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Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
4,803 backers pledged $99,028 to help bring this project to life.

$42,000 Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Posted by Portal Dragon (Creator)

Wow, we hit $42,000 fast. Over 1000% funded with over 2k backers. This is amazing. With this level, we have added more cards to the game allowing for a fully symmetrical casual competitive mode similar to Rahdo's suggestions. We also now have the Feat tracker and score quick reference card. There are some new additions to the casual mode that will be added to the rules soon.

Up Next 

Next, we are going for $58k and the Single deck sleeves. This will be a flexible plastic sleeve similar to the one below.

 This will allow you to take the solo game with you anywhere in a slim case. I am working with the manufacturer to create this sleeve and ensure it is high quality and will withstand regular active use.

More to Come

We are by no mean done but as you may have heard in previous updates I am waiting to hear back from my manufacturer on a growing list of points including the next 2 stretch goals. Though I would rather be playing Palm Island, for now, we are playing the waiting game. They are still recovering from backlogged work over the Chinese New Year break and should have answers soon. I will keep you updated.

Spreading the Word

I am astounded by the reach of this project and that is largely due to backers who have shared the project or promoted it by other means. Let me, first of all, say thank you. We are still on the BGG hotness list and many photos have been added and many have made it to the front page of BGG. We are showing up very high on the kickstarter popular list while browsing games. Facebook and Twitter are seeing good shares as well. If you have a chance to use any of these mediums, visit our BGG page or any other methods to share the campaign, please do.

Thank you all once again for all your support,
Jon Mietling
Portal Dragon


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    1. Portal Dragon 3-time creator on

      @Eric - The single deck sleeve will be screen printed with the game logo. I hope to have this soon as well. It would give a nice push.

    2. Eric on

      first of all, congratulations!! Palm Island looks great!!

      Second, a question: Is the plastic sleeve gonna have the name of the game or any drawing or just plain?

      I really hope that you have news from your manufacturer sooner than later. An update with news and a couple of pictures of manufactured stuff, even in a preproduction version, would be exciting for everyone, and a good push for the last days of campaign.

    3. Julien on

      One interesting aspect of this campaign is to see how popular the all-weather version is compared to the base version. I remember having a short exchange with Jon on BGG and initial reactions seemed to be that people might be afraid that the all-weather version looks cheap and flimsy. But we can see now that there is real demand for that since 80% of the pledges are for the all-weather version!

    4. TJ Grembowski on

      @Portal Dragon - Absolutely! That or they’re confused thinking that 1 was the highest score. Easy mistake!

    5. Portal Dragon 3-time creator on

      On the BGG front, Palm Island Got its first "1" Rating. It was bound to happen. However, I am going to assume this user meant "Palm Island is #1!"