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Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
Take your island with you. Play anywhere with this portable deck transformer game.
4,803 backers pledged $99,028 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rustin J Reed about 7 hours ago

      Congratulations! Great game design and artwork. Can’t wait to play it.

    2. Portal Dragon 3-time creator about 10 hours ago

      @Mark Morrise - I am planning on releasing it before the end of the month for sure

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark Morrise about 10 hours ago

      I am hoping the print-and-play files will be available before April 9, the day I will be taking a long flight. I'd like to try out Palm Island on the flight.

    4. Missing avatar

      Martin about 11 hours ago

      @Chad Having lived in Jackson and Henderson growing up, my condolences.

    5. Dreyer Philippe about 23 hours ago

      Congrats from france!

    6. Missing avatar

      Chad 1 day ago

      @Portal Dragon
      Great campaign all around.. Maybe I'll get a chance to welcome you to Tennessee sometime.. I live in Jackson, TN

    7. Missing avatar

      Winfried Mayr
      1 day ago


    8. Skazz 1 day ago

      @Designer. Thanks for allowing us to get to 100K in the pledge manager. Guess we reach it there for sure. So I Hope to get my game somewhere in June :-)

    9. Scott Bridges 1 day ago

      Congratulations on a fantastic campaign!

    10. Falagar 1 day ago

      Congratulations! :-)

    11. Portal Dragon 3-time creator 2 days ago

      Mohammed Al-Mohanna - Each box only fits one full set of cards (1 game).

    12. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      2 days ago

      @dean there willbe next week

    13. Missing avatar

      Dean 2 days ago

      Hi there. Will you be adding an option to get more than one copy. I am keen on two sets so we can play 4 player. Thanks

    14. Mohammed Al-Mohanna 2 days ago

      Will the magnetic flap box fit the card and plastic sets?

    15. Gianluca Casu 2 days ago

      Congratulations everyone! This was a great campaign!

    16. Portal Dragon 3-time creator 2 days ago

      @Patrick Fresow - no. two copies of the game will not fit in one box.

    17. Missing avatar

      Shannon 2 days ago

      awesome campaign! now can't wait to get my hands on the game, haha!

    18. James M.
      2 days ago

      Congratulations on the successful campaign!

    19. Missing avatar

      Arjen Van Duijn 2 days ago

      Congratz on funding. Good luck with all thats coming. Thanks for making this game!!

    20. Missing avatar

      jeremy 2 days ago

      @portal dragon awesome! Thank you

    21. Missing avatar

      Patrick Fresow 2 days ago

      May I ask: If I buy two copies (plastic cards), would the combined cards both fit into one plastic box?

      Also, heartfelt congratulations to you and your precious family! :)

    22. VentZo 2 days ago

      + 1 Jani Andsten

    23. Portal Dragon 3-time creator 2 days ago

      @jeremy - It is coming very soon.

    24. Missing avatar

      Vincent Fiocco 2 days ago

      Super excited to get my hands on a PnP, I plan on taking this game with me to PAX East this year and play while on lines for panels and booths

    25. Jess Turner
      2 days ago


    26. Missing avatar

      jeremy 2 days ago

      @portal dragon. Congrats! Any chance you will release the unofficial Pnp early for backers?Even if it is BnW.

    27. Portal Dragon 3-time creator 2 days ago

      Thank you all for your kind words and for making this such a great campaign.

    28. Portal Dragon 3-time creator 2 days ago

      @SK - Yes they are front and back. The extra deck and the extra villager cards take up allot as well. Some of the pages are split up so you can print just what you need.

    29. Missing avatar

      SK 2 days ago

      @Portal Dragon - for the solo deck pnp, it's 4 pages front and back correct? So it'll only be 2 sheets printed double side?

      Just curious.. If the deck is just 4 pages (assuming we've to print it twice for 2 decks), very surprised that there are 14 pages of additional content in the game!

    30. The Doctor 2 days ago

      Congratulations- So close to that 100k SG. Oh well.

    31. Christopher Jarvis 2 days ago

      Congrats on an amazing and exciting campaign @creator. Looking forward to getting my hands on this. I might even PnP in the meantime.

    32. Craig S Kennedy 2 days ago

      @creator congratulations and I'm pleased it has helped you and yours. I only backed a pound but will be backing more in the pledgemanager as it's closer to pay day!

    33. Jeroen Carrein 2 days ago

      I am looking forward to see the 100K SG reached so I can receive the game a few weeks earlier just on time to take it on my holiday on 1st of July...

    34. Julien 2 days ago

      Awesome! Based on the latest update, funds pledged in the backer kit will count towards the last SG! Thanks Portal Dragon! Thanks Jon for this well run campaign.

    35. Jani Andsten 2 days ago

      Congrats! I know many backers really liked the $100k SG, but for me it didn't really matter whether we reach it or not. It doesn't really matter to me if I'll get the game 3 weeks earlier as I was supposed to, especially not when you also provide PnP. I can just print a game for myself when I'm waiting for the official copy. I'd rather you use the money for yourself and for your family than to pay extra for air shipment!

    36. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lawrence 2 days ago

      Awesome. Can't wait to play this! Out of curiosity, when can we expect to get our PnP versions?

    37. William Cennamo 2 days ago


    38. Missing avatar

      Martin Wikborg 2 days ago

      Congratulations! Really looking forward to playing the game!

    39. Missing avatar

      Lukasz 2 days ago

      So do 95% get air shipment? =]

    40. Rich Swartzwelder 2 days ago

      So close to $100K! Congrats!

    41. Missing avatar

      Chris 2 days ago

      Congrats to all involved in realising this project!

    42. Missing avatar

      Josiah 2 days ago

      The waiting is over, well done! I cannot wait for June

    43. Missing avatar

      Dean 2 days ago

      @Portal Dragon, you have been an asset to our wonderful community of gamers, congratulations and should our paths ever cross, I'm buying the beers!!!

    44. Missing avatar

      C. M. 2 days ago

      @Portal Dragon - much appreciation to you for an AWESOMELY run campaign. You were very diligent with maintaining communication (IMO, on par with the folks from 7th Continent, which is meant as a huge compliment to both campaigns) and also flexible and creative enough to listen to / work with backer feedback and suggestions. The way you've run this KS gives me confidence that yours is a business of integrity - in addition to producing a mighty fine game!!!

    45. Heath 2 days ago

      Soooo close to $100k!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Dave Angrisani 2 days ago

      Congrats! Wow less than 100$ away

    47. Missing avatar

      Andy Crml 2 days ago

      Congratulations! So... unlocked the last stretch goal for efforts? 😁

    48. Missing avatar

      Morgal 2 days ago

      Congratulations Portal Dragon :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Bart Thijssen 2 days ago

      Congratulations Portal Dragon on a fantastic campaign! Can't wait to play this game, it is exactly what I need in terms of portability and gameplay.

      I missed the campaign for Zephyr, glad I caught this one. Well done!

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