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Lord British returns to his fantasy RPG roots with Shroud of the Avatar, hearkening back to his innovative early work.
Lord British returns to his fantasy RPG roots with Shroud of the Avatar, hearkening back to his innovative early work.
22,322 backers pledged $1,919,275 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Keldrin

      On the home page FAQ it says "Though Shroud of the Avatar won’t be a massively multiplayer online role playing game, it will be a multiplayer game."
      And in the kickstarter, it mentions (Only a few thousand Village homes will be available to players in-game.) few hundred town homes and a few dozen city homes.
      If there are provisions being made for a few thousand player homes, wouldn't that essentially make this a Massive multiplayer online RPG? Or am I missing something?

    2. Jerry Thompson on

      $2M: Players Take over the World!!! -- This is where communities really take hold ... creativity and activity goes through the roof ... people work together and against each other ... the towns/communities become famous (or infamous) throughout the Realm. Now that's worth an investment! Don't you think??

    3. Matt Daubenspeck on

      pledges. Keep em coming!!!

    4. nicolas berloquin on

      Farming ? Yes ! Only if you don't ask to publish something on my facebook wall each time I harverst something :D

    5. Pete Kastner on

      I had to upgrade to get all 5 games.

    6. James Haines on

      Just upgraded so I can go ahead and get all 5 games. Wow. :-)

    7. Tet Yoon Lee on

      As I remarked elsewhere, I too think there should be a Digital Explorer. One thing I disagree with is the price. Either it should be cheaper even if just a bit, e.g. $115 or even $120. Or they need to have something more then just a digital high resolution version of the map etc. Since it's probably difficult to come up with something worthwhile which doesn't then annoy others, I suggest they just make it cheaper. Having it the same price will annoy people who can't get the physical one because of the shipping outside US or customs. If they really don't want to make it cheaper then having it is of course better then not having it at all but I don't think that's a good solution. Let's remember technically they don't actually need to do that anyway. It's just makes it easier and less confusing for backers. Because of the way Kickstarter works, people are free to choose the physical one and say they are in the US and then tell Portalarium to keep the physical stuff at some stage. (Or ship it to someone else. Or whatever.)

    8. Missing avatar

      Owen Tillett on

      Just raised my pledge when I read about the Spoony interview. I'm a fan of the Ultima retrospective that Spoony did and I've been dying to see Spoony and Garriot together for an interview.

    9. Adam Chaney on

      So In all probability you will get to just 1.4 mil. Now over time do you intend as you make more money to add these features? Will there be a direct donation button on your site that will add funds to this pool? Or as you release your game for sale and it is successful will most of not all these features be added over time?

    10. T. Rob Brown Photography & Writing on

      Unless I read it wrong... doesn't the $125 level also come with the collector's box, a physical copy of the game, and the physical CD soundtrack... not just a cloth map? (You have to look at the list on the left side, down the main page for the updated list of what all is included, not the outdated one on the right.)

      Oh... and you had me at all 5 games for $125... a great deal for any game and an even better deal for Lord British and Hickman fans.

    11. LessZoa on

      I am tapped out and not going to have anything more to pledge until after the 7th. *sigh* Too bad as I'd like to up to $500 just because of Tracy's book! ^.^ Will that be hardcover or paperback?

    12. elflin on

      Please considering the $125 all digital pledge level.

    13. Matt Daubenspeck on

      am hoping all the major dungeons are in this as well as the Moonglow Catacombs(as somebody else posted) and the sewer systems beneath British's Castle. Some of the other dungeons could be sprinkled around too, like in Ultima 1.

    14. Missing avatar

      Michel Cripps on

      Ps apologies for typos... On holiday with my iPad and a glass of wine whilst my wife sleeps

    15. Missing avatar

      Michel Cripps on

      I hear you regarding the $15 international shipping. However, the map was such an important part of the Ultima games that it would be a shame to miss out on it. As I too have ad to pay the shipping charge, although I wanted the mp, it took the addition of episodes 4 and 5 to entice me to take the plunge. However, to make it worth my while paying the shipping charge, I went for the $150 tier. I think it would be a good idea to offer the option of a virtual explorer tier at $125 for international customers who are not fused on the physical goods, and just want all 5 games. It would be more cost effective for the development team if backers opted for it. However, as I said I want the loth ,apple so am staying put. However, it would be nice to see som additions to the $150 tier as at present the explorer tier looks more inviting to people considering to upgrade their pledge. Also, do you know what might be cool and get some further support. Why not take a poll for all the stretch goals and let the backers decide the priority of the goals as it looks like most of the goals ill not be met. This is frustrating telling us what we could have had but just missed the mark. For me personally, I would be willing to sacrifice musical instruments and pets in favour of a bigger world, ships and most importantly... The underworld. I do still want these other things, but or me the priorities are back to front and i think if You did a poll, you might see something similar also... Just a thought!

    16. Missing avatar

      Günther Hutzl on

      I also vote for a Virtual Explorer pledge level. Please offer that for us. I don't need the map. Thank you!

    17. ☆Dame Lori☆ on

      Christopher, it gets everything before it including everything in Royal Artisan. :)

    18. Martin Nicolas on

      Please give us an a Virtual Explorer pledge level. Map not needed for an additional $15 shipping cost.

    19. Christopher Campbell on

      So the $125 gets the Royal Artisan level as well? If so I think you sold me on it. You guys are good at the Kickstarter game.

    20. Missing avatar

      fats on

      Fair enough. I sure hope I'm wrong. But for now, unless they add something tangible and useful to the Patron level, I'll just have to sit back and reap the benefits of being a Free Rider.

      My prediction, based on no evidence whatsoever, is that this KS will raise another 300K before the end.

    21. T.J. Brumfield on

      @Nic and/or @Raman Ng, you can send the cloth map to me! I'll take it!

    22. Mark Wilson on

      I so want the Spoony interview! Pledge people pledge! I can't give any more, because the next level is three times more than what I'm at.

    23. Raman Ng on

      Same as nic, I would like to upgrade to Explorer but don't want to pay extra $15 for the cloth map. I'm satisfied with all digital copies only.

    24. Joseph

      I want to upgrade to the $125 level. But i do not want to pay $15 for a cloth map. Can i get the 5 episodes for only $125, just keep the cloth map?

    25. ND3G on

      Up to you fats but if you go to kicktraq and check out the pledge history of most games they tend to get the bulk of their pledges in the first few days and the last 2 or 3 days.

    26. Mark Indiveri on

      Resource hotspots!?!? That appears to be a GREAT way to satisfy the PvP bloodlust! Let them fight while I quietly sneak by doing my trade routes...

    27. nicolas berloquin on

      Please, LB, consider the underworld before other perps.
      Imagine how cool it would be to have a network underneath the land, connecting houses, places, towns...
      maybe the possibility to explore and find new ones, or dig some ?

    28. Missing avatar

      fats on

      This comes too late in my opinion. The stuff I really want comes at the 1.8M level (novel and underworld). I'd grudgingly throw another $50 at this to get to the printed novel at the patron level, but I highly doubt we'll get to 1.8M at this point - so... I'm keeping my money.

    29. Missing avatar

      MBybee on

      Awesome! Convinced me to up my level a bit!

    30. Nick on

      I'm really liking most of these stretch goals, especially 1.5(Spoony interview &double continent) and 1.8(Underworld)!!

      You might have your reasons for the stretch goal order, but I think the VAST majority of players would rather have the 2.0 stretch over the 1.9.

      On a personal level, I am underwhelmed by the 1.7 stretch. Since I don't plan on using the mini-map, I feel like I might be able to play through the entire game without seeing anything from that stretch reward.

    31. Missing avatar

      Temet on

      You guys are awesome, I often feel left out since I can't pledge huge amounts of money on KS, it's great to see a developer concerned with thanking those of us who can only chip in the cost of a video game. I appreciate having something to show off that I was here.

    32. Vyrinor on

      Great last week additions - keep up the awesome!

    33. Missing avatar

      Arthur Payne on

      I can't afford to pledge any more than I already have to SotA, and I've been telling all my friends about it, but we're still pretty far from the top with only five days to go.

      A lot of this stuff is really cool, is there any chance that it'll be added post-release instead of as part of the original release if we don't Kickstart enough?

      The potential for the underworld in particular is exciting to me, and the ships.

      The $2m goals in particular, I thought were going to be part of the game anyways. I'd hate to think what'll happen if we don't make it. o.o;;

    34. mrluvvaluvva on

      *throws money at screen*

      Just take it all LB

    35. Missing avatar

      Michel Cripps on

      @Hensley... Yes you get everything in $125 tier and all tiers that are beneath it

    36. Hensley on

      Will the $125 pledge include the immortality fruit?

    37. Missing avatar

      The Janitor on

      1.5 Million for art, more Iolo and a Spoony interview?

      We need to raise $150,000 in only 5 days. You bastards.

    38. FY Long on

      $500K in 5 days? Someone, I am not sure that will happen. But I sure hope so!

    39. Missing avatar

      Michel Cripps on

      @Lyrael of the Obsidian Order - I am international (UK) and I had the same problem... But I really wanted the map and all the collectable goodies. The new updates To the explorer tier have made it worthwhile in my opinion. However, as I was having to pay the $15 extra to ship to me, I figured I may as well get the full physical collectors edition as the shipping is the same

    40. Tara Morrigan on

      Gah. Once again an update makes me want to upgrade, and once again I'm stopped by it wanting international shipping. Any way to get the last two episodes on a digital tier? :|

    41. Missing avatar

      Michel Cripps on

      Damn you LB/ RG... First I upgrade from 2nd responder to founder... Then I upgrade to Royal Artisan... Now... It's like you read my mind and plucked out of thin air the one reward... Episodes 4 and 5 that is compelling me to upgrade to $125 Explorer level... But when there why not go to $150 for the runic print and the mystical physical artefact.... Gimme gimme

    42. Gerd Füchsel on

      @Kevin Cao

      At least that is the message to my request, been to this point, via PM.

    43. ☆Lord Kei☆ - Virtuous Lord on

      Lords get no love in this update.

    44. Missing avatar

      ken wong

      i want tameable pets!

    45. Jason Tucker on

      Now that the $100 level also comes with an indestructible crafting tool, and the $80 level does as well, does that mean those at the $100 level will get two indestructible crafting tools?

    46. Missing avatar


      I read that "Trans-Atlantic shipping lanes open the way for localization to other languages (languages for consideration based on player support: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc.)" in 1.6M stretch goal : does it mean that if we don't succeed this goal, this game will not be translated ?

    47. Vanessah Howard on

      Did you say... Spoony interview?

      *throws money at you*

    48. nicolas berloquin on

      CATACOMBS !!
      please do the catacombs whatever else you do !

      and I promise I'll take the whole team to the forbidden parisian catacombs anytime you want !
      (I've been going for more than 20 years)

      please please please please :)

    49. Matt Daubenspeck on

      Am currently on the "Anscestor" tier would be good to be lord of a castle. may consider upgrading would like to see all stretch goals met though VM is not my style for Ultima. I look foreward to a hardcopy of Tracy Hickman's book. Will probably read it before playing the game as it is a prequel.