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Post:Ballet is raising funds for its inaugural performances, Concert One. Support our artists, composers, and choreographer... Collaborate with us!

Post:Ballet redefines perspective through movement, collaborating with artists from various disciplines to inspire diverse audiences. Based in San Francisco, Post:Ballet will be presenting its inaugural full-evening program, 'Concert One,’ at the Cowell Theater, July 16 & 17, 2010. The company will use the funds it raises on Kickstarter to cover the costs of its collaborators, including two extraordinary Bay Area composers who will perform their original scores live.

Founding Artistic Director Robert Dekkers actively seeks out collaborative opportunities with diverse artists, including composers, photographers and film artists. By encouraging the open exchange of ideas between artists from various genres, Dekkers ultimately aims to create works that are based in dance but are not bound by such restrictions.

Although the company is involved in projects ranging from a collaborative work for the documentary film 'HIV Story Project’ to a new work created and “performed” entirely online via YouTube, Post:Ballet also maintains that live performances can impact audiences in a very real and tangible way that is unique from other forms of artistic presentation. In an effort to bring highly professional live performance to the diverse communities of the Bay Area, Post:Ballet is bringing in eight exceptional dance artists from across the country to perform in ‘Concert One.’

Featuring the choreography of Robert Dekkers, the program will open with Milieu, staged to an original score created in collaboration with San Francisco-based composer Daniel Berkman, who will perform his work live at ‘Concert One.’ The program will also feature a World Premiere by Dekkers, set to an original work by Bay Area composer Jacob Wolkenhauer. Along with fellow musical artist Joe Hickey, Wolkenhauer will perform his score live at ‘Concert One’ as well.

Beyond collaborations with composers and musical artists, Post:Ballet intimately involves its costume, lighting, and set designers. The input of the dancers is also encouraged during the creative process, ultimately resulting in the development of a truly collaborative creation. By integrating artists from all areas of the broader artistic community, Post:Ballet hopes to present work that deeply inspires individuals and intimately connects communities.

Post:Ballet also accepts donations as a 501c3 organization through our fiscal sponsor, Dancers' Group! If you'd prefer to make a tax-deductible donation to Post:Ballet, visit the Dancers' Group donation page and select Post:Ballet/Robert Dekkers as the recipient!


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