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Help build a mobile letterpress print shop in a truck!  I'll tour the country, share the love, and make printing accessible to all!
Help build a mobile letterpress print shop in a truck! I'll tour the country, share the love, and make printing accessible to all!
350 backers pledged $17,010 to help bring this project to life.

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Moveable Type returns home!

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU FOR GUIDING ME SAFELY HOME.  Many of you have kept in touch via my blog and/or in person over this past year, but for those of you who haven't, here's the update:  the truck made it around the country (a few times over) and returned home in one piece.  Over 30,000 miles.  47 US states.  2 Canadian provinces.  179 CITIES.  A billion (give or take) prints pulled along the way.

This has been an incredible journey and I have learned more than I thought possible - about printing, about myself, about this country... I met many of you along the way, and many other amazing people who missed out on the initial Kickstarter fundraiser, but who came through with a home-cooked meal, a comfy bed, a parking spot outside their house.  The generosity I have encountered throughout these travels has been tremendous.

I'm back in Portland now (well, currently in NYC for a few days for the National Stationery Show - booth 2267!), readjusting to a life that doesn't move quite so fast.  I've loved being back in my studio, seeing my friends, riding my bike... But I do miss the road - the excitement of each new day, each new place.  I'm trying to take some of the lessons I learned while traveling - openness, trust, optimism, adventure - and apply them to my life back home.

The future of the truck is uncertain.  I mean, I'm not getting rid of it or anything (I'm actually still kind of living in it), but I just don't yet have any plans for another tour or anything.  Definitely a possibility, but I'm a ways off from starting to even think about that.

Please keep in touch, though!  If you haven't already done so, you can join my mailing list, or follow on Facebook, Twitter (@typetruck), or Instagram (@typetruck).  You can also subscribe to the blog, though the website will probably be pretty quiet for the next few months... I'm currently revamping my Power and Light Press website, and that should be ready to launch in another week or so.  I'll be doing some blogging on that site - not about travel, but about printing, studio process, inspiration, dumb jokes... the usual.

Thank you all again - so much - for believing in this project from the very beginning.  It has been life-changing.

With love and gratitude,


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Happy Anniversary to us!


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Postcards! FINALLY!

Hello, lovely people! The first round of postcards FINALLY went out yesterday! I'm so sorry it's taken so long to get those to you. If any addresses have changed since January, please let me know and I'll make the update. I'm currently in South Dakota, about to kick off the Great Plains leg of the trip with an event in Sioux Falls tonight. Tomorrow night I'll be in Lincoln, NE, and then heading into Iowa, Illinois, and up into Wisconsin and Minnesota. Please keep in touch! Photos and adventure blog posts at Other stuff (and some of the same stuff) at Twitter: @typetruck Thanks again for all your support (and patience)! kyle

on the road!

Hello Kickstarter friends!

Just wanted to reach out and let you know that Moveable Type has officially hit the road!  I did a week-long tour up into Washington, followed by a quick trip out to the Oregon coast.  It's been tons of fun so far, and I've been getting some of the kinks worked out.  Definitely good to start out close to home and do a trial run, of sorts.  I'm getting a little more work done on the truck this week, then heading off for real by the end of the week.

I'll post updates here occasionally, but if you're interested in the play-by-play, please head on over to my new website:

I'll be blogging and posting photos frequently.

Also, I'm in a booking frenzy these days, trying to fill in the rest of the summer dates and beyond.  Please be in touch if you'd like to bring me to your town!

Happy summer to you all!

love, kyle

Bon Voyage party this Saturday! New website!

Hello Kickstarter friends!

As some of you know, I had to postpone my departure due to an unfortunate eye injury.  But I'm on the mend and now it's really happening - Moveable Type hits the road this weekend!

If you're in the Portland area, please join me on Saturday evening from 6-9pm to check out the truck and hang out.  The party is happening at Em Space Book Arts Center (407 SE Ivon Street PDX).

We'll also be celebrating the opening of our gallery's Postcard Show.  Postcards and road trips go hand in hand!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to announce Moveable Type's NEW WEBSITE!!!  Big thanks to the Bureau of Betterment for making it look so good and to Arutai for making it so functional.

Hope to see some of you on Saturday, and many more of you down the road!

big love,


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