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Scan the planetoid, drill high-value resources and gain bonuses in this quick-playing, 1-4 player game.
Scan the planetoid, drill high-value resources and gain bonuses in this quick-playing, 1-4 player game.
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In the quick tile-based game Planetoid, players take on the role of a space miner and attempt to collect more resources or bonuses than their competition. Will you Scan to find the most valuable resources? Or collect common resources to achieve bonuses?

In the basic version of the game players may choose 1 of the options

Drill: Take a tile from the board and reveal all adjacent tiles.

Scan: Look at two tiles, store energy for later use

Ship: Save resources from your player board for end of game scoring and collect matching bonuses.

Play continues until all tiles have been revealed or all bonuses have been acquired. The player with the most points wins.

The advanced mode follows uses an action point system to allow for more strategic turns, adds secret bonuses and the ability to upgrade your ship.

In the solo mode you must race resource hungry aliens and complete your tasks before the Planetoid is consumed.

View the rulebook here

The game features double thick boards to make it easy to remove the tiles and hiding the puzzle assembly. 

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Preview By Derek Funkhouser

Full Playthrough and Review by Tilted Table (Review at 1:23:30)

We have a video Tyler Anderson on the way. In the meantime I recorded a quick full playthrough video that you can view here.

Planetoid Game $22

1 copy of Planetoid with all stretch goals. Additional copies of Planetoid can be added for $20 each.

Palm Island Plastic Card Retail Edition Add-On $18

Palm Island is a game that you can take anywhere. Using a deck-transforming mechanic, a player uses just 17 cards over 8 rounds to shape their island and overcome its unique challenges. This edition has plastic cards and a portable wallet in a two piece cardboard box. Differences from the original Kickstarter edition include a different wallet, no divider cards, and no magnetic box/all-weather case. Learn more about Palm Island here.

Planetoid/Palm Island Combo Game $40

1 copy of Planetoid with all stretch goals and 1 copy of Palm Island Plastic Card Retail Edition. Shipping for this combo is the same as Planetoid alone. 


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We create games because we are gamers and we love games.

We are a small company, a company of two...

Jon: creator, designer, artist, waking up in the middle of the night to write down ideas.

Samantha: accounting, customer service, shipping, anything to do with spreadsheets.

Portal Dragon is committed to delivering quality games and components. In addition, we work hard to have open communication with the entire community through the campaign, manufacturing process and beyond. 

If you ever need anything please contact and we will do all that we can to help. 

Planetoid Design and Art by Jon Mietling 

Risks and challenges

Publishing is by no means a simple task. However, with 3 games already under our belt, we have learned a ton and are ready for more. I have produced with the current manufacture prior to this campaign to ensure we have a good working relationship. We have finished all of the artwork and design and are finishing up the last round of playtesting. All adjustments from the feedback will be completed before the end of the Kickstarter campaign so that we can quickly move into production. Now we just need our backers to make this project a reality.

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