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Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
4,803 backers pledged $99,028 to help bring this project to life.

The Last Shipments have Departed!

Posted by Portal Dragon (Creator)

It is with great excitement that I can now officially announce that all shipments are on their way to backers. I received this email last night:

"A good portion went out on Saturday and the remainder went out today. I believe that all shipping information was also sent to all the backers today. " -VFI

This is so exciting after all of the delays. I wish I was able to make things move faster but it was out of my hands. This is all still a learning process for me. In fact, I expect to never stop learning and improving. I have been making more connections and found some good relationships to help with shipping and also my new manufacturer that is printing the replacement cards as well as the 2nd run of Palm Island has been very responsive and I am very optimistic there. I cannot promise that there will be no mistakes in the future but I am always committed to making things right with open and honest communication through the entire process. 

EU shipments

There has been some confusion with the shipping classes. We had two pledge levels that EU backers could use. The EU friendly shipping cost more money and shipped from within the EU. If you used this you should have your game by now. Otherwise, your shipment is on its way now. 

Replacement Cards

We are working on printing the replacement cards through our new manufacturer. The previous factory has still not responded to me about our refund so I will not work with them again and do not trust them to produce the replacement cards. This will cause a bit of a delay with these cards. We will ship them out as soon as we get them. The new manufacturer has told me that they will match the build of the previous cards. You will get these cards in a separate shipment from your game in order to get you playing faster. The cards will not keep you from playing the game. The errors mainly affect sorting. The reference card is the only that could cause an issue. Please refer to the feat cards themselves to resolve any problems with the reference card.

Issues or problems

If you ever have any issues or problems please contact me at or message me through the Kickstarter. I will do my best to resolve any problems that may arise. I apologize for any comments that get missed. Sometimes these can get lost in the long chain of alerts I receive. Email and KS messages are the best way to get ahold of me. 

Thank you all once again for your support.
Jon Mietling
Portal Dragon


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    1. Russell Reynolds on

      Barrie Ontario Canada; received mine!

    2. Mathieu Doublet on

      Received mine today (france). I received the notification (from that said it reached customs. After that, nothing.

      The game is really nice. Now I have to check how to get the corrected cards. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Pratt on

      Neither I nor my friend in AB, Canada have received shipment notifications. Before I dig through my spam bin, who would the email have come from?

    4. Kurt Osis on

      Received mine today - well worth the wait. Brilliant design choices and great game. Looking forward to seeing your future projects!

    5. Andrea on

      @Portal appreciate for that.

    6. Alexandre Goh

      Will wait for it to arrived, thanks for the info! :)

    7. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Andrea - I will have an updated print and play file soon which will have all these fixes.

    8. Heath on

      That's a bummer about your manufacturer not printing the fixed cards. Godspeed!

    9. Andrea on

      @Portal thanks for the info. Is a file available to print out the errata at cards? Unfortunately I did not manage to play the game yet

    10. Missing avatar

      Mihi on

      Don't worry about the delays. I certainly hope for but don't expect delivery on time. At least not from small or first time creators. Open communication and helpful support is much more important and you did a great job there.
      Thanks for a great campaign. Looking forward to what you come up with in the future.

    11. Stephane Brochu

      Same here, in Canada too and no shipping info

    12. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Andrea - There are a few missing icons and 2 typos. You can see the details here:

    13. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      I have requested the documents with the tracking info. They said they sent them but until I get that document I cannot look it up for you. Once I do I can get your info on request.

    14. Des Lee

      Communication is the key, as well as knowing when to underpromise and overdeliver. Looking forward to getting the game :)

    15. Danny S on

      I received shipping notification yesterday (Australia). Looking forward to receiving the game!

    16. David Rowan on

      I never received shipping info and I had actually forgot the game shipped a little late but overall I had a positive experience. You were the first Kickstarter that I backed that I received fulfillment without any issues.

    17. Wojciech Golowkow on

      Great news on the last shipments Jon!
      Too bad this campaign brought so many problems for you. It was supposed to stay a great success it was right at the end of kickstarter.
      I'm sure most people await eagerly for the next one. I know I am! :)
      PnP rocks, so I hope the next one will also have a PnP level. This also prevents any manufacturing or shipping problems :)

      I think that by now you can safely share the name of the manufacturer. If anything, this will help others avoid stepping into your situation.

    18. Andrea on

      What’s the issue to the cards that needs to be reprinted?

    19. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      @Tarawillow @Inhert Might be a Canada thing because I haven't received any confirmation either. Excited for when I do!

    20. Cory Fleury on

      Don't sweat the delays, I just wish you didn't have to deal with so many issued from the manufacturers, I imagine that would be incredibly stressful. Can't wait to get thisbgem into my hands up here in Canada. Still no tracking email here, but I'm sure it'll come. Looking forward to your next project!

    21. Missing avatar

      Tarawillow on

      Same no shipping info received and I'm from Canada

    22. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Manuel Busi - Thank you so much for your concern. I am not discouraged. I am sad that so many people are still waiting for their games. Overall though this has been the most encouraging campaign. All our backers have been so supportive and understanding. I love it here. I just wish I had better news most of the time :). I have allotted more planned and I am excited to get moving on those projects once this one is wrapped up. My next update will include some details about those projects including opportunities to become playtesters. So I am excited about the next challenge and hope to apply all I have learned and am still learning to overcome new obstacles and bring more games to this community that I love so much.

    23. Missing avatar

      Vincent W

      @Portal. Your efforts to make sure your backers get a quality product are evident and appreciated. The way you have responded to every hiccup along the way shows me that I should have no hesitation backing any future projects you may have. Keep up the good work!

    24. Inhert on

      Canada here, still email, no shipment

    25. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Tyler Childerhose & @Mike Mackell - I have requested the documents with the tracking info. They said they sent them but until I get that document I cannot look it up for you. I will let you know once I have it.

    26. Manuel Busi on

      Every time I read an update about this game I becam so sad. I feel very sorry for you because of all the energy and the passion that you put into this project. Hope that you will not get demoralized. I will definitively support you on your next project.

    27. Tyler Childerhose on

      Same with Mike, no shipping confirmation

    28. Mike Mackell on

      Still haven’t received any type of shipping confirmation here.