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Crowds can slow WiFi to a crawl, but not Portal. Stream ultraHD videos without buffering and play Internet games without lagging.
Crowds can slow WiFi to a crawl, but not Portal. Stream ultraHD videos without buffering and play Internet games without lagging.
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Delivery Update, 4 November 2016

Posted by Ignition Design Labs (Creator)

Good news for US and Canada backers, more Portals are arriving next week.  This means we may be in position to ship-out second and additional units earlier for US and Canada.  The new ETA for second and additional units is now 11/9.  

No change for EU delivery, ETA for delivery to EU backers is still anticipated mid-Nov.  We are working with the shipper to expedite and improve the schedule.  If any change, we will post another update.    

Thank you for your support, and your patience & understanding.

the Portal Team.  


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    1. Jarle Nygård on

      @Creator - When can we expect EU backers to get the portal? What is causing the delay in shipping? Getting nervous that something is wrong...

    2. Missing avatar

      Whit Norris on

      @Creator - I am in Germany and have not received a tracking number. I ordered two black portals. A comment in an earlier thread had noted these should have been shipped by 6 December yet no tracking number or further acknowledgement has been sent. Any update would be greatly appreciated.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gerbrand Peeck on

      Apparently my Portal is lost in transit, because mid-november is far behind us and I have not received it. When will my replacement unit be sent?

    4. Sergio Abril on

      Yesterday I got a My UPS notification, telling me I was about to receive a new parcel coming from the UK... I didn't know what was it, but looks like I'll getting my portal pretty soon (Spain).

    5. Missing avatar

      Douwe Pieter van den Bos on

      I still haven't heard anything from the team on when to expect my portal. Can you please update something so I know what to expect?

    6. Missing avatar

      Hermann Heimhardt on

      yeah, mine arrived too right to my door.

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Stur on

      EU backers rejoice !!
      My 2 Portals arrived yesterday, shipped from UK to Austria by UPS.

      The only downside is UPS delivery. The UPS man was afraid to ring the doorbell and rather took the two parcels to his cozy UPS Access Point, where I had to pick them up.
      But this is another story...

    8. Alastair Upton on

      Please can you give us an update on the EU delivery?

    9. Gavin McEvoy on


      Its near the end of November now, any update on when the EU delivery, please?

    10. Fidel De Tovar on

      it is now late November could we have an update for EU delivery, please?

    11. Missing avatar

      Carl Hall on

      Since it is now late November could we have an update for EU delivery?

    12. Miguel A. Farías on

      Any updates on EU delivery times? November is almost over and we haven't heard anything, can you please provide the latest ETA?

    13. Sebastian Stigter on

      "ETA for delivery to EU backers is still anticipated mid-Nov. We are working with the shipper to expedite and improve the schedule. If any change, we will post another update."

      Well that was a lie!

    14. Corey Baughman on

      I have not yet received my first unit I live in the us..Update on shipping?

    15. Missing avatar

      Nathan Justice on

      I just received my delivery for my other two Portal's! I cannot wait until MESH Networking is available!!!

    16. Michiel Karnebeek on

      Any updates on the mid-november EU delivery?

    17. Missing avatar

      Douwe Pieter van den Bos on

      Since its mid-November now, any update on the EU portals?

    18. Missing avatar

      Nathan Justice on

      Just an update: I received my tracking information for my other two units!!! Hang in there guys (and ladies)!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Daniel Taylor on

      2 people that ordered on the same day as me and live in the same area have received there portals a week ago and I have still not received..I'm beginning to worry.

    20. Thomas Bonnay on

      We are mid-November, any update ? If not i'd like to refund my pledge/order ...

    21. Mark Lebovits on

      Hi- any update on second orders?

    22. Andy Lin on

      I got my portal! Works like a charm.gptra be patient t when it first sets up, but otherwise it's a beautiful machine

    23. Missing avatar

      Nathan Justice on

      Any idea on when we will get our notice of shipments for additional units? Last update said November 9....

    24. Missing avatar

      Al Marsman on

      Oh and also when wifi goes down the portal app is useless can connect to anything even when I disable wifi and try and use my data just says connect to wifi. Support please as I can access it through you app

    25. Missing avatar

      Al Marsman on

      My portal keep dropping internet and displaying a red circle. If I plug directly into my modem internet is fine. It is like the wan port just stops working. I reset it twice but this keeps happening. Can someone explain. Where do I get tech support

    26. Missing avatar

      Nathan Justice on

      So what day this week should we anticipate a notification from you that you are shipping the remaining units out to the Kickstarter's?

    27. Ignition Design Labs Creator on

      Hi Stephen - Yes, this includes second units of black color units ... to US and Canada backers.

    28. Stephen Mouring on

      Does this include second units of the black color? Thanks!!

    29. Ignition Design Labs Creator on


      Your UPS tracking number is 1Z306A162014622001 . Your Portal is scheduled to arrive on Monday 11/7.

    30. Missing avatar

      Khalid Laith

      I'm in the UK. Hopefully that's good news for me at least.
      Thanks for the explanation. Can't wait to try out my Portal �

    31. Missing avatar

      Blaine Pinch on

      At what Point should I be concerned that I have not yet received my portal (in Canada)? Is there anything I can do to track it's progress?

    32. Peter Elmered

      Thanks for the updates and the transparency regarding the EU shipments. Shit happens. As long as you make this a priority and do what you can to speed up the process I'm very happy. I'm so excited to get my Portal!

    33. Ignition Design Labs Creator on

      Hi Khalid,

      The US and EU deliveries were sent on separate cargo freighters from Asia. These next shipments will allow us to fulfill all remaining orders from Kickstarter.

    34. Ignition Design Labs Creator on

      Hi Stephan - Yes, at this point the odds are that EU backers will get their Portals mid to late Nov. You're right that there isn't much that we can do to speed up a ship. However, we are working with our shipper to attempt to arrange for custom clearance directly out of Rotterdam. We're currently set up to clear customs out of UK, meaning that our EU inventory has to go by land to UK first before we can ship out to you. No guarantees, and perhaps poor odds, but it's worth a try. My point is that we are trying every lever we can.

    35. Ignition Design Labs Creator on

      Hi Khalid. As fast as we can, we are shipping units out to backers as they arrive in their respective region; this includes the EU.

      The problem that we're encountering with EU delivery is that our entire EU inventory hasn't yet arrived in your region; it's all on a ship mid-ocean and not expected to arrive for another 1-2 weeks. They were supposed to arrive directly (from China) to Felixstowe, UK this week. However, our shipper screwed-up badly and put the entire EU inventory on one ship bound for Rotterdam, NL; currently we're not set up to clear EU customs except in UK. We're negotiating with shipper now to try to resolve this big screw-up and expedite.

      The reason why US and Canada backers have been getting their units so quickly is simply that our US and Canada inventory arrived in N. America as expected without any drama. It's also a much quicker straight shot from China to Los Angeles and Vancouver. The route from China to Europe has to take a much longer (and convoluted) route thru the Suez Canal.

      We feel bad about this, and we're doing best we can to try to make up time. And of course, we'll keep you informed as best we can.

    36. Missing avatar

      Khalid Laith

      So are you holding back some units to ship to people in the EU? It sounds like you're just shipping all units to the US and Canada as they come in.
      Given the delays, won't EU shipments be delayed even further if we have to wait for more stock to come in?
      You're being very vague about EU deliveries and I'd like some more definite dates and info regarding our EU shipments

    37. Missing avatar

      Carmen on

      Received my Portal yesterday. It took me 5 min to connect it and yes, it is significantly faster. Awesome job!

    38. Stephan Krüger on

      Things in logistics are sometimes like that - there can be delays. But I think you are giving wrong hope that you can speed up the schedule of a vessel coming from Asia.... So we Europeans have to expect our rewards between mid and late November.