Stronghold: Undead

by Portal Games

Portal Games wants some feedback on this project. What do you like? What could be better? Anything missing?

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    1. Missing avatar

      stormrider about 10 hours ago

      +1 for Italian translation, please

    2. Missing avatar

      Renaud Jacquemin
      about 11 hours ago

      It would be great to have a smart plastic insert to store all these components and got them easily reached.

    3. Riwap about 16 hours ago

      I'm looking foward this game and I really hope in an Italian version!

    4. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Guarino about 17 hours ago

      @Maximilian Liman

      "You will be able to buy the base game of Stronghold in the Pledge Manager,"

    5. DIEGO P. about 18 hours ago

      Plase translate this game in Italian!!!!
      It's fantastic game, but i and my frends don't undestend very well english (we are Italians).

    6. Missing avatar

      Maximilian Liman 1 day ago

      Will there be a reprint of the original Stronghold (2nd ed) available for purchase? You might want to offer a plede including both, Stronghold (2nd ed) as well as Stronghold: Undead (2nd ed). I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd pledge for this option ;)

    7. Geijhan 3 days ago

      "Invader wins the game if..." should be "The invader wins the game if..."
      "The sun goes up and dark forces of Necromancer... " should be "The sun goes up and the dark forces of the Necromancer..."
      I would personally choose the name "Siege engine" over "Siege machine". (in fact, the old French "engin" for war machine is the root of "engine", so it seems perfect here)
      "Very rarely, do we use Kickstarter" doesn't need the comma.
      "The KS campaign is for the EN, DE and PL edition." You obviously forgot "and the NL edition, to be translated by Davy" ;)

    8. Dámaso de Damasco 4 days ago

      Will it be in Spanish? I've been wanting to play with the game for years and going through it precisely because of the language

    9. Christopher Pruijsen
      4 days ago

      1. Campaign needs to be very clear on what you get for backing now, vs going retail/Essen (could be a guaranteed lower price, exclusive component upgrades or gameplay components, or a guaranteed earlier release — and keep that promise!)
      2. Explainer videos should be a guarantee not a stretch goal.
      3. If no plastic, then at least do custom shaped Meeples, ideally with printing on them

    10. Missing avatar

      Youtcham 5 days ago

      +1 for:
      Please don't print the defender action tiles directly on the board. As Kurlin says, I really love them being separate from the Main Board

    11. Missing avatar

      Dawnmage 5 days ago

      there is confusion in the text. about the first edition. (when that was and what it was.
      the second reprint by portal and stronghold games.
      and this version. it almost reads as some of it is mixed, and that leads to confusion about what version your talking about.

    12. Ignacy Trzewiczek 5 days ago

      6 days left! Very excited. Once again thank you for all suggestions. I appreciate feedback and you will see that some of these ideas will make it to the campaign! Thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Dawnmage 5 days ago

      i realy enjoy my stronghold 2d i have at home. this one wil give a other feel than that game.
      i wonder if it is possible to add a small element that crosses the gap between both?
      i suporte seperate tiles for the devender, that would make the game expandable. heck i might use a devender tile in my second edition stronghold to see if it works. (probebly not..)

    14. Don Liles 6 days ago

      I like the stained glass look of many of the components. This will make it easier to avoid mistakenly mixing the pieces of the two games together. I agree that it would be preferred to have separate tiles for the defenders actions, rather than a pre-printed board with the actions.

    15. Missing avatar

      Pietro on

      Seems very good. Price tag?

    16. Björn Von Knorring on

      I agree; a stretch goal with a good rulebook editor would be wise. The amount of rules questions on BGG is a testimony why this is a good idea.

    17. N Jones on

      Stretch Goal 1: RULE BOOK EDITOR (Paul Grogan from GamingRules! preferably)
      Stretch Goal 2: Rules Explanation video

    18. Missing avatar

      Piotr Stachura on

      Fajny pomysł z nadrukowanymi budynkami na plansze :) Ciekawe jaka będzie cena :(

    19. Missing avatar

      hoyt ng

      Looks very cool! I wish I could see more of the complete board itself, I am familiar with Stronghold so I know what the game is about and seeing that board the first time grabbed my interest. Here, I only see parts of the board and I think a person unfamiliar with the game might benefit from the overall view of the gameboard.

      one thing I misread was the graphic for "invader components" I read as "inudder components", I misread the "v" as a "u" which lead my brain to think "udder". :)

      Lastly, this phrase "Stronghold: Undead is one of the most thematic games designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek, author of Robinson Crusoe, Detective, and other Board Games That Tell Stories." the word "other" felt misplaced. Was it intended to be a play on words because of the books he's authored?

      Looking forward to seeing this launch as a standalone.

    20. Missing avatar


      @Peer: Sounds great, thanks a lot! :-)

      It was my fault, I didn't see it in between the text. But maybe some flag symbols in the project description can help to increase visibility. :-)

    21. Peer

      @Bateyes: "The KS campaign is for the EN, DE and PL edition. We are in talks and negotiations for other languages. It will be announced during the campaign as soon as we sign contracts,"

    22. Missing avatar


      I‘m interested in a German version. Any change to get that in this campaign?

    23. Missing avatar

      Sasha Vukovc on

      Please don't print the defender action tiles directly on the board. As Kurlin says, I really love them being separate from the Main Board. I'd love for this game to match the base game in that way. Also the Cardboard quality for Stronghold 2nd Edition was incredible. Maybe my favorite out of any game I own. Please keep it the same. (2nd edition is by far one of my favorite games of all time Huge fan here.)

    24. Guillaume Cusson on

      Will there be possible during this campaign to buy as a add-on a new updated rulebook for Stronghold 2nd edition?

    25. Kurlin

      A little disappointing that the defender action tiles are printed on the board again. I liked them being separate tiles in Stronghold 2nd edition.

    26. Max on

      I want to read the rulebook beforehand this time after what happened with the last game and some games before that...

      Will there be an opportunity for owners of the previous version to get replacement components for the misprinted tiles, cards and rulebook during this kickstarter?

      What support can we expect for this game if it is riddled with misprinted components and rules as happened last time?

    27. DrSpunj

      This looks great! I think there's a couple of typos/edits needed: 1) in the Paladins section I think in the middle you want to say "repel" instead of "repeal", and 2) in the Necromancer section in the middle I think you need to add "to" in this sentence: "Use your Skeletons [to] overwhelm". Good luck!

    28. Missing avatar

      Sasha Vukovc on

      I would also second having an add on for attacker meeples for both Stronghold 2nd edition, and Stronghold Undead 2nd edition. Even if this is an add on. please make them wood -they can all have the same mold. Just have them look like an invading horde! Ork mold for Base game. Slender scary warrior mold for Undead. Thanks!!! Cant wait to back.

    29. Missing avatar

      Sasha Vukovc on

      Can there please be Cardboard Movable peices for the Defender buildings inside the keep/behind he wall -like in 2nd edition. Organizing these buildings in my personal castle is one of my favourite parts of the game. Please don't print the defender buildings directly onto the board.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mikael Lindholm on

      As several people has pointed out already: colored wooden cubes heavily reduces the thematic feel of this game: you want to see little figures swarming, defending and fighting it out - not friggin’ Euro-cubes! It doesn’t have to be plastic minis, though - but something that can carry an individual image. Flat contoured plastic standees, with silk screened images?
      At least as deluxe components for the Kickstarter edition.

      I also agree the comment about the plastic minis is comming across a bit condescending.

      And lose the sexy zombie chic on the box cover. Wrong in several ways.

    31. Filip Lazov on

      I find it too colorful. I had issues parsing the board in pret a porter because of too much color. Try dialing it down a bit, especially that you state "We focus here on immersive, challenging gameplay. " Function > Form

    32. Ignacy Trzewiczek on

      Thank you for your amazing feedback. As you can see today we updated the website with many things you requested. More items (like comparision to base game of Stronghold) soon (we must write them :D)!

    33. Zerthin on

      Big fan of the scantily dressed undead girl on the front of the box. She is both fearsome and appropriate and should not be replaced. :D

    34. T.Love on

      Ignacy, maybe you could make them "Aggro", "Fear", "Dismay", "Horror" or "Worry" tokens instead of "perturbation" tokens. Depending on which meaning you were going for. Also, for my taste, the colors seem a bit bright and cheery for a game about a gritty battle with the undead. The Stained glass idea is good, but again the colors seem too bright. IMHO

    35. Missing avatar

      Joel Wrigley on

      As others have said I'd like to know if this is purely standalone or whether it can be combined with the original. Also a comparison with the original would be great. As it stands I'm not sure why anyone who owns the original really needs this unless they have a particular love of the Undead.

    36. MadScientist

      Looks great :)
      Wondering about add-ons.

    37. Shadow Darkwell

      Photos of any inserts would be excellent, as well as a confirmation as to whether or not the insert will support sleeved cards (I certainly hope so)!

      Also, more clarity around the difference between this and the prior edition of Stronghold: Undead would be much appreciated!

    38. Missing avatar


      (+) The sections "This game is for you " and "this game is NOT for you if". Really helpful!
      (+) Nearly everything you need to know its there. How does the game fare, it lasts, etc...

      (=) No photos of the insert ? Even as a suggestion? a game with a lot of components requrires a lot of organization! I hope you show some
      (=) I hope KS campaign has let's play videos or teaching videos. They do help a LOT.
      (=) Some people may disagree with the box cover figure, but I do not. One of the things that makes sense , logic sense, in a world of necromancy, is that undeath finds you however you were. Full clothed, naked, half between. Maybe missing an arm. Fear and loathe, disgust and hate. No sense dressing up a zombie either, though...
      (=) Unless it's a lich king or lich queen. Then all the glowie jewels please.

      (-) Where are the shipping costs at? I understand that some of them may ... leak information (for instance, if you put 6€ for Spain shipping spaniards will automatically assume you got a deal with a spanish publisher ... and which one. 1+1=2). But please, put a value (for instance, <12€ )
      (-) Too many pictures of text. Please, dont abuse them. It makes it hard to CONTROL-F through the kickstarter
      (-) No indication of the languages it will be available on the first picture.
      (-) No indication if it is EU / USA shipping friendly on the first picture either.
      (-) What does this add for players who might 2nd hand purchase this game?

    39. Galahad777

      Not a fan of the scantily dressed undead girl on the front of the box. She is neither fearsome nor appropriate and should be replaced. The game needs a better image of a fearsome undead foe on the front of the box.

    40. David Chien

      I'm not a fan of using images for all these text blocks. There is no way to copy and paste details, no way to cite what is noted easier for comments. I think every text field should be text... not an image graphic.

    41. Geijhan on

      After reading all that, I know what the game is about and I know some of the history behind this relaunch/reprinting, but I still don't really know how the game plays, so I think you can add some gameplay tidbits.

      There are also parts where the Polish English shines through (a lot less than it did in your old rulebooks, though. :) )

      "A standalone game where one of you siege the castle as a mighty Necromancer and one of you try to defend it against the horde of undead"
      I would reword it as follows: "A standalone 2-player game where one of you lays siege to the castle as a mighty Necromancer and the other tries to defend it against the horde of undead"

      "each spell you cast takes time and gives the chance for your opponent to prepare"
      I would reword it so:
      "each spell you cast takes time and gives your opponent a chance to prepare"

      There's several more but it would honestly be a lot easier to bundle all the suggestions in a word doc and mail it rather then fill up this tiny text box.

    42. Missing avatar

      Zach Pasqualetto on

      In general, I think this is a good page but is overly catered to those that already know Stronghold vs the average KS consumer. There are aspects that need to be made more clear for those who are looking to get into the game for the first time.

      Specific Feedback:
      - The title sentence can be rewritten to evoke more imagination

      - A section comparing Stronghold 2nd ed to this would be nice especially for those that own 2nd edition already. You want those who are familiar with the game to champion it but also showcase the differences, giving those owners a reason to buy it.

      - Components sections look great. An explanation about why the attacker units have to be cubes would be good since there are already a lot of people asking for different shaped pieces.

      - Gameplay section is a bit disjointed; I think I would rather have all the defender and attacker info in one area one after another.

      - Game end conditions section explaining how each side wins.

    43. Missing avatar

      Guntram Groenitz on

      Never support Kickstarter for Portal-Games anymore. This year it was the second time, that I bagged for a Portal-Game (Pret-a-porter). And it was the second time, that the games was sold in Essen for less money than I have bagged. So why should I support the project when I will going to buy it in Essen at a cheaper price? No Thanks.

    44. Ignacy Trzewiczek on

      I really appreciate the feedback here. Thank you.

    45. Missing avatar

      Taneous on

      An epic tale of siege and destruction.

      Released in 2009, the original Stronghold was designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek. As Portal Game’s first big hit, it garnered great reviews, and was an International Gamers Award nominee. Adding to its great gameplay the Undead expansion represented a significant change by introducing new mechanisms and theme.

      Nearly a decade later, the legendary Undead expansion is poised to return from the grave, in a stunning new standalone edition called Stronghold Undead.

    46. Chad Fox on

      Probably not possible but a solo or coop mode.

    47. Egon Araujo on

      How is this different from stronghold? This looks like the exactly same thing...

    48. Missing avatar

      RB on

      I love Stronghold and have been waiting for this forever.

      * Title: Not sure I like the colon in the title. Makes every mention of the game's name in paragraphs look weird.
      * Subtitle: I'd suggest mentioning "asymmetric" and "two player" instead of "one of you ... and one of you ..."
      * I don't like the introduction at all since it doesn't tell you anything about the game, doesn't properly explain the history of the two Stronghold editions and mentions "expansion" several times before revealing that it isn't actually one. Maybe put it in a background box at the bottom and use it to explain why it will become a great game.
      * Since the main topic is a siege, I would leave out "in a few days" and describe it more urgent (the first of them sighted at the hills around the castle and an endless stream of evil following behind).
      * If 10+ is supposed to be the minimum age, then why isn't it next to the player count? But I'd actually suggest removing those three badges completely.
      * Pros/cons is great, but the last sentence is redundant
      * Duration of 1.5 vs 2 hours is contradictory
      * Naming the defender Paladin(s) feels like an afterthought as most of the fluff revolves around the undead. Same with Arkhton – is that the name of the Necromancer or where they came from? Maybe aggregate all the story and naming in one place (Defender, Pearl Keep, Paladins vs. Attacker, Necromancer, Arkhton (?), Vampires/Skeletons/Phantoms/Bats/…).
      * For Paladins maybe end in "With them, you will stop the undead arms—or die a glorious death." or something like that.
      * Missing: Make clear how it differs from Stronghold, if both games can still be combined and why it's a separate game now.
      * The original Stronghold (2nd) is a lot about the fragile balance in a lot of different spots that you need to keep an eye on, and that can easily tip with a single guy if the defender isn't carefuly. On the other hand, a predictable attacker would send hordes of monsters to the walls but not be able to penetrate them anywhere. The description of Undead sounds totally different and doesn't really capture the ongoing balancing act between the two sides.
      * The power balance sounds quite unfair and it isn't even mentioned how the defender actually wins.

    49. Missing avatar

      Taneous on

      At the bottom of the this kickstarter draft page, it talks about those being familiar with the game will enjoy it the most. This definitely makes sense. But designers should spend time to add a variant to the rules by adding a handicap (similar to golf expression) to the more experienced player, so that lesser experience players can be encouraged to learn & play the game.

    50. Missing avatar

      Taneous on

      After reading the comments in BGG, I found it had a substantial number of concerns about the any of the rulebooks, as well as teaching the game. This page should make mention of an easy-to-read rule book with supporting videos.

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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Mon, November 25 2019 5:00 PM UTC +00:00.

Stronghold: Undead

A standalone game where one of you siege the castle as a mighty Necromancer and one of you try to defend it against the horde of undead

Stronghold: Undead

A standalone game where one of you siege the castle as a mighty Necromancer and one of you try to defend it against the horde of undead

pledged of $35,000pledged of $35,000 goal
12days to go

Back this project


All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Mon, November 25 2019 5:00 PM UTC +00:00.


Stronghold Undead is an epic strategy game for two players telling the story of a siege. From this campaign you should expect:

  • A tremendous final product being produced by an experienced publisher and delivered on time,
  • Draft version of the rulebook made available during the campaign,
  • Extensive materials (written and video) dedicated to the game so you can decide if this is a right game for you,
  • Co-development of additional content with the community who knows the base game of Stronghold and wants to add their small piece to the project,
  • Being open to your feedback and ideas. Portal Games has been releasing games since 1999; we published games like Robinson Crusoe, Imperial Settlers, or Detective. Very rarely, do we use Kickstarter, but when we do, that means we have a project we want to create along with fans and community. Stronghold Undead is such a project. We hope to create many unique exclusive pieces of content with our fans!
  • No plastic miniatures like in many other KS campaigns. We focus here on immersive, challenging gameplay. Adding plastic to the box would not increase the story driven game play, but instead it would increase the cost of the game. We prefer to keep the price lower and offer you a great immersive title with nice wooden components.
  • We have some exciting add-ons to make your siege experience even more immersive (for instance an epic Playmat),
  • Friendly shipping to US, Canada, EU, and Asia. We are working hard on preparing the most shipping friendly campaign possible.
  • The KS campaign is for the EN, DE and PL edition. We are in talks and negotiations for other languages. It will be announced during the campaign as soon as we sign contracts,
  • You will be able to buy the base game of Stronghold in the Pledge Manager,
  • Some users ask for garlic. We hear you! We appreciate the positive crazy fans! :)

 Rule changes

  • The board features a new layout for wall sections and towers, it is different than in the previous edition.
  • Some Necromancer spells have been removed, and new spells are introduced.
  • The Council deck has been removed from the base game. It is now included in a mini-expansion dedicated to experienced players.
  • The Phantom Dragon has been removed from the base game. It is now included in a mini-expansion dedicated to experienced players.
  • Necromancer spells have dedicated rounds when they can be played to help create an interesting story arch with different spells played in different rounds.
  • Rulebook has been written again from scratch by the team who wrote the rulebook for our previous KS release, Pret-a-Porter, which received very good feedback from backers.

Design changes

  • The main board has been visually redesigned for a more immersive experience.
  • All cards and tokens have been given a new layout.

Components changes

  • This is up to you! We have many stretch goals for our Kickstarter campaign which, when unlocked, will improve the game components.

 Stronghold: Undead is a complex game designed specifically for two players. It may be compared to games like Star Wars Rebellion or Twilight Struggle—it takes approximately two hours to play, and offers players a variety of interesting strategies and options. With five Defender buildings that each offer four unique actions, and 24 unique spells for the Invader, the core game offers countless permutations of tactical decisions and situations. In this campaign, we aim to unlock many mini-expansions, like Council, Phantom Dragon, or Bone Thrower, each of which would offer many new options to experienced players..

Stronghold: Undead is one of the most thematic games designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek, author of Robinson Crusoe, Detective, and other Board Games That Tell Stories. The game has a very rich theme, and delivers an immersive experience over the seven rounds of the siege. The tension builds slowly, as the evil forces assail the walls of the Pearl Keep and the outnumbered defenders desperately attempt to hold them back. With every round that passes, the fall of the fortress feels more imminent.

Stronghold: Undead is a fully asymmetric game, with each player given completely different tools and means to achieve victory. The Invader has the upper hand. With an army of nearly 150 units, 24 unique spells, and dozens of ways to generate their dark energy, they are well equipped to capture the fortress. They choose which spells to cast to support the relentless progress of their evil army. The Defender, on the other hand, has to cope with severe restrictions on absolutely everything, and have no means to obtain more. Soldiers, resources, and items have strict limits enforced by the components—they can have no more than three copies of each. They have fewer than 30 units defending their walls. They have no action points, and no way to act unless given action points by the Invader. Power versus desperation. Control versus dependence. Tyranny versus courage. The asymmetry is unlike any other game you’ve experienced before.

 The game shines when you play against someone who is familiar with it. Because it rewards players with experience, it is not an ideal experience if one player is a complete novice. It is not a good introductory game, or one that you can pull out against a different, new, opponent each week. Due to the low randomness, the player who owns/knows the game well will have a distinct advantage. It is best for players who have a regular opponent against which they can play.

The game offers so many options each round that it might generate analysis paralysis in players who are prone to it. Both players have a rich pool of available actions—the castle has dozen of spaces to attack and defend, and both players must consider each of these potential directions. The large decision space may overwhelm or slow players faced with the choices offered by the game.

The theme of the game may be controversial  for some. The original Stronghold was set in a generic fantasy setting. Stronghold: Undead introduces elements of dark magic, necromancy, death, ghosts, vampires, and religious ideas. The theme is strongly and vividly rendered, and this may make some players uncomfortable. There are players for whom this could be an issue. 

 We've received numerous questions about Pledge Manager and if there  will be a possibility to acquire any other Portal Games products through  it. We've considered it thoroughly, and we're happy to let you know  that part of our catalog will be available in Pledge Manager to add it  to your Stronghold: Undead pledge.

Keep in mind that you won't have to wait long for all of them - with  an established delivery for October 2019, you will be able to enjoy all  of these games in about three months. Just keep in mind, that with any  game(s) added in the Pledge Manager the final Shipping Cost will differ  from the costs presented in the table below. Pledge Manager will  automatically calculate your actual shipping costs.

Additionally in the Pledge Manager you will be able to choose a  language edition - currently we have English, Polish, German.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


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