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This spring, POPGUNPULP Comics is releasing the second issue of their highly successful SCI-FI comic book, JOHNNY RECON. Become a Recon Ranger!
This spring, POPGUNPULP Comics is releasing the second issue of their highly successful SCI-FI comic book, JOHNNY RECON. Become a Recon Ranger!
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Hi Kickstarters! Some fun news regarding Johnny No.02 and Kickstarter coming up, keep your eyes glued to the screen for it!

For now, I give you my contribution to this week's Comic Twart blog: G.I. Robot!


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Johnny Recon #2 Pencils! PAGE 3-4


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Johnny Recon #2 Pencils! PAGE 2 FREEVIEW

Hiya Kickstarters!

It's been far too long since I've given you guys an update! Well at least I have good reason. I've been pencilling JOHNNY RECON No.02 like a madman!

I couldn't be happier with how it's going either. I'm really hitting my illustrative stride on these pages and I can't wait for Scott and I to have this book in our hands and be immensely proud of it.

Because you guys are THE BEST Popgunpulp fans on this planet, I want to share some of the progress with you! I won't be sharing every page because I don't want to give too much away, but i'll definitely be sharing a good number of pencilled pages with you fine folks as we go.

This is page #2 from Issue 2. Free for all to see, a gateway drug! All the other pencilled pages will be backer exclusive, so if you're just window shopping right now, GET IN ON THE ACTION! Make a pledge and you'll get in on all the great behind the scenes action and get some really fun rewards for your contribution including your pre-ordered EXCLUSIVE Cover copy of the book!

I hope you guys enjoy what we have to show you!


PS. We've gotten a lot of online orders for Johnny Recon #1 lately. I've also been very slow at getting those in the mail. I apologize immensely for that. I will get those out tomorrow morning. If anyone else wishes to order a copy of issue 1 and they feel they can wait to get it, you can save yourself some shipping costs and just add $5.00 to your pledge here on KICKSTARTER and we'll include it in your reward package when we mail them out! Easy Peezey Breezy! THANKS!

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Just sharing...

Hi Kickstarters! Just wanted to share my contribution to the second week of the COMIC TWART blog I spoke of earlier. This week's character is Cliff Secord, THE ROCKETEER!

I'm currently still chipping away at the pencils for JOHNNY RECON No. 02 and I can't wait to share them with you guys, it's some of my best work. It helps when your script is this much fun.


More info on the COMIC TWART Blog can be found at

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A few days ago, you people (Yeah! YOU people!) made two independent artists pretty much the happiest two people on the planet (maybe even OTHER planets)!

Not only did we reach our pledge goal, but we filled out our highest reward (Exciting!) and we were KICKSTARTER's Project of the Day (it just so happened it fell on a weekend with a holiday, so we were Project of the Day for like 3 days)!

We really can't thank you guys enough, so we went to one of our neighborhood shops and shot this little thank-you video for you guys. These are not actors (which becomes pretty obvious, you could make a drinking game out of how many times I look off-camera in these videos)!

We still have a lot of time left for this project here on Kickstarter and any extra funds we get we will use towards attending more conventions and the publication of issue #3! So please keep spreading the word, because you know we will be!

Again, thank you guys, you're the bee's knees!


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