Missing avatar

      kenneth edelstein on

      Just read update #6 - well written with great info - a model update for others to follow.

    44. Power Practical 7-time creator on

      @J.A.: We plan to have one posted next week!

    45. Missing avatar

      J. A.

      Any updates?

    46. Power Practical 7-time creator on

      @Bill: We'll send it out about one month before fulfillment begins.

    47. Missing avatar

      Yanou S on

      @Creator: guys, just wondering when will you send out the survey for shipping? thx!

    48. Power Practical 7-time creator on

      @Eli: Yep!

    49. Eli

      Can you charge the battery and use it at the same time?

    50. Wafiq Ali Collaborator on

      @Moshe not sure if you know this but you are welcome to order the Luminoodle Task when it's for sale on our website. We are not shipping to many countries during the Kickstarter phase. Please don't take this personally.

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