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Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
4,803 backers pledged $99,028 to help bring this project to life.

$70,000 Unlocked!

Posted by Portal Dragon (Creator)

With the $70,000 goal achieved we have now upgraded the magnetic flap box to include spot UV!  There have been a lot of questions about the boxes. Here is an exact list of what you get in each pledge. Each of these includes print and play files, and all stretch goals.
Basic - Paper Cards, Cardboard Magnetic Flap Box
All- Weather - Plastic Cards, Plastic Box
Hybrid - Plastic Cards, Cardboard Magnetic Flap Box

Up Next

The next stretch goal at, $84,000, is one asked for by the community both through playtesting and during the campaign. As you upgrade most cards in the game the icons on the top help to remind a player of how upgraded a card is. However, the housing and temple cards have no resources so you must rely on their upgrade icons or victory points to know their current state. With this stretch goal, we will be upgrading the art on these cards to change as these are upgraded so that at a glance a player may recognize any upgraded housing or temple card.

Announcing $100,000

At the $100,000 level we will expedite the shipments to our distribution centers. This will get the games to most of our backers up to 24 days earlier then shipment by sea.

Production Updates and Schedule

There was a delay with the quote. I was supposed to have it early last week. We have seen how that has gone. With this quote is the updated selections for plastic boxes so I do not have more details on that as of yet. I will send an update with all this info as soon as I have it. I hope to have these soon to add the single deck add-on and pictures of the box options.

We will be using backerkit once the campaign closes and pledges are collected. This will allow backers to select their add-ons. By this time we will have all the details for the boxes and deck sleeve so that you can make an informed decision. Your kickstarter pledge will be applied in backerkit as a credit but you will be able to add funds if you wish to get add-ons or change your reward.

Last Days

We are in the home stretch and the campaign has been incredible. We have a little over 2 days to reach the next goals. Pledges do typically pick up in the final 48 hours of a campaign but sharing through social media when there are just hours remaining will be extremely effective at this time as well. We did drop off the BGG hotness list. It was a great run and very helpful to the campaign but we could still get back up there. 

Thank you all for your continued support and passion for this project.
Jon Mietling
Portal Dragon

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    1. SpiderFighter on

      Oh, wow...thank you SO much for the "hybrid" option!!!!! The plastic box was keeping me from getting the waterproof cards, but being able to upgrade my pledge to the hybrid option is a no-brainer for me. Cheers, and congratulations on such a successful campaign. i'm looking forward to playing this!

    2. Mikolaj Laczynski

      I really like the faster delivery goal. I haven’t seen it in other campaigns.
      Fingers crossed.

    3. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @Eric - It is $86,000. My mistake and of course the time has passed for me to edit this update :(

    4. Eric on

      btw, the next SG is at 84.000 or 86.000?

    5. Eric on

      Thanks Jon for adding a meaningful and interesting stretch goal once again!!

      This kickstarter campaign has been really well managed, congratulations! can't wait to start playing Palm Island everywhere!!

    6. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      I am sorry for now all I have is my prototype box and sample photos from the quotation request. Neither are proper representations of the final product. I will have photos for sure by the time backerkit is live.

    7. Jamie & Tim Buckley

      I'd like to see some better pictures of both boxes if possible in order to make a more informed decision... Thanks!

    8. Thomas Dunckhöfner on

      If the delivery by plan is better in terms of ecologic i would prefer that.
      Otherwise i would prefer to get it by ship and spend some amount of the money earned to a project that helps islands.

    9. Missing avatar

      Robbert Vervuurt on

      Any chance of some good pictures of the magnetic flap box?