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Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
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$10,000 Stretch Goal Unlocked (Great Day!)

Posted by Portal Dragon (Creator)

We are killing it! (I always wait for a child to chime in asking what we are killing and why) CONTINUING! Notice my persistence. This has been awesome. If you haven't noticed by my writing style I am super pumped and a bit giddy. But we got it. More feats! These aren't your grandpa's feats. Unless he lived on an island... then they may be accurate... But enough about grandpa's feet. These 3 are interesting since they can be upgraded during a game. Once you have achieved their criteria you can use them in all future games. As our playtesters can contest feasts are not simple to achieve but the statue of trust is one of the easier ones and a very useful card.

Up Next

It's time to improve the boxes. The magnetic flap makes it much easier to deal with your game when you are out and about. The clamshell works the same since you don't need to set a lid down or manage it. These will really give a nice home to your cards. They have to live there... Don't they?

$24,000 Goal Announced

A feature I have been working on is enhancing the co-op part of the game. There have been a bunch of improvements to it but I am very excited for these co-op ability cards that will allow players to alter their experience and assist each other in new ways.

Thank you so much for making day one so great!

Jon Mietling
Portal Dragon

P.S. I am curious, where do you think you will play Palm Island the most? I mean it can go anywhere.

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    1. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      Weirdest place I have played it? Probably on the treadmill. I wanted to see if it can be done... We will just say I think I need more practice and some ice. :) It wasn't that bad walking just not running. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Karen Robinson on

      I've been playtesting this. I've played at the Woman's March in Denver (waiting for friends after the march), while standing in line the buffet at an all-day meeting, while standing in line to see the latest Star Wars movie, and even (shhh) when I got to church early and was waiting for the service to begin. I keep it in my purse at all times. I'm so looking forward to getting the real cards.

    3. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      @James M. - They have been shut down for a while now and I only know what I am told. As soon as I can I will get more info and hopefully photos of the box to share.

    4. Jess Turner

      James, it all depends on each facility. For many Chinese, this is their only vacation or chance to go visit their home all year. So some places will shut down for two or three weeks, even.

    5. Julio Madrid on

      I'll totally be playing this between classes

    6. James M.

      Thanks. If an empty regular box can be added on for a reasonable price, that might be a good option. Photos of the boxes might be good, too. Maybe the clamshell isn't as unattractive as I have in my head that it would be, and if not, maybe I'd be fine with that.

      Not for anything, but I kind of thought the lunar new year stuff would have finished by now. *shrug* Maybe it's longer than I expected, or didn't start as long ago as I thought.

    7. Portal Dragon 4-time creator on

      My manufacturer is still out from Chinese new year. I will work on getting some pricing for the box add-on but it is very doable. I just need to nail down the price.

    8. Kristian Jensen on

      Prolly at work. Working nights in psych ward.

    9. Missing avatar

      John McHenry on

      I'm looking forward to playing at my swim club this summer. A waterproof game that I can hold in my hand will be the perfect thing for hanging out by the baby pool with my kids or standing at the grill.
      +1 on the box option ideas as well.

    10. Heath on

      I'll be playing Palm Island on my daily train commute.

    11. James M.

      "They have to live there... Don't they?" Not really. :) While I do keep most cards games in their original packaging, not everything stays there.

      Regarding the boxes, could you offer the regular box as an add-on for people who get the plastic cards but also want a cardboard box? If that's not feasible, how about something like a simple tuckbox or maybe a vinyl wallet to hold the cards, possibly as a stretch goal or a paid add-on? I think a few people have commented about wanting a non-clamshell box with the plastic cards, it could be worth looking into some ways of offering something else in addition to that for them.

      Where I'll play? Home, probably. I don't typically play games elsewhere, though I guess if I'm on travel, this being fairly small might be something I'd take with me.