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    1. Missing_small

      Creator tonia matthews on March 25, 2011

      I hope you come to Baltimore Md.

      Tonia Matthews

    2. 251490_10150753778195521_689250520_19726164_3338498_n.small

      Creator Jamie on March 10, 2011

      Received my poster today and it looks GREAT! Is it wrong that I was hoping it would be signed? Haha, yeah maybe that's a little weird :D

    3. Wood_type.small

      Creator Kyle Durrie on February 13, 2011

      nice, Jamie!

    4. 251490_10150753778195521_689250520_19726164_3338498_n.small

      Creator Jamie on February 7, 2011

      You've inspired me to shop for a platen press. And for those letterpress lovers check out the latest issue of Uppercase Magazine, 'The current issue features a Letterpress Sampler in which an actual letterpress item like a card, art print or other goodie is inserted randomly into each magazine.'

    5. Etsy_pic.small

      Creator Rosie Sato on January 10, 2011

      Look forward to seeing you in LA!

    6. Hattie_wilcox_2009_bjbest.small

      Creator Hattie Wilcox on January 9, 2011

      Hi Kyle
      "Well, I'm an ol' typsesetter and I lay my line all day . . ." I'll sing you some blues if you can stop in Manchester CT! Good luck on your project and see you soon, or hear from you at least.

    7. Wood_type.small

      Creator Kyle Durrie on January 6, 2011

      Jaime, this should be all squared away now. Thanks!!

    8. Jaime_buckley_kids_silly.small

      Creator Jaime Buckley on January 6, 2011

      Kyle, I'm wondering if you got that situation fixed on your end for the amazon payments? Your email said it was something you needed to solve and i'd like to get you the pledge. =) Wondering of you had an update for that? BTW I'm so happy for you!!

    9. Crw_7299bw.small

      Creator Brian Desrosiers-Tam on January 3, 2011

      Adding a vote for Toronto!

    10. 251490_10150753778195521_689250520_19726164_3338498_n.small

      Creator Jamie on January 3, 2011

      +1 for Toronto, ON

    11. Missing_small

      Creator Justin H on January 1, 2011

      Come to Toronto!

    12. Gale-rosalie09-8x10.small

      Creator Rosalie Gale on December 6, 2010

      What an exciting project! Saw your booth at UCU this weekend and bought as many Shitty Cat cards as my budget allowed. They crack me up every time I look at them. You're awesome!

    13. P_w.small

      Creator Peter Tower on December 3, 2010

      Congrats on the great project and reaching your goal. I just launched a similar project but involving a photo booth. It would be epic to meet up on the road at some point and blow peoples minds together.

    14. Planb.small

      Creator Bjoern Walker on November 24, 2010

      inspiring :-) nice video :-)
      enjoy your trip!

    15. Picture%20019.small

      Creator Crystal Pepperdine (Flint Handmade) on November 19, 2010

      I'm so excited to get my postcards from the road! I want to feature them on my handcrafting blog! I actually JUST wrote a post about crafters and the printed word, so the timing of this kickstarter project is perfect. :)

    16. Wood_type.small

      Creator Kyle Durrie on November 19, 2010

      Thanks everybody!
      If you're interested in having me come to your town, please send me a message, either through Kickstarter's internal messaging system or via e-mail. I can't respond to specific comments here, and I want to make sure I get in touch with as many of you as possible - thanks!!!

    17. Keeping%20portsmouth%20funky%20artpm.small

      Creator shane chick on November 18, 2010

      Hey would you be interested in an East coast printing partner for a week or so?

    18. Keeping%20portsmouth%20funky%20artpm.small

      Creator shane chick on November 18, 2010

      Etsy just gave you a shout out. If you are anywhere near Portsmouth New Hampshire I would love to meet you and see your truck and pull some prints. In fact if you need a place to stay, mi casa es su casa.

    19. Missing_small

      Creator Marie Man on November 18, 2010

      Love it! Pat on the back for taking the Letterpress traditions to the public. Just wish I lived in America...

    20. 26077_342872318124_329725713124_4699125_1994335_n.small

      Creator Texas Huntress on November 17, 2010

      I. Love. This. AMAZING. AND your video rocks. BRAV-O!!!

    21. -1.small

      Creator Joseph Sunga on November 17, 2010

      If you do come up to Seattle, definitely ping me -- I'd love to do come by and see what's up. A lot of cool neighborhoods to visit up here. :)

    22. September_2010_012.small

      Creator Melissa Mooney on November 17, 2010

      Fantastic idea! Come to Boston or, better yet, Provincetown, MA in the summer!

    23. Missing_small

      Creator Rick Savadow on November 17, 2010

      Wonderful. I've been a printer all my life (over 45 years). I love your ideas. I will contribute. Best of luck., Rick

    24. Nola.small

      Creator Sarah Mulligan on November 17, 2010

      I love this. So much. Don't just go to Williamsburg in Brooklyn, stop by Ft. Greene!

    25. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Kitty Barber on November 17, 2010

      i Hope you'll come to the Michigan Womens Music Festival in August!

    26. Head_shot_500x.small

      Creator Jonathan Lewis on November 17, 2010

      Congrats! I have a studio in W Oakland, CA where most of the large art for Burning Man is made. Bet you could score a lot of attention from that community if you came by. If in the SFO bay area, this is a great non conformist art spot. 6 acres under one roof!

      Have fun on your trip.

    27. Wood_type.small

      Creator Kyle Durrie on November 17, 2010

      HUZZAH!!!!! You guys are so AMAZING! Thank you! Thank you!

    28. Missing_small

      Creator barb tetenbaum on November 17, 2010

      Good Luck, Kyle! I've been putting this idea in my students' ears for YEARS and am delighted there's now an example of someone taking the chance. Should be a great adventure. Check out any info. on the "Mad Monks on the Road" who for years published their magazine in their RV as they drove around. And then of course, the tramp printers.

    29. 7019_665191753346_11513099_38777782_5838726_n.small

      Creator Liz Bayan on November 17, 2010

      YAY!!!! You made it!

    30. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Michael Renz on November 17, 2010

      W00t gratz!

    31. Briblack-profilepic.small

      Creator Brianna Lamar on November 17, 2010

      oh very cool! You should definitely come to Ojai, is about an hour and a half north of LA and it is a BEAUTIFUL small town nestled in the mountains with a canyon full of waterholes and sage, yet 20 minutes from the beach! We have a great farmer's market=) good luck!

    32. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jeremy Mumenthaler on November 17, 2010

      Chicago! Gonna round up some troops for help on backing. Check out, some really great guys in Chicago who do some beautiful letterpress.

    33. Missing_small

      Creator rene on November 17, 2010


    34. Missing_small

      Creator Brenda Graham on November 17, 2010

      Please come to Pittsburgh, PA and got visit my cooll daughter in Guelph, Ontario. I *love* the little truck with dollar wheels, little people supporting your work, all your video.

    35. Chipped.small

      Creator Emma on November 17, 2010

      Come to Phoenixville, PA! :)

    36. Avatard.small

      Creator Christa Mrgan on November 17, 2010

      Whoa! Your project was featured in the Kickstarter newsletter! Way to go. Can't wait to see you in action!

    37. Wood_type.small

      Creator Kyle Durrie on November 17, 2010

      aww shucks

    38. Dsc_0150.small

      Creator Jonny Travels on November 17, 2010

      Gutenberg would be proud...

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