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Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
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This update just kept growing... Shipping... Some fun... a contest...

Posted by Portal Dragon (Creator)

 I have been super busy following GenCon and USA fulfillment. But here is a quick update on where we stand. (after I finished writing it out it turned out to be not so quick)


All USA shipments have been sent. It was awesome to personally place each label on the packages to all of our US supporters. I am astounded once again by the number of supporters for Palm Island and I only got to do the US ones which are only about half of our supporters. The whole family was incredible in helping out int he process and I am so thankful for their support as well working all day and late nights to make this happen. Even the kids helped out for a bit (some of them lasted longer than others) which was fun as well. (I did a facebook live for part of it. Click here to watch.) By now all USA backers should have their games. If you have damaged items, missing components or have not gotten yours by now please contact me (


This is for those who selected the EU friendly pledges. The shipments began earlier this week. Spiral Galaxy is doing a great job getting these out. Dependant on your location and what you ordered you may or may not get tracking info. Also dependant on your location it may take longer for your shipment to arrive. If you have damaged items, missing components please contact me (

Rest of the World 

If you do not fit into either of the above sections then this one is for you. We have had many of the all-weather boxes damaged before or in transit to the USA and the EU. Following this report to the manufacturer, they held the shipment to do a quality control check. The inspection will finish tomorrow. They are also wrapping all the blue boxes in bubble wrap so they don’t get damaged in transit. I am sorry for these delays but we are doing all that we can to ensure you will get your items safe and sound. These are being shipped through Post Air 1st class / EMS Small Parcel which is tracked and will arrive 2-3 weeks after they are shipped.

GenCon report 

This year was our first year with a booth at GenCon we had over 75 GenCon pickups scheduled and many more stopped by to say "hi". We were so busy I wasn't able to meet all of you in person, but that is a good problem to have in this situation. We were packed on the way to set up the booth and with people in the booth during the con. I also had tons of reviewers, manufactures and other meetings stop by so it made it hard to even slip away to the bathroom. Again, good problems to have.

Following the con we jumped right into fulfillment which I talked a bit about in the USA section above. Then I got to spend 2 days in Tenessee just enjoying ourselves as a family.

Next up is GrandCon in Michigan and then PAX Unplugged in Pennsylvania. If you will be at either of those shows stop by and see us.

Now for some fun! 

I have seen some reports about the plastic cards. Some may have seen my abuse of the cards, but now more unofficial test have been taking place. One of our backers, Derek and Lizzy Funkhouser, commissioned an unofficial stress tester, Seb Funkhouser, to submit the plastic cards to the mortal enemy of paper cards, the infamous splash pad. I would love to see where you take the game. There are tons of posts about the game on social media. If you haven't yet, please add your photos on your favorite social media (tagging theportaldragon) or bgg we would love to see them.

I have loved reading your comments and thoughts on the game. Please keep them coming and add them to our BGG page as well.

Another Contest 

Let's give away some more water bottles. I learned my lesson last time. Though the above review and image submissions would be great, they are in no way to related to this contest. Sign up here ( for our launch updates and you will be entered to win one of 2 water bottles. This list sends just one email prior to launch with the kickstarter preview page of each new Portal Dragon project. As I stated before all those who commented on the last little contest will get a bonus entry into this contest. Lets set the closing of this one for August 24th.

Sorry for the somewhat lengthy update, lots of links in this one. Thank you all so much for your support and your patience through this project.
Jon Mietling
Portal Dragon


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    1. Lauren F. Ignacio

      I've been playing the game almost every day since it arrived in the mail for me in MA. I met Portal Dragon at a con last year and put Palm Island on my calendar to back immediately. If you haven't played any of Portal Dragon's other games, I highly recommend Zephyr: Winds of Change! The art, mechanics, and theme are excellent!

    2. SpiderFighter on

      Got ours today...thanks! Is there a list of errata somewhere? It seems as if we have 3 extra cards, and none with a palm tree icon (Feat).

    3. Missing avatar

      Jake on

      I received my copy on Tuesday. I didn’t get a tracking email though. I live in western Washington in case anyone is looking for theirs. This game is exactly what I have been wanting in a solo game. Thank you so much for creating my new favorite game.

    4. David Rowan on

      Thanks again. I’m super happy with the game. I’ve played it at least once a day since it arrived. Perfect to throw in my pocket(with the wallet) when I go for a bike ride and want to play a game when I get to my destination,

    5. Missing avatar

      Johann Georg Strobl on

      @Portal Dragon: Again, thanks for the hands up. On one hand it is a bit of a bummer to wait an additional good 4 weeks until I can play the game, but more important - it shows that you and your manufacturer act in a fast way to ensure to keep damages as low as possible. I think this is more important and I'm sure (even it feels like eternity) after I have the game, the 'long' wait is forgotten and it will accompany me during my flights :-)

    6. Mandy on

      Got mine! Thank you!!!

    7. Cory Kneeland on

      Love the game! My 11 year old loves it as well, and we play a game in the car each morning before school drop off. Great work!

    8. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Ricky Duong - We will figure this out. I will message you with details.

    9. Ricky Duong

      Do USA shipments have tracking number? Because I haven't got one.

    10. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Inhert - I will quote my other comment that addresses this issue:
      "I have done what I can to provide cheap and efficient shipping options. All Canadians paid $2 for shipping. I planned to pay an average of $3 per shipment to help with each backer's shipping costs. For Canada I am paying another $3 above that average to ship from China and this is still the cheapest method. The rates we have to ship from America would cost more than double the cost of shipping for us, not counting the freight to bring it to America in the first place. I chose this option because it seemed better than charging our Canadian backers $12 for shipping. The last thing I want to do is neglect any backer and I have been working to ensure everyone is taken care of to the best of my abilities."

    11. Missing avatar

      Jens Larsen on

      Just got my shipping email! Excited!!! (Denmark/EU)

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Clark

      Congrats on a great Kickstarter. Mine arrived this morning I am extremely happy.

    13. Inhert on

      I still don't understand why Canada was not part of the US shipment...