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Re-useable vegetable and storage bags created from recycled bottles to replace supermarket veg bags and eliminate plastic wastage.
Re-useable vegetable and storage bags created from recycled bottles to replace supermarket veg bags and eliminate plastic wastage.
154 backers pledged £2,416 to help bring this project to life.
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'Legooms' Reusable Vegetable & Produce Bags by Postera



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Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.

We're looking for your support as we tackle the problem of single-use plastic- especially pesky tear-off bags used in supermarkets, with our premium reusable produce bags, manufactured with recycled bottles. 

Our food bags are already popular - shoppers are saying they're frequently complimented by fellow shoppers and staff, and they're feeling pretty good about their savvy approach to the vegetable aisles! 

We need your help so we can 1) increase our marketing budget. We're very, very good at marketing, so it can have maximum impact at getting the word out; and 2) initiating a trial run with a UK-based manufacturer. 


Plastic now pollutes every corner of the earth. We manufacture over 300 million tonnes of plastic a year – that is equivalent to the weight of the entire adult population of the planet. Half of that we use just once, sometimes only for a few seconds, and then we throw it away.*

Most of us can’t seem to do away with our daily dependence on plastic bags. But, we're stuck when it comes to the tear-off fruit & veg bags in supermarkets.

You're looking at funding a project here which will spend its life addressing this...

Your funding will help us continue to launch a product that saves the planet every time it's used, looks and feels great, is great value, contributes to the local economy, and will also be manufactured in the UK...

I'm going to take you on!
I'm going to take you on!

Postera: 'The Next' 

Through your help, our launch product will also launch a creative brand. A husband and wife team, our aim is to manufacture sustainable products for home and kitchen which consider 'tomorrow'. They will make a positive environmental impact whenever they are used.

UK-based manufacture is our goal. With 'Brexit', and such, we're looking at a kind of ethos of sustainable home-grown manufacture, of products which in themselves are sustainable. It taps into that 'dig for Victory' mentality. Not isolationist, by any means, but helping to nudge us along in the right direction of being responsible for what we consume, looking at buying local, and having less of a throw-away, disposable mentality.

Legooms are our flagship product. They are the also the key to the Postera ethos: again, Products which, over their lifespan, make a net positive environmental impact.

What is/are 'Legooms'? 🥒

A little playful variation on the French word for, vegetables we hope it’ll be a household name. "Darling, did you pack the Legooms'❓

They're the solution to the tear-off plastic bags

🛒 You will have a choice in the supermarket which you don't now have.

Plus you will have a new, safe way to store your fresh produce at home without harmful contamination by plastic. When food is stored in plastic bags, these chemicals can ‘leach’ into the food and infest them.*** Best of all, no guilty feeling when you're throwing away countless plastic bags!

We don’t make products as one-off wonders. Anything made from recycled materials is great, but it is limited as being a like-for-like replacement of something less environmentally-friendly. Our aim is for products which go on making a saving time and again.

And... they should cultivate an even wider appeal and impact.

Example- You'll see later how Legooms will even encourage people to buy fresh local produce. (We have found this based on our feedback from shoppers so far). 

- and, where supermarkets haven't offered many 'open air' fruit and vegetables, our faithful 'Legoomers' have been approaching staff and asking for more! 

Legooms are re-useable vegetable produce bags.  

They’re BPA-free veggie bags made using a very strong polyester fabric produced 100% from recycled bottles. Bottles are turned into pellets, and our factory turns this into a strong mesh. They are food-standards approved with certification. They will eliminate the risks associated with storing food in plastic bags at home.

They’re built to last, and so over their lifetime they are designed to save thousands of those plastic supermarket bags in the vegetable aisle. They also double-up as a convenient storage solution for toys and other clobber.

Quality down to the last stitch
Quality down to the last stitch

The plastic problem is really, really serious. We hope to help!  

Scientific evidence has shown that around 8 to 12 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans every year. Obviously, we all know the effect it has on marine wildlife, but in a society where we're more 'BPA-free' aware than ever, it's a startling fact that few know about the massive health impact on humans due to plastic waste in the oceans.

"By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans, study says." (Headline- Washington Post, Jan 2018)

As it floats about over the years, plastic becomes 'microplastics'. These attract toxins, and are consumed by wildlife. Before, the concentration was not that high; now, it's higher than ever and is contaminating wildlife. Wildlife which is, of course, below us in the foodchain. That these toxins are now in our food chain is undisputed. We have to act.

Legooms is a solution to at least one of the problems. And our solution rivals others on the market by starting its life as a recycled product already.  

Plus, as you'll see, they're made to be superior to others on the market for longevity and other features...

As the video says, we're not 'environmentalists'. Meaning, we can't claim to be the most environmentally friendly. But we've 'woken up' to these issues and have now taken a serious interest.

"I think we're just sick of plastic,"

It's everywhere, and now it's clogging up the sea. Plastic bottles are just as bad. We're trying to address those, too. We had to ask ourselves why, in the 21st Century, we can't solve this problem?

There is also tremendous evidence that storing food at home in plastic is a health risk.

Plastics are not naturally producing elements of the earth; they are synthetically manufactured with a combination of chemicals. Two class of suspects under scientific scrutiny are bisphenol A and phthalates. When food is stored in plastic bags, these chemicals can ‘leach’ into the food and infest them. Studies have shown that these chemicals have been linked to tissue changes, genetic damage, early puberty and hormonal changes.***

Give us a chance to be one of a growing number of companies doing something about it.

Clearly, humans have the tools and knowhow to eliminate plastic waste. It comes down to money, sadly. This is why the UK Government levied charges on supermarkets issuing plastic bags. Supermarkets have absorbed this cost by passing it on to consumers, with the benefit that people do, now, re-use or look for alternatives.

Why we need funding our core selling points; the retail product; UK manufacturing; and charitable giving 

Why do we need funding?

We need funding to manufacture a further run of the bags and promotion.

The funding will also be used to raise awareness of the existence of this product and put advertising in front of shoppers using social media advertising - for which we have enough experience and expertise.

Finally, having sold through this production run, and built product awareness, and identified a selling strategy that works, we would be looking to commission a UK-based manufacturer to make our bags and packaging. This will be more expensive, and so the option to manufacture in China initially has been used to get Legooms off to the best possible start.

Why Postera Legooms and how they're different:

Legooms are based on careful research and feedback resulting in a highly developed product, in a premium quality finish. 

We want it to be something you're proud to cart about the supermarket and use in your home.

We're aiming to be the market leader, having built a product which addresses the shortcomings of similar vegetable bags. Based, of course, on sustainable production which addresses the 'plastic bottle problem'.

Launched in August ‘18, they’re the first re-useable produce bag on the market to be made from recycled bottles*

Feedback on other vegetable bags/alternatives to plastic was:

Came in plastic and the packaging wasn't recycle-able They had toggles which added weight You couldn't see or scan through mesh They were made of non-recycled plastic They were not colour coded- which helps shoppers when home The quality was poor (Fabric bags) had a very short service life Were not machine washable Came in only one size We took this list and provided a solution:

Postera Vegetable Bags are a top-quality product you will be happy to shop with and show off to friends and fellow shoppers!

🥕 The bags are woven and stitched with longevity in mind. They can bear a hefty weight without tearing and they're easy to carry by drawstring

🍅 They are machine-washable, for hygiene, convenience and a long service life

🥕 We include large label tags to attach barcodes for shops where you print these off yourself

🍅 Tar weights (the weight of the bag) is included on another tab, so the cashier can subtract that from the weight of the purchase. Clever, huh?

🥕 Barcodes can still be scanned through the mesh. You don't need to unpack items again at checkout and the assistant will like you very much.

🍅 Produce can be washed inside the bag: simply wash, and store straight in the fridge or cupboard, saving time (no unpacking, binning, washing). Plus:

🥕 Vegetables need to breathe; sealing them in plastic bags isn't ideal and there can be adverse affects on health. Our breathable mesh bags are the solution;

🍅 Colour-coded: market research told us that this was desirable as people were able to quickly locate and store items;

🥕 They save you money: head for the fresh produce aisle, or support your local market growers. Packaged produce is not only more expensive, but there's the dreaded plastic packaging, again.

🍅 When they are no longer suitable for use, they are fully recyclable

🥕 Plus, use Legooms for storing all kinds of other bits and pieces such as toys.

British supermarket, Morrisons, is trying out paper bags instead of their plastic bags. This supermarket claims the change will save 150 million plastic bags every year. So the potential savings for a switch to Legooms Reusable Bags are huge.

The benefit of our bags versus the Morrisons paper are that they are re-useable again and again, saving the energy that goes into making more paper bags; they eliminate waste (from throwing, not recycling), and they're better for vegetable storage.

Home. Food neatly stored.
Home. Food neatly stored.

'What's in the bag?' 

You get a set of 6 food bags per pack, with one carry-pouch bag.

Convenient Bag sizes:

8 x 12 inches (2pcs) 14 x 12inches (2pcs) 17 x 12 inches (2pcs): potatoes down to garlic!

The RRP is £11.99. We believe this is good value as:

- It is representative of additional costs in using recycled bottles. It gives people a chance to make this extra environmental saving

- It is representative of premium manufacture and quality standards

- It reflects a long service life

- It includes a carry pouch which has all kinds of uses

- It reflects shipping costs and a lower initial order quantity

We hope to bring down the price with bulk orders, even if using a UK manufacturer since we will save on shipping.

Worried you might leave them at home? This is a frequent issue! The attractive carry pouch comes with a drawstring. Attach to your trolley for convenience. The pouch can also be recycled.

** according to our own market research on Amazon UK and Google Shopping 

An extra goodie: How would you like to reduce two environmental problems at the same time?

Everyone likes the feeling of having done something good. The trouble is, we either don’t know what to do, or we put it off. Or, we think it’s a nice idea for a moment, and then the thought passes.

Our re-useable vegetable bags are a way to ‘do something’ and feel good whenever you buy, or use them. Quick and easy to grab and use out of routine, you’re not only saving plastic bags every time to saunter down the aisle (with a disapproving stare at other shoppers (actually, no, don’t do that. Tell them about your Legooms instead)); but you’re also cutting down on litter.

You can make a difference. You’re about to be one of the smartest, most eco-friendly people to walk into a supermarket!

Charitable giving:

While the Kickstarter 100% funds our product marketing and re-production, we will contribute at least 1% of future product sales to these charities: - The groundwork for ‘A Plastic Ocean’ film and a not-for-profit organisation that could work towards stopping plastic getting into the ocean is now a reality. Help us to support their work and get the film shown globally. Helping communities and governments manage their waste properly. Forty per cent of the world’s waste – from homes, businesses, agriculture, hospitals and industry – is not collected or treated. Wasteaid intends to provide data to governments to increase spending on bringing this figure down for the betterment of people living in environments plagued by waste.




** according to our own market research on Amazon UK and Google Shopping


Risks and challenges

We have already found a manufacturer able to manufacture our bags in recycled bottles. We have an excellent and close relationship with them, and we have been corresponding for several months, making design and detail tweaks.
A pre-production sample was obtained, as well as ten sample sets, fully packaged ahead of our main initial production run.
We have funded these initial production runs and we have had really great reviews.
The risks are low since we will have already been selling our first batches by the time this campaign ends. We have over 10 years experience in online retail and product marketing, including social media marketing. We are going to perfect the strategies used to communicate our brand, and so the launch of the 'third batch' should be risk-free in terms of up-take.
We aim for February-March delivery, although we have to consider other demands on the manufacturer. The manufacturer has been in business for decades, and specialises in food products.
We are equipped to send out packages to our backers using Royal Mail. Royal Mail are providing us with Business Post services for reliability.
We have our second shipment paid for and due within the next couple of weeks. It will be possible to deliver some of the rewards from this batch if for any reason the third was not deliverable.

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    Fame. Be listed as a key backer!

    Help to give us a little push and you'll get listed on our postera website under our 'backers' section as an extra-special person who backed our project and did something for the planet.
    You'll also be automatically enrolled in our Club where members receive exclusive offers on all future products. We'll drop an email with details and when your name is up on our site.

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    Pledge £10 or more About US$ 14

    A Set of Legooms and a Video Mention

    Get your set of Legooms + carry pouch (worth £11.95) from this next production batch, aimed for late February 2019, complete with a signed Thank you! card.
    In addition, you'll be enrolled into our Club, for exclusive future rewards and offers, and, we're going to mention you in the credits on a Thank you! video in the backers section of our site. We'll let you know when it's live.

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  3. Reward no longer available

    Pledge £18 or more About US$ 24

    Twin Pack Legooms: The Early Bird Offer

    The limited quantity reward for early backers. Become a doubly-savvy shopper with two packs. Plus all of the bonuses from the other tier 1-3 Rewards; a credit on our Thank you! video, Thank you! card with your delivery, and Club membership with all the wonderful offers which that entails.

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    Pledge £100 or more About US$ 134

    4 x Legooms & Your Name on our Packaging

    You'll be named for a special Thank you! in our Thank you! video on our site. You'll be mentioned by voice, not just text. And, we'll add you to the credits on any promotional video made in the next 12 months.
    You'll get 4 packs of Legooms to dish out, forming an elite team of eco-warriors descending on the supermarkets!
    Of course, you'll get the Thank you! card,
    Best of all, we'll run a production of bags in your honour, stating 'Made Possible By' on Limited Edition packaging. Depending on up-take, we'll schedule these throughout early 2019 and send you a 5th pack, fully branded.

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Reward no longer available
    3 backers

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Funding period

- (30 days)

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