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Crowds can slow WiFi to a crawl, but not Portal. Stream ultraHD videos without buffering and play Internet games without lagging.
Crowds can slow WiFi to a crawl, but not Portal. Stream ultraHD videos without buffering and play Internet games without lagging.
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Portal Progress Update #5

Posted by Ignition Design Labs (Creator)

Out for Delivery!  Super-Early Adopters should be receiving tracking info shortly; depending on where you live, your Portal will be arriving at your door within next 2-5 days.

ETA for US/Canada Early-Adopters is still on track, you can expect to-door delivery between first and second week of October.  

ETA For all other backers is also still on track: 
EU Early Adopters: End of October
Kickstarter, All: End-October to Mid-November Mid-November

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    1. Ignition Design Labs Creator on

      Hi LH - I just checked with OTX, it appears that you may have changed your order to black on backerkit. The first batch only has all white, the black ones are in the second batch and will be shipped to you in 2 weeks. If this is an error, drop us a note at We may be able to change your order back and get you one shipped quicker.

    2. Peter Elmered

      Great job and great communication! I can't wait to get my Portal!

    3. Kelly Lewis on

      Just received mine today! Thanks so much Portal, I'm excited to run it through it's paces tonight!

    4. Missing avatar


      Hi creator, I am a super adopter backer and I think I chose white color, but I have not received tracking number?

    5. Arnoud Bijvoet

      Great communication guys, keep up the good work!

    6. Erik Winkelaar on

      Outstanding communication ! considdering the High End project. I'm glad that I choose this project and hopefully my expectations will be fulfilled by Portal.

    7. Missing avatar

      Carl Mattick on

      ... never mind early adopter question - the pledge info page shows adopter status. Looking forward to it!

    8. Missing avatar

      Carl Mattick on

      Is there a simple way to know if we're "super-early" or just "early" adopters? Thx.

    9. Missing avatar

      Cory P on

      It's been a long time since a Kickstarter update has had me genuinely excited, but I'm not only excited I'm surprised it's likely to show in a few days! This project set a gold standard of communication that will likely never been seen again by Kickstarter. You guys have done great and I'm glad to be on board!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      I love you.

      - Very great communication. Highly detailed responses. Other then the last 3 weeks where communication died down, you guys were for the most part excellent. I appreciate that.
      - Not long of a delay. Just about 2-3 months. Not a lot compared to most Kickstarters that can take up to a year to get delivered and their product doesn't seem as complicated as yours.
      - Did I mention I love you guys? I love you guys for your hard work and effort and the lack of a major delay. You guys are the example Kickstarter project Kickstarters should be about. Just excellent all around. I am confident your product will deliver on your promises as described here and I wouldn't have to send it for return.
      - 1 year warranty. I don't know about other Kickstarters but that's great. Some Kickstarters just feel "Since this is Kickstarter, we won't offer warranty because this isn't like a store" etc.

    11. Missing avatar

      Joseph Mireles on

      Awesome! You all have been absolutely terrific in communicating with your backers throughout this process. It's been a pleasure backing this project and I can't wait to receive my device! Best of luck to you all in the future.