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Lord British returns to his fantasy RPG roots with Shroud of the Avatar, hearkening back to his innovative early work.
Lord British returns to his fantasy RPG roots with Shroud of the Avatar, hearkening back to his innovative early work.
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    1. Missing avatar

      MBybee on

      Love the update - there's a LOT here I'm really excited about.
      I'm hoping that between this and the new pathfinder mmo I'll have some *excellent* games to play in 2014!

    2. Chooi

      Sigh can't watch any of these on my windows phone. Just you tube videos. Hope future posts will allow this. I understand income generation is required but as long as extra payment optional & not required towards game, I am happy. I don't consider owning property as essential

    3. Missing avatar

      MBybee on

      I love the add-on idea, and defintely will be getting a sub

    4. ☆Dame Lori☆ on

      Add-on content discussed doesn't sound any different from xbox DLC. Fair enough!

      Paying for houses - also sounds fair enough, depending on price. Would everyone rather monthly subscriptions be mandatory across the board regardless of whether you own a house? Housing is not a vital thing to have in a single player game. If housing is a subscription service, and you are opposed to an online subscription, then you can just choose if lack of a house is a deal breaker for you and you think the entire game is not worth playing without a house. (At this point, we don't even know how useful or customizable houses will be, so probably not something to get upset over yet.)

      The only other option I see is that if you buy a house in single player mode, you commit your character to being completely unavailable to online play. I personally don't want to have to choose "single or multi player character" in the beginning, but if some people want to commit themselves to being solely offline and thus have the option to buy a house regardless of who in the online world already owns that plot, that might be an option the team can consider. But you will not have access to all the other online world changes unless you start a new character (or give up the house?) Hmm..

      And I agree about text updates - I love the videos but I can imagine a lot of other people would prefer to scan Q&A text and will get frustrated at hour-long vids.

    5. MarialmPontes on

      No DRM and no online-only content is paramount for me. Could care less for micro transactions since I won't be using them, They better make sure to clarify VERY WELL what kind of DRM and online components they'll be using until the end of the KS, otherwise me and a LOT of other people will be withdrawing our pledges.

    6. Keith McDaniel on

      "Lars Ivar Igesund about 5 hours ago

      I love the videos, but don't have all that much time to watch them all, so it would be nice to have textual summaries and the most important information merged into the front page."

      I AGREE +10000

    7. Mikhail Aristov on

      I think Lord British has to send copies of the Glinkie (did I spell it right?) Letters to every company with a vocal hatedom. I'd say "to every vocal hatedom", but haters gonna hate, anyway. :D

    8. Missing avatar

      Josh Solomon on

      Regarding Microtransactions:

      I think that charging for ACCESS TO new skill trees, new lands, etc. is perfectly fine. Doing this doesn't really upset the game, since you're just buying access to new stuff...not the stuff itself.

      But I am a little concerned about letting people buy actual houses (not just access to a different housing model that still costs gold to actual build and maintain).

      See...getting gold for housing in UO was a major factor in becoming "successful" in the game. But if you allow people to just buy housing with $...then you are allowing them to buy "success" which is very close to pay to win.

      I really hope you reconsider allowing people to buy actual property in the game.

    9. Lars Ivar | AoUA on

      I love the videos, but don't have all that much time to watch them all, so it would be nice to have textual summaries and the most important information merged into the front page.

    10. John on

      @Michael I agree. I was trying to play through the uStream updates and they were a real pain, starting/stopping, and stuttering throughout most of the presentation and I have a pretty good connection.

      I was happy that the Iolo interview was on Youtube and hope future videos will be added soon after the live uStream has ended.

    11. Chris Schultz on

      @ Mitch Hamilton I was going to recommend Rel Por, but it looks like it just shut down. I heard it was reminiscent of the early days of UO.

    12. Angry Ogre on

      I really dislike uStream. The ads get in the way to the point of missing entire segments of material and playback freezes quite often. Have you thought about Google Hangout? Also, with Kickstarter updates, I don't think you can ever have enough. Keep up the great work!

    13. Johnny Garcia Campos on

      Amazing!! Loving it, keep it coming!

    14. OddBall on

      For ads get AD-Block on FIrefox or Chrome and you never have to an ad in a video again!

    15. ☆Mitch the Edelmann☆ ☥Virtuous MGT470☥ on

      @jlaalja: I was just thinking the same thing! Gotta find another UO shard to play on, any recommendations?

    16. jlaalja on

      Keep them coming! I am excited! Time to play U1 through U9 in preparation!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      There is game-play footage in update 3 I believe. (part of the interview video)

    18. Sunworshiper on

      I'm certainly not annoyed of the updates, I am super excited for this game! :) Keep the updates coming! And those commercials aren't that long. Where can we see gameplay videos, or are they not out yet? Thanks guys!

    19. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      Seriously? Commercials on an embedded video as well? If only there were a site where you could host commercial-free videos.

    20. ☆Mitch the Edelmann☆ ☥Virtuous MGT470☥ on

      You guys are laughable, first you say "we want more updates!" Now you say "enough is a enough!" Clowns!

    21. Jaga on

      You know, we all love updates, but several emails a day? Give it a rest - you're annoying your own backers.

    22. Zep Zepo on

      An update of an update..come on guys, try a little harder.