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Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
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Posted by Portal Dragon (Creator)

We got the single deck sleeves! Now you can take your island with you with even greater ease. 

We are still working out the details of this item. The exact details on that will need to wait as I am still working out the details with my manufacturer. We are working to make a nice durable case to make the game even more portable. As of now, each backer will get one single deck sleeve each with their pledge. With the discount, I am giving with additional games I can not at this time offer them with each game. However, either way, this will be available as an add-on. More details on this as I have them.

Up Next

At the $70,000 level, we will be adding spot UV to the cover of the magnetic box. This will make the box more attractive. I am working on some things for the plastic box still. I will share details on that hopefully soon.

Announcing the $86,000 Level

At the $86,000 level, I will be adding more art to the game. The Temple and Housing cards will get new art that changes along with each upgrade level. This will give a better idea of where these buildings stand at a glance. 


We are still rolling at a great pace. Most campaigns experience a mid-campaign lull. We have actually picked up speed here in these middle days. Today we experience a bit lower than normal but much of this was due to pledge reductions. With the addition of the hybrid pledge, many people lowered their pledges since they no longer needed the add-on box. 

BGG was down a bit today from other days, but we have had a 5-day hotness list streak. Which is awesome! If you get a chance make sure to visit our BGG page. Shares and mentions in Facebook groups and comments are great as well. All in all, this has reached far further than I could have hoped so keep up the good work!

I am getting tons of request for reviews and players sharing where they want to play the game. I honestly can't wait until everyone gets their hands on it.

If you have any questions I have been adding a lot to the FAQ, but I am more than happy to be available to chat with you.

Jon Mietling

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    1. Jani Andsten on

      @Blane You don't have to add anything to the pledge now. You can do so in the pledge manager after the campaign has ended. It's possible he doesn't have the actual costs for it yet.

    2. Blane Mather on

      @Joe @PortalDragon - how much should I add to my pledge if I want a second single-player wallet/sleeve?

    3. Heath on

      That temple art will make a big difference. I hope we get there!

    4. Rick Mann

      Great update !

    5. Cory Kneeland on

      love it! I really want that art!