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Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
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    1. Ryan Miller on

      I was planning on bring my palm island with me to Portland Oregon. Where I am now actually haha. Would have been perfect for the plane

    2. Missing avatar

      Scott Laing on

      @Jon - I would have played Palm Island on a backpacking trip in Utah at the end of the month.

    3. DaisyMonster on

      Ah, never mind fingered it out thanks to @Unisus’s comment. Apparently I hadn’t noticed that the email link took us to the comment section of the update instead of the general comments. Like I said, dumb question of the day!

    4. DaisyMonster on

      Ok chalk this up as the dumb question of the day. I posted my palm island plans on here last evening, as did tons of others as I recall, but most of those seem to be gone now. Are they being removed as we go? Was enjoying reading about everyone’s vacation plans. And yes, I’ve already refreshed everything to make sure comments were loading correctly.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joseph Zuech on

      Hi, Jon! I planned on playing Palm Island as I cruised through Alaska.

    6. Tom Nooytens on

      Hi, I was planning on taking Palm Island on my trip to Indonesia (Sumatra, Java and Bali)! Hopefully it'll be delivered on time to play the sh*t out of it on the long flight (I'm from Belgium).

    7. Missing avatar

      Katie White on

      I was hoping to take Palm Island to Dice Tower Con at the beginning of July but I'm going on a beach vacation the last week in July so hopefully I'll have it by then! Can't wait!

    8. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      Delay is not a problem for me, we won't go on holiday before start of September.

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Frost on

      I would love to take palm island on vacation to Florida on the beach! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Teranya on

      Hi, I'm planning to play Palm Island in a yurt at the World Nomad Games in Kirghizistan ! Maybe some nomads will play with me as I'm learning russian to be able to speak with them (I'm french).


    11. Unisus

      I think to be eligible for one of the 12 games these posts have to be in the update's comment section.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nanna Brøndum on

      I was planning to play Palm Island at Roskilde Festival in between all the music. A game is always a god icebreaker ☀️

    13. Omer Hertz on

      I'm planning to play Palm Island for the first time on this little beach in Israel where I like to go fishing, and which actually sports a couple of palm trees (it's not an island, but otherwise seems appropriate).

    14. Missing avatar

      Camillem on

      I was planning to play Palm island at Narbonne in France, on the beach of course!

    15. Tagar on

      I was planning to take palm island to kavourptripes in chalkidiki, greece. Google it, it's great!

    16. Unisus

      @Dan Parr: while it may not make any difference for you (for me either btw.), i know that there are no so few people out there who actually look for the estimated date of delivery and make their decisions based on that. So if you make an estimate by calculating every possible delay in and put then some months on top, you might get less backers - especially as most people would add time from their experience, so the game you probably will deliver 15 months after the end of the campaign, which could also have up to 6 months delay from your calculations, would be estimated as being delivered two years after the campaign, and people will think it will take up to three years until they get it - and i daresay that this influences enough people to make the difference between success or failure of a campaign.
      I personally look for the game itself, and i rather have the game coming later than it being crappy.

    17. Dan Parr

      Double post to add: my comment was a general observation, and not a criticism of this (or any other specific) campaign. I am always happy to wait when we are kept informed of the reasons for delays. My excitement/impatience is purely a product of how great the product looks, hence I want it in my hands as soon as possible... so it is a compliment of sorts :p

    18. Dan Parr

      @James M. My experience mirrors yours. I have actually had one or two deliver early, but they are truly the exception. They may have been really lucky and had zero delays, even ones they budgeted for, but I suspect they are doing what other campaigns ought to do: make a conservative estimate of time scale, add some time for possible delays, and THEN put a couple more months on for the totally unforseen. I have certainly never considered the estimated delivery date when deciding to back a project, so a longer estimated delivery would make no difference to my initial decision to back, but would make the delivery a pleasant surprise rather than the usual wait.

    19. James M.

      I've had some campaigns deliver on time, but only a minority (about a third of them). So it's certainly possible, but it seems like something happens to cause delays more often than not. At this point, I pretty much expect Kickstarters to be 1-3 months late by default, FWIW.

    20. Missing avatar

      Clemens on

      I’m a tiny bit bummed I won’t be able to take the real deal with me to my summer vacation ... was really looking forward to it.
      But that’s how things go though... I never had a Kickstarter that managed to keep the estimate

    21. Missing avatar

      Shannon on

      @portal dragon - just made my own copy of palm island from the print and play files - having a lot of fun playing! looking forward to taking this on summer vacation soon - and hopefully it'll result in a few extra pre-orders coming in from family and friends

      one question - will the final printed version also have the faint image of the palm trees behind the resource costs on the cards? it makes them slightly harder to read, and doesn't seem to add anything

    22. James M.

      @David: Same here. Fortunately, with the games going from the manufacturer by air instead of ground/sea, things should be quicker than usual, at least compared to most games I've backed.

      In terms of the timeline, let's see... The May 2 update said the manufacturer expected to complete production by mid-June. The May 23 update indicated deck sleeves were being made, but game production hadn't begun. The June 2 update noted that proofs were in and everything was ready for full production. The comment here on June 15 (it appears) suggests the game still hasn't gone to print yet though. So I could be wrong of course, but at this point, I think we're looking at production being finished in late June assuming it starts pretty soon and doesn't take long.

      What I'd be interested in knowing is the estimated time line post-production. What kind of time frames are we looking at to get games from the manufacturer to the distributor, and then from there to us? I'm not asking for dates -- we can't estimate those until we know more about production. I'm looking for something like "once the games leave the manufacturer, backers should have them in about X weeks". I know it'll get here when it gets here, and that shouldn't bee *too* much longer, but sometimes waiting is the hardest part.

    23. Missing avatar

      David Levin

      Also looking forward to the game! Hoping to get it before leaving on summer vacation!

    24. Portal Dragon 3-time creator on

      @Steve Larocque - I will let you know when I have more information.

    25. Steve Larocque on

      Has it gone into print yet?

    26. Missing avatar

      François Lake on

      Cool, thx for the info, as I said, I’m just too excited to get my game ;)

    27. Portal Dragon 3-time creator on

      @François Lake - Not as of yet. I will let you know when I have more information. You will get a decent heads up so that I can make sure all address changes are made before I lock them down in backerkit.

    28. Missing avatar

      François Lake on

      @PortalDragon. Any news on timing of shipment yet? Or at least an approximation? Can’t wait to get my game! Cheers :)

    29. Portal Dragon 3-time creator on

      @God-keizer - Yes. I will send you details.

    30. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      I want to order a second copy,is that possible?

    31. Missing avatar

      Katie White on

      Thanks for the communication! I can't wait to get the game!

    32. Portal Dragon 3-time creator on

      Sorry for the delay in response. Pre-Orders can be found here:

    33. Unisus

      @BGR Karanaida: Sorry, didn't mean to be snarky. I am logged in on my laptop and i have a preorder button showing right above "Created by" on the upper half of this page. It just could have been that you didn't see it, so i wanted to point you to it. Sorry for trying to help. Didn't know that you can't see this button on the app as i'm surfing "old-stile".

    34. Karanaida

      @Unisus, the snark isn’t necessary, the preorder button doesn’t show - as already pointed out - on the app if you’ve backed it. Excuse the hell out of me for asking. Sorry to have bothered you.

    35. Adam Singer on

      Great to see some progress! keep it up! :)

    36. DaisyMonster on

      To see the preorder once you have already backed, you may need to log out of kickstarter. I couldn’t figure out why everyone was talking about a preorder button between the campaign and the pledge manager, and realized that because I had backed, I wasn’t presented with a preorder button on the app version. Once I logged out, there it was! Don’t know if that’s universal or not, though.

    37. Unisus

      @BGR Karanaida: did you try that blue "Pre-Order" button up there?

    38. Karanaida

      @Portal Dragon, is there a place to preorder this, since BackerKit has been locked down? I’m thinking my mom is going to want a copy. I maaaay have “accidentally” gotten her into gaming...oops lol XD

    39. Dan Parr

      Started to panic that mine was gonna take the slow road from China, then remembered I opted for EU friendly. Phew. I printed a basic copy in black and white (the works colour printer died last week, so had to settle) and have loved it! Can't wait for the real one now 😀

    40. Portal Dragon 3-time creator on

      @Andrew Phillips - The air shipping only has to do with the shipment to the distribution center. The shipments from China will be sent in a variety of ways so I cannot say how they will be sent to you from there.

    41. Missing avatar

      Andrew Phillips on

      Can I ask a question on shipping... There were two EU shipping options: the EU friendly one (presumably via an EU distributor) and the cheaper non-friendly one.

      If I went for the latter, does that mean the game will be coming via air to me direct from China? Or is the upgraded air transport only for the EU distributed option?

    42. Ryan Miller on

      Plus how often do we adults get to color with crayons? Lol

    43. Ryan Miller on

      @james M I actually just drew all of the cards lol the symbols are pretty simple and I just put my own spin on the art, saved me a lot of ink and I feel like I added my own touch. Some games like this one are pretty fun to just draw the pnp because there aren’t tht many components

    44. James M.

      Yes, the PnP looks easy enough to make, but I was hoping for a printer-friendly / low-ink version of it. The full color one is great and all, but I'm not keen on using that much ink for something that's going to be replaced by the printed version in a month or two. I'm stilling hanging in there for the physical copies right now.

    45. Portal Dragon 3-time creator on

      @Richard Stecher - The link was sent to all backers $5 and over once they confirm their pledge survey on BackerKit.

    46. Richard Stecher

      Where is the latest link for the PNP? I can't seem to find it in the updates or the campaign page

    47. Missing avatar

      DocZagreus on

      I know we expected the game earlier, but there is still the pnp, that for this game, is a no brainer to make!
      (just print the cards and cut ^^)

    48. Alyogali on

      I also think october is quite safe.
      I've pledged the game to play it during my vacation this summer in July and I'm quite disapointed that it won't be possible.
      I know that delays are quite normal on kickstarter but this is a typical summer holiday game and I was hoping it would be delivered on time.
      Well... that's the wayit is...

    49. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ray on

      I know that delays are standard, and there have been a couple with this one, but I think you'll safely have this before October

    50. Missing avatar

      Edward Terwilliger on

      I bought this to play on the plane going to Mexico in Oct. Hope I get it.

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