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ahoy! and thank you / we have written this haiku / in astonishment

Posted by Popula (Creator)

Dearest Popula Backers

Thank you so much for contributing to our inaugural Popula fundraiser. We are gobsmacked and amazed by your generosity, and the powerful endorsement of our work it represents.

Popula's had just an incredible week in general, what with being the first U.S. publication (I really think we are the first in the world) to archive the full text of an article to the Ethereum blockchain. Basically we started the week by making history, and it is only Wednesday.

And then we started this fundraiser. So far (IN the first TWO DAYS of our 45-day Kickstarter), 86 generous backers have pledged $10,049, nearly half of our $25,000 goal. THANK YOU for this extraordinary, magnificent start.

We've published some wonderful work this week. There are many favorites to choose from, but off the top of my head I'll single out Vincent Bevins's piece on the world's adoption of mall culture. It's not an unfamiliar topic, on the face of it, but I will bet you'll find this piece surprising, thoughtprovoking, and moving, as I did.

Warm regards, and thank you again, so much, from all of us at Popula.

Maria Bustillos, Editor


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