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Crowds can slow WiFi to a crawl, but not Portal. Stream ultraHD videos without buffering and play Internet games without lagging.
Crowds can slow WiFi to a crawl, but not Portal. Stream ultraHD videos without buffering and play Internet games without lagging.
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Portal Progress Update #6

Posted by Ignition Design Labs (Creator)

Out for Delivery!  More Portals were released for delivery this morning, including Black and Red units.  

US and Canada Early Adopters (and any Super-Early Adopters who haven't received their units yet) will be getting your new Portal this week.  You should be receiving tracking information shortly, and ETA to your door will be between 2 and 5 days depending on where you live.    

Apologies for any Super-Early Adopters who haven't received their orders yet.  We had a minor issue with customs that prevented us from shipping to Canada directly from our US warehouse; that's fixed now, Canada shipments will now be coming out of a Toronto warehouse.  

More Portals are on their way, but we're still very tight on inventory so please be patient.  To ensure that everyone gets a Portal as quickly as possible, we will be delaying delivery of second and third units for a couple of weeks until our big shipment arrives.  

ETA For all other backers is also still on track: 
EU Early Adopters: End of October
Kickstarter, All: End-October to Mid-November Mid-November

If you haven't received your Portal or tracking information by end of this week, please send us a note at   Any other questions or help, please also send us a note at  

Thanks again, everyone for your amazing support of Portal. 

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    1. Missing avatar


      Early US adopter, I also haven't gotten a confirmation/shipping notice in my emails inbox or junk folders and nothing has arrived yet.

    2. Ashley Bennett on

      Another US early backer waiting on confirmation for my red unit. I guess I'll email if I don't get one over the weekend.

    3. Missing avatar

      Shiftr on

      Yup I'm an early adopters too with no shipping confirmation. Getting a little antsy :)

    4. Jason McAdams on

      I'm in the same boat, I'm a Super Early Backer with 2 black units, and I still don't have a shipping notification email either.

    5. Mike Kabala

      Getting nervous. EB Red US backer, but still no shipping notification email. If I don't get an email by tomorrow, I'll have to message the fulfillment team. Sorry to be so impatient, but I'm currently waiting for rewards from over a dozen KS's and it's been months since I've received anything from anybody.

      Luck of the draw, I hope ...

    6. Josh Worley

      @Portal: Thanks. I just sent the email. Can't wait to get my red Portal!

    7. Missing avatar

      Pino Gatto on

      Should i have received tracking information yet? Canada Early Adopter? Just want to make sure I wasn't missed ;)

    8. Levy Rivers

      I can hardly stand it - will I be disappointed? Send me my notice - it's an ugly sight when a 70 year old crys!

    9. Ignition Design Labs Creator on

      Hi Josh - Please drop us an email at with your new address. We'll confirm that the shipper OTX/UPS has your new address.

    10. Peter Elmered

      Good info about the firmware update, but you should probably write that in an update that more people will see. Other than that, great job so far. Keep it up! I'm really looking forward to get my Portal in the end of October/early November(EU Early adopter).

    11. Josh Worley

      @Portal: How many Early Adopter pledges are still awaiting shipment? I officially changed addresses yesterday, but my old address will still be valid for about the next month or so as I slowly move apartments. I just want to make sure my Portal unit won't get lost or sent to an undeliverable address...

    12. Ignition Design Labs Creator on

      Just the first wave, more coming soon.

    13. Missing avatar

      DJ on

      No tracking yet but eagerly awaiting :)

    14. Ignition Design Labs Creator on

      To prepare for your new Portal, please download the smartphone/tablet app at:


      The app is used to pair your new Portal, allowing you to configure, control and manage your network; no personal information is collected and we do not need your email.

      When you receive your Portal, the first thing you should do is plug Portal's WAN port into your internet connection using the included ethernet cable. Please wait 10 minutes for Portal to download the latest firmware. The LED light will be a solid BLUE while the update is completing.

      It is very important that you let Portal get the latest firmware and install it before you start to pair it (with your phone/tablet) or use it. The LED light will turn GREEN when the update process is finished. Please be patient with this step. Remember that your Portal left the factory more than month ago with a fairly basic firmware image. The new firmware it's downloading has undergone alot of changes to improve stability and performance in the time that it has transited the ocean to get to you, so please let it finish the download. Thanks.

      Next, open up the iOS or Android app. Follow the instructions to pair your smart device to Portal. And enjoy.

      For additional getting started information, please go to our support site at:

    15. Josh Worley

      Great to hear! So all Red and Black units have now shipped? Or just one wave of them?