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A supernatural adventure game featuring FBI Agent Erica Reed on the hunt for a serial killer who knows her secret: post-cognition.
A supernatural adventure game featuring FBI Agent Erica Reed on the hunt for a serial killer who knows her secret: post-cognition.
634 backers pledged $34,247 to help bring this project to life.

Funding goal of 25K reached!!

We reached 100% of our $25,000 funding goal today!! And we're still 19 days out from the end of the Kickstarter! OMG!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to everyone who has supported us. This has been a truly amazing experience and frankly downright heart-warming for all of us. This week, in the US, it's going to be Thanksgiving, and it goes without saying what everyone on our end is thankful for this year! 

So, what does this mean? Well, for one thing, it means that we are guaranteed the funding that is raised on the Kickstarter. Come Dec. 11th, it's going to happen! There will be financial support for the development of Cognition, thanks to all of you! And all of the rewards that you've signed up for will also come through.

But what's even better is that since we still have days to go, we still have time to go above and beyond 100%. Everything that is pledged before Dec. 11th will go into funding this game, no matter how much more than $25,000. If we can make this happen at 25K, imagine how much we can do on 30K, 35K, or dare we dream, even more than that! 

We're discussing what new stretch goals we can set and what can we do if we hit those numbers. For right now: Cesar Bittar, CEO/Designer/Director/Producer/You Name It, is going to be turning 32 on November 29th. So our next goal is to raise $32,000 as the best birthday present he could ever ask for! 

Once again and as always, thank you so much for everything. Your belief and support in us and in this game is incredible--you truly are making our dreams come true! 


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    1. Anthony Tarallo Jr. on

      So happy to support this project, it's going to be an awesome day when it launches!!

    2. Andrea Mondello on

      Yay, congratulations! I'm so proud I have given my contribution to the project. Guess what, 29th is also my birthday, though I'll be 26!

    3. Christopher Nilssen (Jack) on

      Congratulations! Hope you can reach any and all stretch goals that are set, and Happy Thanksgiving!

    4. Brian Layman on

      Congratulations to all involved.. Getting ANY of TSL out the door was simply an amazing feat in and of itself. I know I've tried something similar in my spare time. Organizing a mod/game team is worse than herding cats.

      I can't wait to see what you all come up with next... AND here's to your next kick starter being 8 times the current goal so that you can go at this full time and eat while the game is being produced! Cheers!