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Lord British returns to his fantasy RPG roots with Shroud of the Avatar, hearkening back to his innovative early work.
Lord British returns to his fantasy RPG roots with Shroud of the Avatar, hearkening back to his innovative early work.
22,322 backers pledged $1,919,275 to help bring this project to life.

Release 57 Instructions + Boxes Shipping & Arriving!

Posted by Portalarium, Inc. (Creator)

PLEASE NOTE: We launched the product in March 2018 and physical goods are now delivering. We do not plan to make updates to Kickstarter in the future. Please refer to our website at for all future updates.


Release 57 of Shroud of the Avatar goes live this Thursday, August 30, at 10:30 AM US Central Daylight Time (15:30 UTC). There is a ton of new content going live this release including:  

  • Quality of Life Improvements: This was the main focus of Release 57. Our goal here was to improve moment to moment and daily gameplay. Siege skipping, Control Point skipping, Global banks, removed NPC slowdowns, double XP as the new normal, reduced Roving encounter awareness and other similar changes should all make very noticeable improvements to every Avatars play experience by removing continual inconveniences and slow-downs.  
  • User Interface Polish: To support the above improvements we made several changes to the UI to improve daily use. For example, we added a “Vendor” button to all vendor NPC types (trainers, merchants, bankers) that gives Avatars immediate access to their function. We also added status indicators to the health and focus bars. Additionally, we made a more compact loot window, polished the auto-selection of ingredients at crafting tables, and implemented a host of other UI improvements. 
  • Player Made Dungeon Preview: Player Made Dungeons are previewing in Release 57 with 5 dungeon entrances and 5 static example dungeons! Players can place these examples on their property to get a feel for how the real system will work when it launches in Q4.
  • Collector Box Version Shipping & Arriving: The Collector Version is the version that came with pledges that included physical goods through Kickstarter (or through our website prior to January 4, 2016). It contains exclusive items only available to backers and has a special sticker on the box demarcating it as the Collector Version. We are excited to announce that The Collector Version is now shipping to Backers and has already begun arriving at Backer's homes! The Retail Version is the version of the box that does not contain those exclusive items and does not have the Collector Version sticker. We will be using the Retail Version for promotions and to sell on Amazon. This version should be available for purchase by mid to late September. 
  • Decoration Dyeing: We now have technology and user interface support to allow the use of dyes to change the colors of decorations including banners, beds, couches, sofas, and more! For now, only a few items can be dyed but we will be expanding the numbers of items as quickly as possible.
  • Bug Fixing: We dedicated a significant portion of the release to working solely on fixing bugs and reducing our overall bug count. We addressed over 100 issues with over 70 of them highlighted in these notes including fixes to various scenes (typos, stuck spots, etc.), crafting fixes, combat fixes, and various user interface fixes.  

and much, much more! 

For all the details, please read the entire R57 Instructions post, as well as the linked Instructions and Known Issues within the post to ensure a smooth update to your game client. Have fun exploring New Britannia!

Player Made Dungeons!
Player Made Dungeons!
Decoration Dyeing!
Decoration Dyeing!
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    1. Bradford Hull on

      Here we are, nearly 4 years after the initial delivery estimate.

      I found my shipping notification in the gmail spam box. 3 lines of French, 1 in English saying "Your Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues physical goods have been shipped." No tracking number.

      I don't know what else to say that hasn't been said already.

    2. Jito463 - WoOS, LofUT on

      I saw the writing on the wall near the end of the original campaign, and dropped my pledge down to the lowest tier that still granted me a copy of it. I'm so glad I did, because this whole ordeal has been a complete disaster. From the constant attempts to sell us digital items in-game (I've never considered digital items a worthwhile investment, and I'm not about to start now), to the complete lack of updates on single-player (this game was sold on having both, not on being an MMO that happens to have an offline mode), it was obvious years ago that there was something serious wrong at Portalarium.

      No wonder they're no longer updating on KS, they can't control the negative comments here like they can on their own forums. They'll soon discover that they can't suppress the truth forever.

    3. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      This "game" is total scam and disappointment! I want a refund.

    4. Missing avatar

      Titler on

      "I just want to encourage people that might not have played to break out of the negative mindset of some of the backers and just come play the game with us, it's alot of fun."

      Well the above response is a classic example of how crowd funding encourages, and the tiny remaining audience for this project specifically has become a literal cult.

      "Alex", anyone who can comment here has already purchased the game. No one needs to tell them to try it, because at some point they absolutely have already done so, and they already know what they think of it, from their own direct experiences. I know it's an article of faith for you desperate believers that it's somehow an organised conspiracy to scare people away from Shroud, but there were 22k accounts sold here FIVE YEARS AGO, then 65k by the time the servers went persistent in 2016, 70k by the time of the claimed "Launch"... and only less than 100 people regularly playing now on Steam.

      All those accounts abandoned the project because they know, for themselves, that it's a complete disaster. You can't hypnotise them out of that perspective, like you seem to assume they've somehow been pressured or confused into believing negative coverage in turn.

      Or are you like the many Real Money Traders who believe it's somehow moral to just bamboozle new players long enough to get into game, discover it's based around RMT, then make a quick sale of property or rares to them before they quit again?

      Either way, it's too late now. No more Kickstarter updates. It's over.

      They've finally sent out what physical rewards they could, to cut their loses and try and avoid paying out compensation here... despite Episode 1 itself not looking anything like promised, and Episodes 2+ never, ever coming. You really think they can afford to make an entire new episode, with all the creative staff let go, and not enough "bandwidth" to do more than post 2 lines as a farewell on Kickstarter?

      It's over. They lied. They built a game around scamming and exploiting each other. They protected a toxic community stalking and harassing people who pointed out this was a betrayal of everything Ultima ever taught. And now the judgement of history is coming.

      "Shroud of the Avatar" failed.

    5. Muad'Dib on

      Dear Mr. Richard Garriott de Cayeux, also known as Lord British,

      do you have anything to say?

      You are the CEO, you are the Creative Director, you collected US$1.919.275.

      This is the last and final update, and you don't have anything to say?

      How about an apology?

      Or at least a thank you?

    6. Alex Hoggett on

      I just want to encourage people that might not have played to break out of the negative mindset of some of the backers and just come play the game with us, it's alot of fun.

    7. Ryan Brock

      I still have the game installed almost as a joke just to log in from time to time to see how bad it looks. I mean EQ played better when it came out and that was almost 20 years ago.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicole Miller on

      I got the box today... Pretty weird since I had a Lord pledge, a knight pledge and an immortal adventurer pledge. I hope the other two are coming. The game has been a disappointment however I hope that Portalarium gets its crap together because it would be a shame to see something that brought joy to people (the Ultima series) be capped by something so embarrassing and half-assed.

    9. Missing avatar

      MBybee on

      Got the box, marked it delivered on kickstarter, threw it away.
      I really can't believe what a total pile this project turned into.
      The nonstop begathons. The super awful gameplay. The endless crap heaped on anyone who has anything negative to say about their experiences on the forum.
      If I never hear the name "Lord British" again it will be too soon.

    10. Daniel Guzman on

      Well, Im glad Im not the only one who's upset. This was my first backing to a kickstarter and my last. I didnt know it would take how many years to get this game made and the end product delivered to my house? Put it this way, Im not sure my computer can play the game on it and I have two video cards crossfired. In all honesty the experience sucked, I have backed this game up with over $600 and played the game for two minutes and could never get my guy out of a building that was on fire. Like most of us, Ultima was special to us. I was hoping the same for this. Lets see if I get the box and still can find some time to enjoy it, it its worth playing. I know something went wrong when the MadHermit posted a for sale of his account and all he had done after backing the program with digital art, programming etc. He even went to meet Lord British! A true fan backed out, we were all doomed at that point.

    11. Missing avatar

      Titler on

      "What happened to releases #55 and #56? "

      Never mind that, what about Episodes 2-5, you remember, the rewards from this Kickstarter? I guess you'll just have to buy the game and hope, because you won't be hearing from Portalarium again here. No more Kickstarter updates.

      Or how about the signed copies of the paperback book, which weren't sent with the rewards so far, because supposedly and I quote "It wouldn't fit in the box", but most likely haven't been done yet?

      And Tracy Hickman shows no sign of still working on the project, and any hope for the supposed 2 more novels that Portalarium tried selling the incomplete story of the first one with, is probably gone now too.

      So much for making an honest attempt to fulfil all promises, as they signed up too in the Kickstarter ToS, eh?

      Here's the simple truth though; they deceived their backers to fund making something the vast majority never wanted, a real money trading driven MMO instead of a plot driven RPG like Ultima 7: but they built their greed fuelled game so incompetently the replacement audience they hoped for never turned up, whilst the former backers they hoped "would just go quietly" refused to do so because of the very moral and spiritual virtues that Origin systems taught them in the first place; they wanted to see Justice done for a company that deliberately deceived them.

      And now they're a few months, maybe only weeks from closing; so they're desperately trying to limit their liability by finally sending out what rewards they can afford, or fudge (Stickers? STICKERS?!) whilst lying and scamming to the very, very last for every single cent they can take.

    12. Muad'Dib on

      What happened to releases #55 and #56?
      You nearly abandoned this project a long time ago, but you were too lazy just to copy a few lines?

      Did you really put a 'collector's edition' sticker on the supposed ce box? A ridiculous STICKER?

      This is one the worst Kickstarter experiences I ever had.
      Instead of another Ultima 7 we got some kind of MMO with a huge cash shop and investors who want to make money.

      I hope this is the last time we ever hear from you, your wannabe MMO and your pathetic company.


    13. Karl P. André Jr on

      This is what the email said.....

      La Société Portalarium a le plaisir de vous informer que votre commande est en cours d'expédition.
      Your Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues physical goods have been shipped.


      L'équipe Logistique M'Link Groupe MPO France

    14. Karl P. André Jr on

      :( yeah I got a notification today in french that this was shipping but no tracking or other information.