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This spring, POPGUNPULP Comics is releasing the second issue of their highly successful SCI-FI comic book, JOHNNY RECON. Become a Recon Ranger!
This spring, POPGUNPULP Comics is releasing the second issue of their highly successful SCI-FI comic book, JOHNNY RECON. Become a Recon Ranger!
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    1. John on

      Whats happened to you guys?

    2. Mitch Gerads Creator on

      Thank you so much, John! The two of us are absolutely overwhelmed with excitement and so unbelievably grateful for all of the support we've received from our backers! Thank you all so much!

    3. John on


    4. Mitch Gerads Creator on

      Hi Jason! We've definitely been talking about it! I know a bunch of the artists on the blog still plan on doing Johnny illustrations before Monday, so we're going to see what everyone does and then see who's not in exclusive contracts, etc.

      If I had my way we'd fine a home for each and every one!


    5. Jason Folkes on

      Wondering if you guys were going to include the Johnny Recon Twart art in a future issue?
      Love what's going on over at the Comic Twart blog and want it to contine! can't wait to get my paws on those Johnny Recon comics!

    6. Mitch Gerads Creator on

      John, it's a HUGE possibility! And I like where your head is at!


    7. John on

      Is attending SDCC 2011 a possibility? It would be such a lark to meet and talk with the creators of Johnny Recon. RECON RANGERS! JOIN ME IN PLEDGING A LITTLE EXTRA TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

    8. Matthew JLD Rice on

      That is truly a bummer... but I understand. I'm in SoCal already so it's an easy trek for me.

      Looking forward to reading this book. Digging the Twart blog stuff too! FUN!

    9. Mitch Gerads Creator on

      Thanks, Matthew! We won't be in San Diego this year, unfortunately. Very unfortunately since SD is my favorite city in the US!

      If you'd like a copy of issue No.01, we've set it up so you can save some $$ and just add $5.00 to your pledge and we'll include a copy of No.01 in your Reward package.

      Thanks again!


    10. Matthew JLD Rice on

      I'm digging what I'm seeing from you guys! I'll have to figure out a way to pick up a copy of issue #1. Will you guys be in San Diego for Comicon this year?

    11. Mitch Gerads Creator on

      Thanks, Jenna! Welcome to the Recon Rangers!


    12. Missing avatar

      Jenna on

      I love the art! I can't wait to read the story! I'm truly excited for this project!

    13. Mitch Gerads Creator on

      Thanks, Andrew! Also thanks so much for the pledge. We'll keep you updated on all the progress.


      (Currently pencilling page 01)

    14. Andrew Makishima on

      This looks great guys! Can't wait to check it out!

    15. Mitch Gerads Creator on

      At this time I can neither confirm nor deny a presence of Time Raptors. ;)


    16. Justin Peddycoart on

      I hear episode 3 has . . . TIME RAPTORS.?!

    17. Mitch Gerads Creator on

      Thanks, John! We hope so too and it's looking like he will ;)


    18. John on

      This is so awesome!!! Now that the pledge has been met, I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for issue #3. I think kickstarter was a great idea, especially with all the neat and generous rewards that were offered. Much success to you guys and I hope Johnny Recon is around for many more issues!!

    19. Mitch Gerads Creator on

      Hi, Richard, that's a great point - we don't consider any supporters from our northern neighbor as international, and we've adjusted the project language to reflect this fact. Thanks for stopping by!

    20. Richard Murray on

      Some people think of "International Shipping" as being "includes Canada" and some others don't ...

      Regular shipping isn't all that much pricier to Canada when compared to sending to Zimbabwe, is it?

    21. Mitch Gerads Creator on

      Hi Kendra, Your best bet is to just pitch your idea to the Kickstarter team directly. If you need any help, we'd be glad to help, otherwise best of luck!

    22. Missing avatar

      kendra on

      hello there im new to this so im just trying to figure it out. i love ur idea i would also love for u to invite me. im not real sure how it works except so far it seems that we are all here to help each other and kind of be a team. if you want to invite me i think u do it from twitter? u can find me on there under kendra30752 and my name is kendra richards u may find me under my name. anyways iwould truly appreciate u to invte me to this kickstarter thing. you do me a favor and ill return! thanks so much :) have a great day