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Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
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Shipment Scheduled

Posted by Portal Dragon (Creator)

Through the manufacturing process, I expected to have all sorts of production updates with photos and videos. But I suppose better than pictures is the news of the shipment has been scheduled. As of today, my shipper has informed me that the details for the shipment have been received and available for pickup on July 19th. All three shipments will be sent at that time and fulfillment will begin once they are received. We are doing air freight for the USA and EU bulk shipment to the fulfillment facilities which should be 7-10 days. This does make for some interesting timing with the USA deliveries. I will personally be involved with the US fulfillment and dependant on the arrival time of the shipment with my GenCon schedule I may be shipping before or after the con. Possibly I may be sending some before and some after. All that to say I will get games shipped out as soon as physically possible.  More updates on the shipments as they take to the air and move into fulfillment.

I did say I expected more photos from the production, however, I do have some. Here they are:  

This is the last call for GenCon pickup. I need to lock down the shipping documents for our fulfillment houses. If you are interested please email me at

I am excited that the games will be moving soon. We are getting that much closer to having it in your hands. 

Thanks again,
Jon Mietling
Portal Dragon

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    1. Russell Reynolds on

      I'm really impressed. I remember when this was just a Facebook post. Really glad to see it finally happening. And just think, you can release all sorts of reskin variants like they did with love letter. A viking island, undead isand, pony island, star island, etc...

    2. Missing avatar

      Morgal on

      Oh, I didn't look at the address.

      Thanks Josh!

    3. Josh Ward on

      @Morgal It says Redfrord, Michigan. That should be Redford.

    4. Missing avatar

      Morgal on

      @SpiderFighter: I thought I had a descent non-native english level, but can't see any mistake on the box.
      Can you point it out, just for curiosity, please?

    5. Brad Scaggs

      That's exciting!!

    6. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @SpiderFighter - Ya :), I am kicking myself over that one.

    7. SpiderFighter on

      Great pics, but I hope whoever proofread the box didn't do the manual! ;)

    8. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Morgal is correct these are divider cards. There is an explanation and pictures on pages 28 and 29 of the rulebook.

    9. Missing avatar

      Morgal on

      @Mohammed and Darek: nope, the brown cards are the dividers cards, to save a pending game (mark the cards taped as ressources) or to store the different decks (the two player decks, the villagers, feats, and I-don't-remember-their-name-coop-cards)

    10. Dan Parr

      @God-keizer: What makes you think its a monster box? There is nothing else in the image for scale. I figured it was a close up image and the box is only slightly bigger than the deck of cards inside it.

      @Portal Dragon: My bad, that makes more sense :p

    11. Missing avatar

      Darek Burdziuk

      oops, just took a another look at the campaign...
      @Mohammed - Solo deck "wallet"

    12. Missing avatar

      Darek Burdziuk

      Somebody correct me if i'm wrong but...
      @Mohammed - that is a "wallet" to be able to save your game

    13. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      Looks amazing. What are the brown cards?

    14. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @David - Canadian shipments will be coming from China.

    15. Missing avatar

      David on

      So will Canadian fulfillment be shipping from the US then?

    16. Missing avatar

      Brian Andrews on

      Looks amazing! Can't wait to get a proper copy in my hands; it's already been the first game to finish my 10 x 10 solo challenge this year.

    17. Sharlene Glennie

      Looks great. Looking forward to adding it too my collection :)

    18. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Richard Stecher - Sadly it does not fit in the box. That is not without bending it.

    19. JP Fernandez on

      Magnetic box looks amazing! So glad that I went in with that option.

    20. Richard Stecher

      Very nice looking product! Question: will that extra sleeve that we backed fit into the game box as well?

    21. Manuel Carvalho

      Great thank you for your implication 👍

    22. Nick on

      Looking great! Thanks for offering GenCon pickup. It will be great to meet you and say hi.

    23. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      what? such a ridiculously large box, I expected something small. Portable. I lack the shelf space for monsters!

    24. Josh Ward on

      I hope they're not shipping it to Redfrord, Michigan... (:

    25. Daniel on

      "We are getting that much closer to having it in your PALMS." :P

    26. Missing avatar


      Awesome news thanks and congratulations on the project fulfillment!

    27. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Dan Parr & Andrew Urbanek - That is not the wallet in these pictures. These are the divider cards. The wallet fits the cards as the contest winners can attest.

    28. Andrew Urbanek on

      wait...that's the solo wallet in the pics? I'm now confused on how the solo wallet is supposed to function....

    29. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Yan Bertrand - My shipper at OTX has assured me that we will not have to deal with this type of customs delay with this shipment. Thanks for your concern.

    30. Dan Parr

      This is great news indeed. My print and play paper cards are a pain to shuffle :-P I'm curious though, is it just a trick of perspective or is the solo wallet smaller than the cards??

    31. Adhil Riad Patel on

      Awesome! In the meantime I've printed out my own copy and started playing it. Loving it. Check out my Instagram for a picture.

    32. James M.

      Good to hear the games are shipping. It looks like delivery will likely be in August, even if fulfillment starts at the very end of the July. But at least the games are coming by plane and not boat, otherwise we'd probably have an additional month to wait.

    33. Missing avatar

      Yan Bertrand on

      Hey Jon! Thanks for the update! Don't forget there's be customs clearance to go through. I don't know how it goes over there in the US, but that could take up to a week or two in the EU depending on... I'm not sure, many factors? :-) Just not to set hopes too high up (but keeping fingers crossed for the BGG pickups!)

    34. Heath on

      Yay! Can't wait to play this one. But, IMO, don't kill yourself trying to personally ship everything before GenCon. We can wait a few additional days. Focus on promoting the game, which might lead to more "Palm" related content in the future. :)

    35. Rolling Solo on

      Wow! Very nice Jon! :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Matt Lang on

      Looks incredible Jon. Glad things are all working out your end

    37. Missing avatar

      Duane Wright

      It looks amazing! I can't wait to play.