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Lord British returns to his fantasy RPG roots with Shroud of the Avatar, hearkening back to his innovative early work.
Lord British returns to his fantasy RPG roots with Shroud of the Avatar, hearkening back to his innovative early work.
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    1. Missing avatar

      John Burton on

      Oh you can get the game assets? Wow. I want!
      But can they be converted into a form other than unity assets? As I don;t want to use unity?
      Is there a way to upgrade your pledge to that level even though the kickstarter is over?

    2. Sebastian on

      Update summary:

      Give us $400 so we allow you to do our work.

    3. Roger van Velzen on

      Sigh.. ok then fine.. take my bloody money. Who needs food anyways.. upped my pledge to $120. I found the rewards jpeg enlightning especially since it shows a decent 'you get all previous plus' listing. So assuming I read it correctly the $120 tier also gets me the last name and beta access along side a cartload of virtual goods.

    4. Dane Caro on

      Will the unity assets gained through the developer reward be exclusive or will we see these on the Asset Store as well? I would love to see insight on how you handled the housing system. :)

    5. Manny Melo on

      @Michel LOL. That is my •exact• same path.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michel Cripps on

      @Ken Moreau... According to this link: you will get your last name early. The immortality fruit, I imagine, will come when the game is ready as it is an in-game perk. Hope this helps

    7. Missing avatar

      Michel Cripps on

      @Manny... I know, first I was second responder, then founder, followed by royal artisan and to finish off collector

    8. Manny Melo on

      I've never upped my pledge this many times.

    9. Missing avatar

      Steve Grenier on

      Question: when do you anticipate the Unity asset packs to start being sent regularly?

    10. Missing avatar

      Ken Moreau on

      If I pledge 60.00$ to I also get the Immortality fruit and last name early?

    11. Missing avatar

      Sami on

      It's a pretty tempting offer you have there. If I didn't have to buy a Mac or a Windows to develop in Unity, I could probably pay $400 just for the assets. I'd have to pay someone anyway to create them, since I don't do (good) models. I doubt I'm going to have the time to properly develop a game on my free time, though... If the asset library will be available for buying in the years to come, I might have a window of opportunity to make use of them.

    12. Missing avatar

      JediaKyrol on

      You should talk to the guys at inXile. They have some experience with setting up the Unity asset store for taking resource submissions from fan contests, as well as setting up a system for trading common resources with Obsidian.
      Honestly I think it would be awesome if all three companies could trade back and forth...sure, keep your own art style...but generic stuff like trees, rocks, fences, crops, cows, birds, etc. always look the same anyway, so why waste time that could be better spent on your own unique items (say your game uses medieval west-european architecture in their buildings, and the other uses 19th century style. That you focus on, while trading them a fallen tree for a goat.)

    13. Missing avatar

      Ronnie Kohring on

      Best update so far! Great idea to include your assets in a pledge level - and figured I might as well add the additional 100 to become a citizen :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Dave blanchard on

      Called it hehehe.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tharok on

      I like making 3d models, but never made low poly for a game. So never had to care much about UV layout , normal and displacement maps. I'll check out unity, if it's not too much hastle to learn , i might participate.

    16. Rufus Glyn on

      Wow what a great idea...

      I now wish I could draw / code to any level as this is just the type of thing I would love to get my hands dirty with. Anyhoo this will be great for many budding digital artists out there, and very good for your team too.

    17. Perma Frost on

      "The assets will be useable and royalty free in any project "
      May I ask if that means for our own commercial use with the creidt line for Portalarium of course?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeff Rees on

      Well I am certainly not an artist but coding I can do :D I sent a resume into Portalarium once before and just didn't have enough experience to make it, however this will be just as good. Thank You!

    19. Peter Jacob on

      ^_^ Now that sounds lovely. Just the sort of thing that inspires +1 Faith in the KS/backer relationship.

    20. Chris Freeman on

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    21. Portalarium, Inc. Creator on

      Grrr... cruddy auto correct! Sorry about that Stephen!

    22. ☆Lord Kei☆ - Virtuous Lord on

      Hey Artists and coders, time to up your pledge to developer :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Al on

      I can't draw a straight line, but this update is fantastic not only for those small developers who are starving for quality assets, but also for those artists that caould use a $hot in the arm and possible recognition.

      Well done, and I hope those who can will see what a jewel this is and embrace this.

    24. Jeremy McGill on

      *Stephen Daniele

    25. Allan Chong on

      Cast AN ZU on Umbrae

    26. Michael Douglass on

      I sure hope they do this from the developer side of things. I can't do anything with art -- that's not my thing. But coding, that I can do. :) Clearly you wouldn't do this with core functionality -- but surely there are utilitarian bits that can be "opened" privately to the developer level. :)

    27. ND3G on

      Very nice! I think this is going to lead to a wealth of quality art assets, not only for Portalarium but the gaming community in general.

    28. Missing avatar

      Tim Noyce on

      Always a bit jealous of the talented ones that can do this sort of thing.

      I can barely draw stick figures.

      Still, a very cool idea, and an excellent update.

    29. BradleyUffner on

      Will it be possible to upgrade our donation tier after the kickstarter ends? I really want to get in to the developer level tier (or higher), but I won't be bale to afford it until next month.

    30. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Cool update, but alas I'm no artist. Still, a very good update!! Thank you and I'm sure this has got huge potential!! All you artists out there - get cracking! Unfortunately I've got no skills in this area, otherwise I'll be write there but sadly, I'll have to sit here impatiently panning away waiting to see what everyone comes up with. hehe see what I did there. :D
      Can't access the video yet, but looking forward to finding out more re; the emote system.