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A toolkit to expand to replicate our approach to help small biz and turn vacant spaces to vibrant neighborhoods in Oakland and beyond.

Popuphood launched in late 2011, and we've done so well we want to expand (in Oakland and other cities). We need cash to turn vacant spaces to vibrant neighborhoods in New Orleans, Melbourne, Chicago and many more cities! If this kickstarter campaign is successful, we'll share our success by publishing a toolkit filled with tips, examples, and case studies by the fall of 2012.

popuphood launched in September, 2011. We are Co-Founders Sarah Filley and Alfonso Dominguez. After many conversations about how to ignite economic vitality in this creative city we started a dialogue with the city we know and love. It made sense to start at the original center of commerce, the historic business center in Old Oakland. This unique historic neighborhood on 9th and Broadway was an ideal location for our pilot venture. Despite all of its amenities including great restaurants and bars, historic charm, a weekly farmer's market, proximity to three main public transportation hubs and a convention center, it was still struggling. Old Oakland lacked one thing: independent retail.

popuphood designed a solution. Building on cross-sector partnerships with the City of Oakland and Peter Sullivan Associates we negotiated six months free rent in five previously vacant store-fronts. Each independent retailer was curated to complement each other as well as the thriving restaurants and bars in the neighborhood. By applying design-thinking we leveraged creative assets and matched opportunities with strategic partners for a more vibrant economy with positive social impact.

Game Changing. We have inverted the 20th century model of revitalizing communities with this pilot project in Old Oakland. It is a citizen-led initiative focusing on hyper local and creative economies. This pilot location served as a testing ground for our initiative to rethink retail and the role it plays in revitalizing our cities.

Placemaking. Our marketing campaign repositioned Old Oakland, our pilot location, as a true retail destination with international press, increased foot traffic, adding vitality to the local economy, jobs, and an increase in occupancy rates for upper floor office spaces.

Sustainable local economies. We have continued to refine our initiative, incubate our retailers, forge partnerships, and share our story. We are thrilled that after six months, Piper and John's General Goods, Marion and Rose's Workshop, and Crown Nine have signed long term leases.

New retail. New projects. New cities. Help us make it happen.

Let's do it:

$25,000 = 1 toolkit in 2 months (launch in the fall in 2012)


We have been inundated with calls from developers, government officials and citizens asking us to replicate our innovative retail strategy on their block, in their neighborhood and in their town. Calls came in from Detroit, New Orleans, Chicago, Seattle, Arizona, San Jose, Melbourne, Seattle and other neighborhoods in Oakland.

Help us help your city! We have researched an affordable affiliate model based on a toolkit with a yearly membership and scaled fee structure reflecting different user capacity.

$25,000 will afford us to share our model with developers, municipalities, retailers and citizens who want our innovative approach to turning vacant properties into vibrant economies. With the funds in place we can create an online and downloadable “toolkit” which outlines our approach to Assess Neighborhoods, Curate Retail, Market and Engage the surrounding businesses andCommunity. This will include examples of contracts and agreements and the licensing of the internationally recognized popuphood brand.

Our funding priorities
 Legal fees (can’t live with them, can’t live without them)

 Research and Development (with our amazing advisors)

 Web and Graphics (The site will have to be revamped to support the toolkit and affiliate models)

 Marketing to get the toolkit out to innovators in your town! (like the amazing doc from Eva Kolenko!)

 If we exceed our goal we will compliment the toolkit with a case study and impact reports to further supporting the adaptation of this model.

6 Month Project Update:

Since this video was made, three independent retailers have signed long term leases with two additional retailers opening in July.

We value inter-generational and inclusive participation, sharing resources, hands-on, diversity, collaboration, creativity, cross-sector partnerships, and D.I.Y innovation.

This short video compliments the intro video and gives you an introduction to Nicole and Jake who are part of popuphood as well:

Old Oakalnd. Photo Credit by Eva Kolenko,

Piper and John's General Goods. Photo credit Eva Kolenko. 

Crown Nine's Kate Ellen during construction. This space was re-imagined from a storage space to a revenue generating gem of a jewelry store in partnership with The City of Oakland, Peter Sullivan Associates, and popuphood! Photo Credit: Sarah Filley.


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