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Crowds can slow WiFi to a crawl, but not Portal. Stream ultraHD videos without buffering and play Internet games without lagging.
Crowds can slow WiFi to a crawl, but not Portal. Stream ultraHD videos without buffering and play Internet games without lagging.
4,562 backers pledged $791,862 to help bring this project to life.

Features Update

Posted by Ignition Design Labs (Creator)

In the last month, a lot of new features have been released for your Portal! This list includes: 

  • Range improvements in both 5GHz and 2.4GHz
  • View attached devices
  • DHCP reservation also known as LAN static IP
  • Port range selection
  • DDNS 
  • MAC address filtering
  • Multiple Portals supported within one mobile app

In the next week, we will be releasing:

  • Single SSID (advanced band steering): Many of you have requested using a single network name (SSID) within your homes. Next week we will be enabling this ability along with other highly requested updates (UPnP, DLNA server, HTTPS support).

And the following week, we will be releasing:

  • Mesh 2.0: Portal is the first router being built with next generation Mesh 2.0 for larger and multi-story homes, operating on exclusive uncrowded FastLane channels and dynamically optimizes itself. This is a complicated technology unlike any other current mesh solutions today. It has taken us extra time, but we wanted to make sure we got it right. 

We deeply appreciate all your support and have heard amazing stories from you of how the Portal has changed your connected lifestyle; thank you! :) 

We are excited to have our backers be part of the Portal journey! You can stay tuned by following the feature link with even more cool features that are coming soon.

Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays! 

the Portal Team.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Pedro J. Camacho on

      Can you add a webUI feature that allows me to see if I'm using the "fast lanes"?

    2. Missing avatar

      Peter a Chami

      Can you guys explain why I have not gotten my postal as yet ?

      I live in florida, and I am getting pissed.
      Or at least provide us with contact information.

    3. Brian Keane on

      Can we please have an update on delivery to Ireland !!!!!!!!!

    4. Alastair Upton on

      Mine has arrived in the UK. I am now kicking myself for not ordering two as the performance is great (noticeably faster) but does not reach quite as far as my previous router (4 floors away) in my house.

    5. Missing avatar

      G Carlton Marlowe on

      I'm still waiting on delivery of my second Portal unit. Last I saw, they were due to be shipped out the week of November 21 (US).
      please advise.
      G Carlton Marlowe

    6. Missing avatar

      Derek Murray on

      Hey any word on European delivery???? Poor communication guys....�

    7. Erik Winkelaar on

      Got it ! First thing in the morning installation time. I am very excited to see the Portal at work...

    8. Josh "Panda Cub" on

      I have been using mine for a couple of weeks now and it works great. On the 5 Ghz band I am getting the full 100 Mbps down even from the parking lot behind my apartment.

    9. Arnoud Bijvoet

      I got it, look good and works fine so far. Thanks IDL!

    10. Erik Winkelaar on

      BTW I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands....Hopefully my fellow Dutch citizens did also receive a UPS Trackingcode

    11. Erik Winkelaar on

      I received a UPS tracking code with est. delivery on Friday 02nd december. Hopefully the Portal will make difference in our 3 story concrete bunker..

    12. Missing avatar

      Gábor Imre Németh on

      Hi, I just received the UPS tracking information for my Portal shipment to Hungary - EU.

    13. Missing avatar

      Carl Hall on

      Can EU backers please have an update, you seem to be ignoring requests for an update to the mid Feb delivery date. Have we lost our money?

    14. Missing avatar

      Mark Taylor

      You said you would provide EU shipping information in your next update. Mid-November is past. When will you ship to EU countries?

    15. Brian Keane on

      Any news on when my delivery to Ireland will arrive

    16. Peter Elmered

      Really? Not a single word about shipping status...
      How can all the shipments get more than a month delayed just because the ship docked in the wrong harbour, just a few hours away from where it was intended. I really don't get it, and an explanation would be great. At least show us that you care. It seams like you do not care at all.

    17. Missing avatar

      Sukhjit Singh on

      Thats great 'n' all but...I would have expected an update about Portals still in transit for EU backers...with maybe a breakdown of % delivered and still on route and expected deliver dates...specially given the number of people posting questions about not receiving their Portal's yet.

      It's now December and I still have not received my Portal :(

    18. Missing avatar


      Awesome features, thank you! Is there any update on Portal shipments to Ireland?

    19. David Gagné on

      Great updates, looking forward to trying them out when my Portals arrive in Germany!

    20. Say Yup on

      Any updates on Europe shipments? I have not received any confirmation or tracking status yet while November haa past.

    21. Missing avatar

      DJ on

      Hey guys, one thing you may want to consider adding is the ability to delete a guest network....I can't seem to delete mine even though it was only suppose to last 24 hours....

    22. Manish Marwaha on

      Sorry, the features may be great but without my Portal which is now almost two months late- i cant benefit from any of them.
      I hv written to you asking details of shipment but have heard nothing back.
      This is more than just unprofessional!