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Help build a mobile letterpress print shop in a truck!  I'll tour the country, share the love, and make printing accessible to all!
Help build a mobile letterpress print shop in a truck! I'll tour the country, share the love, and make printing accessible to all!
350 backers pledged $17,010 to help bring this project to life.

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So, what's next?

One week to go!
Thanks to all of you who have pledged to Moveable Type - your outpouring of support has totally blown my mind, and will ensure that this project is awesome.

Anyone still planning on pledging, there's still a week to go! Additional funds will allow me to visit more places further off the beaten path, and will also allow me to better outfit the truck and just be able to provide an all around better experience. I will appreciate any additional pledges that roll in and will certainly put them to good use, but you've already got me one hell of a good start.

So. I'm planning on hitting the road in early June.
That's a long way off, so what happens in the meantime?
I'm glad you asked.

When the funding period ends, I'll be sending out a survey to all you backers so I can get your mailing addresses and other details necessary to get your rewards out in the mail.

Then, in January, I'll be heading up to Two Rivers, Wisconsin for a three-week residency at the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum. This is SO exciting to a printing nerd like me. While I'm there, I'll have the opportunity to explore and work with an astounding collection of antique wood type in the very building where it has been manufactured since 1880. Wood type is no longer in production at Hamilton, but its glorious past is being well-preserved and celebrated, and I'm honored to have the opportunity to be a part of it. While I'm there, I'll work from this type collection to design and print the POSTERS that some of you who donated at $50+ will be receiving! Those will go out in the mail by the end of January.

And then it's down to business. I'll spend February in hibernation, planning and organizing the trip. I hope to get much of the tour scheduling done during this time, so please let me know if you'd like me to come to your town, or if you know of any places that would be a good fit for the project.

When I get back home in March, I'll start looking for the perfect truck. And then it's time to fix it up and trick it out! I have a lot to learn about vehicle mechanics and carpentry, so I'll be posting some hilarious updates and photos on my website during this process.
Please consider checking it out, or following the progress on facebook.

Those of you in the Portland, Oregon area will be invited to a launch party in early June, details to be announced.

I'm so excited to get moving on this project.
Thanks again for all your support thus far... here's to an adventurous 2011!

with gratitude,

Rock stars! All of you!

Thank you all so, so much for your overwhelming support for Moveable Type - you have made my dreams come true!

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you are my sunshine

You guys are blowing my mind.
Thanks to your incredible generosity, this project is 62% funded after three days.
I know there is still a ways to go, but I'm feeling so encouraged by the overwhelming support that I've received thus far.

In addition to your pledges, I've been having conversations with folks all over the country about bringing the truck to their towns, community centers, schools, gardens, art clubs, museums, craft fairs, ice cream socials, after school programs... the list goes on and on.

I've talked to folks from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, California, New York, DC, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Maine. And most of these folks live in smaller towns, which is SO exciting to me.

And... Nova Scotia! I've been secretly hoping to expand this project into Canada and Mexico, so maybe that can actually happen at some point.

Keep up the awesome work out there, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you know of a place I should visit on the tour! The more I hear from you, the better this trip is going to be.

Thanks again, so much.

19% funded in five hours!

Thanks to your extraordinary generosity and expeditiousness, Moveable Type is already 19% funded after a mere five hours!!! There is still a long way to go, but I'm taking this strong start as a sign that people out there really want this thing to happen.

Thank you all so, so much for getting the ball rolling.

Yours in gratitude,