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Lord British returns to his fantasy RPG roots with Shroud of the Avatar, hearkening back to his innovative early work.
Lord British returns to his fantasy RPG roots with Shroud of the Avatar, hearkening back to his innovative early work.
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    1. Missing avatar

      MBybee on

      That seems a decent crafting system. UO and LOTRO have great ones in my opinion - and as long as we can avoid the early WoW 'wool price fixing' type stuff, it will be awesome.

      I REALLY hope there is no worldwide auction house. I hate those.

    2. Flatfingers on

      ("That choice" being the current thought of crafting and adventuring skills pulling from separate advancement point pools, that is. Sorry for the lack of clarity there....)

    3. Flatfingers on

      As I noted in a comment on the SotA forum, I'm glad someone on the design team is sees crafting as a distinct kind of gameplay interest whose content deserves to stand on its own.

      But I think that's an argument for crafting and adventuring skills pulling from the same pool, not being independent. That choice will only insure (in the online multiplayer mode) that Achievers will grab all crafting skills (because they can) and grind out every possible craftable object to win the economic competition, rather than because crafting itself is fun.

      Still glad to hear crafting is getting some love, though. Here's hoping the resource system approaches the brilliance of how it was implemented in early SWG. ;)

    4. Jason Valdez on

      The best crafting system I've ever dealt with was (by far) Ultima Online. I hope this game follows that logic to a T when it comes to resource gathering. As a side note, the entire crafting explanation is not revolutionary (not that its a bad thing). Mortal Online has the exact same level of crafting where there are skills for harvesting, refining, then crafting.. Considering MO is my second favorite crafting system ever I'm pretty excited that this game will have that type of skill system in it. It looks like this is truly going to be a great game for all of us who are/were into UO. Lets just hope the items crafted will be that of UO/MO and not with a tag of "bind on equip" or "bind when picked up". please have full loot upon death! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Scott Underwood on

      Gathering was always my favorite part of UO really. I'm kinda worried about how the dual-map is going to work though. I wish it was a single, open world we could explore and interact with instead of zoning into places all the time. A dual-map will make everything seem more "game-like" and single player instead of an open, living world. There are plenty of us old UO fans that would love to be able to just place a house out in the wilderness, or see people wandering the world. If we have to zone into areas, what's to stop people in PVP from just camping the zone lines and waiting for you? I wish you guys would rethink the world map, there are certainly thousands of UO players who share this sentiment on your forums and others' (reading posts from for instance on the interview with Garriott).

    6. Roberto Guzman on

      Farming should be tied to any tailoring skill, using plant products such as hemp/cotton/ and or silk(not a plant product) to make cloths. Most MMOs seem to make Mobs the only source of cloth which is tedious due to drop rates and make for an inconstant value to the game economy.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sean Rose on

      What about hiring locals to farm, tend, gather, mine etc?

    8. Missing avatar

      JediaKyrol on

      but...can we make bread out of buckets of blood? and then feed said blood-bread to the child of the blood's previous owner? (...I was a horrible person in Ultima 7...Spark did not deserve any of the terrible things I put him through...but he did get the hoe of destruction out of the deal.)

    9. Lord_Darkmoon on

      What? Did RG just say that there will probably be no AI-controlled party in the game??? Why???? I was so looking forwad to NPC companions...

    10. Jason Tucker on

      Farming! Very cool, now we're talking :D

    11. Stiler Orion on

      I hope gathering resources works more like Ultima Online and not like current mmorpgs like WoW, etc where there are "random" nodes throughout the world of resources, which in turn makes it into a "grindfest" and an annoyance more then the act of gathering.

      "Oh I want some ore.....I should go to a mine!"
      "Oh wood? I'll go into a forest and chop down some trees!"

      It was simple , made logical sense, and didn't really feel like an annoyance compared to newer styles of gathering found in mmos.

    12. Allan Chong on

      Great interview with Warren! Would love to see him working on the game or providing input as a consultant.

    13. Missing avatar

      Hightower on

      I'm happy you separated crafting skill advancement from adventuring skills. Will it work the same at though, out of the 5 major crafts, could you only become a grandmaster in one trade. That would be better for a player run economy I believe, one character per account, one craft skill. That way we need to interact with others for different resources and goods. And having Farming separate as well is great for people that spend most of their time in town.

      One thought to help the economy, the NPC vendors do not buy any goods from players, thus forcing us to barter/trade/sell to one another. But that would be difficult since this isn't a true MMO.

    14. LessZoa on

      I'm finding the farming aspect a bit intriguing. So, depending on the fertilizer & additives I use on a particular seed, I can mutate it? Hmm...