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We've shot past our goal! Now we just want everyone to be part of it. So we've created a bunch of sweet $1 prizes. That's right, $1.
We've shot past our goal! Now we just want everyone to be part of it. So we've created a bunch of sweet $1 prizes. That's right, $1.
188 backers pledged $5,254 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Reward #2: Miming the MAX

"We'll email you a video of Becca lip-syncing the sound a MAX train makes when it goes by."

It's been a while, and our model has changed a bit along the way. But our mobile app is ready, and it's part of big plans now underway at Portland Afoot and BikePortland to improve Portland's transportation information and inspiration. Come celebrate by joining us at happy hour Wednesday, July 17, at Backspace on NW 5th and Couch, between 5 and 7 p.m. You can also see Reward #1 -- and watch this space for more.

Have a drink with us! Our app is ready

Sometimes, a lot of things happen at once.

A couple weeks before we were ready to launch our mobile app in May, we wrapped up a plan to join forces with our friends at It was a big deal, and we decided we needed to do it right -- we suddenly needed a solid, revised plan for how a mobile app could fit into our indie media empire.

Two months later, we've got one. That's why I'm delighted to (finally) invite you to have a drink with us at Backspace next week, test the first public version of our simple mobile app, and talk about how Portland Afoot and BikePortland are going to keep working together to inform low-car life in Portland.

It's right where this campaign started, at Backspace on NW 5th and Couch, from 5 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 17. Come check it out -- and watch this space as we roll out the rest of our totally awesome rewards.

- Michael

The home stretch: Everybody's in for $1!

Wow. Thanks to your amazing (and, honestly, really moving) generosity, as we finish the final week of our campaign (it ends Saturday afternoon!), we are zooming to the target of $5,000. Portland Afoot's free mobile edition is almost certainly going to happen! The electric-hoverbus-riding Portlanders of the future are going to be so grateful.

So it’s time to focus on expanding our community and giving everyone a chance to support this campaign.

Share this project far and wide. We want...

More people.

That's why, for our final few days, we're embracing the $1 donation.

To show how excited we are about everybody getting involved with this, we've come up with an expanded list of bizarrely personalized things we will actually do for you if you pledge $1 (or more).

The more people that are a part of Portland Afoot's next phase, the more will feel like they've got a stake in it, and the bigger a kick our sweet digital magazine will get when it launches. Be part of that. Help us cross the finish line in style, with the wind at our back and/or a daypass in our pocket.

Finally, just to prove our excitement about every single one of our incredible backers for this project, we're going to make a huge chalk mural of a floating electric hover bus drawn entirely with the names of our Kickstarter backers.

Hop on this bus with your friends. Share our story.

And thank you so much for being part of it.

One day in: Your app is 33% funded!


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