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Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
4,803 backers pledged $99,028 to help bring this project to life.

Most shipments complete.

Posted by Portal Dragon (Creator)

By this time most people have received their games. There are a few still caught in customs and on their way. If you have any issues with damages or missing pieces please contact me directly ( and I will help to resolve these issues. 

Replacement Cards

I have ordered the replacement cards and they are being produced with my new manufacturer. I am very optimistic about this new manufacturer. They have had great communication and their samples look very nice. These will take a while to ship as I will be shipping by sea. 

Proofs from the new manufacturer
Proofs from the new manufacturer

I will post an update when I have more info on when they should be arriving but it is looking like we will get them in December and begin shipping at that time. 

I have also updated the Print and Play which most of you should have received an email from BackerKit are will be getting one soon. These files that were emailed have all of the cards for the full game. I have also prepared a few docs to save ink. 

All Updated Cards

Reference Card Only

It has been awesome seeing so many shares on social media and photos on BGG. I am thrilled with the response and so glad that so many of you are enjoying the game. The ratings on BGG. Since fulfillment started, Palm Island has climbed 2000 rankings and over 5000 plays logged on BGG. Thank you to everyone who has rated the game.

Once again thank you all for your support and your patience through this process. As a designer/artist/publisher I know there will be bumps along the road. As I develop more relationships with partners in manufacturing and shipping I hope to reduce these issues with my future projects (the next of which will have info very soon). However, I am extremely grateful for all of you joining me in this adventure and making this whole thing possible. 

Thank You,
Jon Mietling
Portal Dragon

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    1. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Wolfenn Predatorx the replacement cards are currently on their way to us. Samantha is currently preparing all of the labels and envelopes so that as soon as the shipment arrives we can get the replacement cards out. The last update we received on the incoming shipment it will be here within a week.

    2. Missing avatar

      Wolfenn Predatorx on

      any update about replace cards?

    3. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Marlon Yabut de Guzman I already have an email out to VFI about your shipment. Once I hear back from them I will make sure we get to the bottom of what is going on with your shipment, and if it was lost in transit we will get you a new one out as soon as possible. Thank you for being patient. If you have any other questions you can email me directly at

    4. Marlon Yabut de Guzman on

      I still didn't receive mine vfi said it arrived here in the Philippines and it probably awaiting customs clearance, our bureau of customs here said they didn't receive it and said ask our local post office, then our local post office said based on their system. The package is still in transit then I tell them what happened and said ask EMS or something. I've been so confused for days about this..

    5. Missing avatar

      Samantha Collaborator on

      @Martin Goudreault I'm not sure if you were referring to the replacement cards or your copy of the game. If you meant the replacement cards, they are currently en route to us and we will start shipping as soon as they arrive. If you meant the game, you can email me directly and I will get it all sorted out for you Thanks

    6. Martin Goudreault

      In Canada and didn’t receive mine. Anyone got theirs in my part of the world?

    7. Missing avatar

      Shane Stewart

      Thanks!! Much appreciated!

    8. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Shane Stewart - You can still order these here:

    9. Missing avatar

      Shane Stewart

      still waiting on mine in Ireland. Was reviewing shipping emails and saw the time you were offering replacement cards for 1$... I missed that and all along I had assumed you were looking after these at your own expense for all backers as it was your error (and it’s what I’ve come to expect based on other KSs). Am I too late now to get replacement cards?

    10. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Hackareatech - We are reprinting now and should have some later this year. You can sign up for updates on our site

    11. Missing avatar

      Mr Kane on

      this is a wonderful game. My wife who is sick plays it to take her mind off things, and it is really helping. The kids play it and we are always setting a daily best score that the rest of us try to chase. We haven't even tried the feats yet.
      Well done on a great game.

    12. burnsflipper on

      @Stuart Rathbone +1 . Jon you've done a great job creating, making and shipping this game. Your communication has been frequent and detailed, which isn't something all Kickstarters do but should. You've always kept your backers updated with what's going on and what stage of the process you're at. As a backer I've backed a number of projects and I know there will be a few problems, it's almost to be expected, but as Stuart said they were fairly trivial from a backer's point of view. If you're happy with your new manufacturer, it will go much better for you next time, and you can just spend your time on creating awesome new games for us. I can name many kickstarter projects where communication was poor and manufacturing/shipping was greatly delayed, but yours isn't one of them. Very well done!

    13. Hackareatech

      How/when might people be able to purchase the game? I have shown it to friends and they immediately an "Where can I get a copy"

    14. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      Many of the games are taking a bit to get through customs. At this time all we can do is wait.

    15. Alexandre Goh

      I haven’t received my copy yet. Location, Malaysia.

    16. UKsweeney on

      Absolutely love this game. Whatever comes next, I’m in.

    17. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      What about Palm Archipelago.
      Awesome job you did Jon. Solid, intriguing game.

    18. Missing avatar

      Philipp Wirtenberger on

      @Johann Georg Strobl: Same destination country, same status ;-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Johann Georg Strobl on

      @Wolfgang Murth: Same destination country, same status

    20. Bill Mac on

      I have not received my copy. It was going to Arizona, USA

    21. Wolfgang Murth on

      Still waiting here in Austria. Trackers last message was from 3rd October. "
      Item ready for international transport; Postcode CN"

    22. Missing avatar

      aruncjo on

      Nothing arrived yet. I am from Poland

    23. Katja Lauer on

      I don't have my game yet. I am from Germany. Should I be worried?

    24. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Marie-Hélène Vallée - I am sorry that I don't have much more info then soon. It also has not been enough time for an inquiry for lost packages yet.

    25. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Rob Wintermans - I have had reports of deliveries in the Netherlands. They are all shipped separately so the timing may be different for each package to the same country.

    26. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Matthew Skinner-Thebo - "Dungeon Gauntlet" is kinda punny :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Stuart Rathbone on

      It's been a brilliant project and you should be very proud of yourself. The product you delivered is simply lovely. The 'issues' you had seem to have caused you a lot of concern, but as a backer they seemed really trivial and you handled the whole thing very professionally.

    28. Missing avatar

      Marie-Hélène Vallée on

      I live in Québec, Canada and i did not received my game. Did you know how much time i would be waiting for?

    29. Missing avatar

      Rob Wintermans on

      Was the Netherlands delivered yet? I live there but nothing yet. Thanks.

    30. Missing avatar

      Matthew Skinner-Thebo

      Palm Dungeon maybe? Sure the “Palm” doesn’t work as a play on words but to hell with wordplay- I want your amazing mechanic applied to my favorite genre!