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Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
4,803 backers pledged $99,028 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Progress Update

Posted by Portal Dragon (Creator)

This update is to all those who have not received their shipments yet.

If your pledge does not specifically say "EU friendly" then your shipment falls into this category even if you are in the EU.

I understand the delays are frustrating. Please understand that I am feeling frustrated as well. I have paid for products with a seemingly reputable manufacturer who was very responsive up until the point where I gave them the deposit on the job. From that point, communication dropped drastically. They delayed the project again and again with little to no reasoning given. When they finally finished the order they were supposed to prep 3 shipments. The two went out to the EU and to the USA and I still have no answer as to why the 3rd shipment did not leave at the same time. I received the shipment in the USA and found hundreds of damaged products. Spiral Galaxy reported the same issue. To add insult to injury we paid for expedited shipping on these damaged products. I reported the damages to the manufacturer and after they denied the issues and blamed it on the shippers they finally checked the shipment that the still had not sent (still no answer why it was still there). They found 30% of these were damaged as well. I finally got the shipment off to VFI for the 3rd shipment and they are packing the shipments up. I email VFI every day asking for updates. They report that they are packing but have not shipped yet. In addition to all of this, the manufacturer has sent fewer products to each location than were ordered. They are refusing to produce replacement cases for the damaged all-weather cases so I have been forced to find another manufacturer to produce replacement waterproof cases in a pinch. The original manufacturer is also refusing to refund me for the damaged products. I am still trying to resolve these issues with them. Needless to say, I will not be working with that manufacturer in the future. I have tried to be polite not using their name through this process to give them a chance to make things right which I am still waiting to see. I have a new manufacturer who is producing the replacement cards as I do not trust my previous manufacturer.

The replacements are a separate issue. This was a mistake that I made. Though they are minor I want everyone to have a complete copy of the game as it should be. On top of all the other issues, I could not afford to send the replacement cards free of charge to every backer. We are charging $1 but we only see $0.60 of that due to credit card fees. Even with this small fee, I am still taking a huge loss on the replacements. The orders for the replacements defined the quantity I needed to print. I am ordering many extras so you can still get them if you have not yet. I have found a new manufacturer, gotten quotes and samples. I have sent the files and we will be producing and shipping them as soon as possible.

I am available to all backers personally responding to every issue and question. I am doing everything I can to get these shipments moving forward. I understand the frustrations with the delays. I also appreciate your feedback. I do not want anyone to feel like they cannot express the way they feel through this process. I do want you to know the facts and that I am in no way ignoring or prioritizing backers. Though at this point another apology is redundant I am sorry and I hope my actions reflect that as well.

I hope to have more info soon.

Thank you,
Jon Mietling
Portal Dragon LLC


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    1. Kurt Osis on

      No worries, Jon. We believe you will deliver a great product and grow with the experience

    2. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Russell Reynolds - Not missing. Canadian shipments will be happening soon.

    3. Russell Reynolds on

      Are the Canadian shipments in the mail? should I still be waiting or should i be stating mine's missing?

    4. Alexandre Goh

      Thanks for the update.

    5. Ghislain

      Good luck with all these problems!

    6. Missing avatar

      Sean Chenery on

      Thanks for your updates. It really helps with the backers when we know your being honest and open. Production can be a nightmare, I think most can understand that and how it's out of your control for the most part. Especially having it produced on the other side of the world. How do you even argue with someone that far away that won't return your calls. Good luck!

    7. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Timothy Ware - If you would like the replacement cards then you will need to order them. All of the currently printed copies have these issues.

    8. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Gardellino - The shipments are just about ready to go and in my last email I did ask for estimates on when you can expect them. Hopefully I will have that info soon.

    9. Timothy Ware on

      Should those of us who haven't received the game yet be ordering the replacement cards too?

    10. Missing avatar

      Brenton McKinlay

      You're doing the right thing in my view and it sucks that you had to deal with such a dodgy manufacturer. I don't see what they think to gain from not delivering on their promises. All they're going to do is develop a bad reputation and lose future business.

      I really appreciate all you're doing to right their mistakes and get your baby out to people in the quality you intended. I don't mind the wait and look forward to it's eventual arrival as I know it'll get here eventually and that's all that matters in the end.

      Keep up the good work and by all means, name names as other potential creators might see it and know to avoid them. I can imagine how disheartening it would be to have something you've spent so much time and effort on be mishandled by someone else.

    11. Domi Mooser on

      Sadly that is a not so uncommon problem. Until you have a manufacturer you have worked with and trust, there is bound to be problems sometimes, many companies just see the money and know how hard it can be to go after them legally for people from other countries. So please don't be shy to publish their names if they keep this bad attitude, it is important for everyone in this business to know the black sheep and those who just want to cheat on others, you will be preventing others from falling into the same trap!

      awaiting my package with patience, wish you all the best!

    12. Marcus Brissman

      While it's frustrating to not have the game yet, It's nothing compared to what you're going through with the damaged cases and the manufacturer shifting the blame for that. Don't worry about us, and good luck with everything!

    13. Missing avatar

      Gardellino on

      Hi from Italy. No copy, i purchased EU friendly version, how many time i must wait? Thanks

    14. Missing avatar

      Skinfaxi on

      Thanks for the update, Jon. As much as I'm frustrated by the delay (I was hoping to get my copy for my holiday in a week), I appreciate your honesty. For you as the designer it must be maddening to be so let down by your manufacturer. I'm sorry that you have to experience this. Have faith, I hope you can solve this soon.

    15. Missing avatar

      AL on

      Sorry to hear about the issues. Thanks Jon for putting all the effort to resolve the issues.

    16. Govind Krishna on

      Sorry to hear the frustrating issues Jon, hope the issue sorts out soon. You got this!!

    17. Missing avatar

      David on

      Sucks things are not working out as promised by the manufacturer. I'm eagerly awaiting my copy. Thanks for a great campaign and excellent communication.

    18. Randy Mappus

      I'm very sorry for the frustration brought upon by the shipment. We totally understand and appreciate the transparency for delays. Much love to you and hoping the issues resolve so you can get back to things as they should be.

    19. Justin Lane on

      Thank you for all your communication and openness, honestly with the issues you have had I am more than happy to wait. Your honesty is surprising to me as most kickstarters i have dealt with close ranks at the first sign of trouble, I hope this all ends up panning out for you and the game ( and future games) become wildly successful and you end up spinning a healthy profit! Keep up the amazing work!

    20. elDamahj

      The best made plans of mice and men.... You've been a class act when it comes to communication, and there is no denying your efforts to sort the issues out to the satisfaction of all. As someone who hopes to put their own design through ks, I can empathize with the frustration you must be feeling. You (and all who have backed the game) need to remember the many forces beyond our control. Fulfilment is an undertaking more difficult than most people can imagine. What separates individuals in these situations, is their determination to see it through to the end. You can rest easy at night, knowing you've done everything in your power to get things on track. And for that, you have my deepest respect.

    21. Sharlene Glennie

      I always back projects with the expectation of delays (receiving on time is a bonus).

      I'm sorry for all the drama's and hope you get things sorted.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jason P. Kelley on

      My copy has been great and I'm appreciative! The more you communicate this the more people respond positively! Great game!

    23. Missing avatar

      François on

      I think you're dealing with it in a very professional way and at that point, that's all that matters to me. So, thank you, keep up the good work, and I really hope at the end of this there'll still be a way for you to make it profitable through retail or online sale. Thanks for the updates.

    24. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Hadding - I wish I could make some comments sticky or edit the post. Anyway here it is: "We have had many people offer to donate extra money to cover the full cost. This is very generous and much appreciated. A few people have paid more by adding more sets of cards to their orders and adding a note in the order explaining that the extras are to cover the costs. This is by no means required. This update was by not mean meant to be any sort of guilt trip to ask for more money. I just wanted to present all of the details of the current state of things. Thank you though for your kind and generous offer."

    25. Missing avatar

      Hadding on

      To mimic what others have asked (apologies if I missed the response) is there any way I could kick in a little extra to help cover the replacement card cost?

    26. Robert Digby

      You're doing a good job, Jon. I have never had a problem with you before and I know that you are working hard. Keep doing what you do.

    27. Manuel Ingeland

      Jon, I usually don't comment on any KS updates, but I have to make an exception here: your way of communicating with your backers is outstanding. I appreciate your honesty and transparency. I love Palm Island. Keep up the good work!

    28. Ed and Soph

      Just put an order in to help cover some costs, not much but every bit helps!

    29. Inhert on

      Canada here, still haven't received anything. nor any tracking email...

    30. Missing avatar

      Eirik Johnsbråten on

      Basically what everyone else is saying. Take your time and do things right, take care of yourself and your family, and I hope you don't lose to much money on this. I can wait. :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Michel Abel on

      Thank you for your work, Jon, and all your commitments.
      And you made a great game (I already received my copy, "EU friendly" shipping)
      Hope these latest experiences won't keep you from proposing us soon a new project :-)

    32. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Matt Shaw - I have asked VFI where we stand as far as updating addresses. I have taken your name down and will let you know as soon as I do.

    33. Matt Shaw on

      Hey, I don't have a problem with the delay, but is there any way to change my shipping address? I'm in Canada and we're moving at the end of this month. Just want to make sure it gets to me.

    34. bones1127 (Tyson H) on

      will that's shitty, im ok with the delay, but i cant believe a manufacturer company would do that.

    35. Missing avatar

      yoyo37230 on

      do not worry, I'll be patient even if sending my game takes months. I've been myself victim of a scammer and incompetent so I know what it's like. All I hope is that you do not lose too much money in the story and that you are not discouraged from creating new games. So do not stress too much and protect your health and your family. I wish you the best and hoping for soon good news, for you, as for us! :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Andrea Mazzon on

      Awful news. I hope to have my copy soon! ;(

    37. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @David Molina - Any extra you included would be appreciated but not by any means is required or even requested. Dependent on the location we are looking at about $2-$4 per set to print and send them out.

    38. Justin Boehm

      Wow, that's a horrible manufacturer! I hope they get on the ball and provide you the refunds deserved. As always you are a great example of transparency in the industry Jon, keeping people up to date with detailed honest responses and not pushing aside your supporters' feelings. I am happy to be a supporter of you and your games!

    39. Missing avatar

      Jesper on

      Sorry to hear about such awful and frustrating issues dude! Thanks so much for detailing everything for us, can’t imagine the stress! It’s all gonna be fine in the end!

    40. David Molina

      I want the replacement cards. Yes, as you admitted it was a mistake you made. You must be one of those pesky humans, I’ve read they do make mistakes from time to time. I don’t want you to be out any money though. Where can I send some extra money to *at least* cover the costs incurred? How much is it to print and ship the 5 cards? $5? $10? Please let us know and how we can send it to for those of us who wish to.

    41. Zi Ray Wang on

      Rough spot to be in. Your sincerity is duly noted. Hope things turn around for the better soon. Still eagerly awaiting to play Palm Island here in Australia.

    42. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Piazza on

      Hang in there and thanks for the transparency. It will work out

    43. Missing avatar

      Swoek on

      @Jon I feel for you! Hang in there. I hope these incidents won’t affect your spirit and ambition too much. We are having a blast with Palm Island and a lot of others who received the game as well. Hope that helps a bit to go on. For the backers who didn’t receive their copies yet I’m sure Jon is doing everything in his powers to get yours asap.

    44. Erik on

      Thanks for the update and letting us know the latest status. I am ok with the delays as long as we all get a quality item. Please keep us updated on the shipping status =)

    45. Dario on

      I hope they will repay you the costs they made for bad packing.
      I'm still waiting, take the time. You are doing great work, but some people don't make it that easy for you, sadly :(.
      I hope for you and all the others that haven't received, the new company is better at shipping to us.

    46. Ed and Soph

      how much is the full cost of the reprint including shipping for one person (roughly)? I don't mind paying more and covering some others!

    47. Darren Ehlers

      It's been an honor being a part of this Kickstarter, and you have definitely earned my respect with how you have handle it all. I plan to back anything you do in the future without question!

    48. Missing avatar

      Eric Naessens

      Sorry to hear about all the troubles you're having. It's a wonderful game you've created, and hopefully everything will get squared away soon.

    49. Missing avatar

      Eva on

      I am sorry you has to deal with such a shameless company. I hope everything turns out ok and that you don't hurt your personal economy over this.
      My copy in the EU arrived in perfect condition.

    50. Missing avatar

      Kesipyc on

      You are doing great job @Job. Don't give up!
      Thank you for the update and greetings from Poland.