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This spring, POPGUNPULP Comics is releasing the second issue of their highly successful SCI-FI comic book, JOHNNY RECON. Become a Recon Ranger!

“Johnny Recon is a deliciously fun birthday cake. With a few cups of Dr. Who, a whole helping of Indiana Jones, and a dash of retro science fiction goodness, Dillon and Gerads have managed to create the funnest new indie comic I've read in a good long while!” –Mitch Breitweiser (Cover/Sequential Artist - Marvel Comics; Co-Creator - The Futurists)

Howdy everyone! Our names are Scott Dillon (writer) and Mitch Gerads (illustrator). Last summer, we released the first issue of our self-published, and self-funded, comic book series through our studio, POPGUNPULP Comics: The Daring HI-FI Adventure Tales of JOHNNY RECON.

JOHNNY RECON is a contemporary science fiction adventure comic that borrows from both modern mainstream storytelling aesthetics and an incredible love of old science fiction and adventure pulp stories from the 1940s and 50s.

“These guys show the rest how it’s done. They understand that sci-fi and cosmic adventure comics are supposed to be fun! Not since Jim Starlin's "Warlock" has there been a space tale this exciting! I'm not missing a single issue!” –J. K. Woodward (Illustrator - X-Men: Origins, Star Trek, Fallen Angel)

We are both established professionals in our fields and understand what has the potential to be successful and what is just a passing hobby. We are supremely confident that JOHNNY RECON has the potential to be a very sustainable franchise, which is only supported by the amount of sales and good reviews the book has received from industry professionals, potential publishers, and, most importantly, the fans. We brought the first issue to multiple conventions last year and currently have the book in numerous Minnesota stores where it has been continuing to sell very well.

“Great design work, sharp storytelling, and a retro flair that I find hard to resist. Mitch Gerads’ work reminds me of everything I like about comic books.” –Matthew Dow Smith (Illustrator - Doctor Who, Starman, Supernatural: Origins)

Mitch is just now starting his work as illustrator on JOHNNY RECON #2, and we are expecting to have it printed and available to retailers and the general public in time for the 2010 convention season, near the end of April. We are very excited about the script for the second issue, and we are confident it will be our gateway to bigger, better, and more widely distributed things.

We are asking the Kickstarter community to help us with just that. All of the money that we raise here will go toward the printing of the second issue as well as costs associated with the two of us traveling to and attending conventions in 2010. We will attend these events to sell issues to fans and pitch the series to publishers, some of whom have already expressed an interest in seeing more from us and, most importantly, more of JOHNNY RECON.

Your contributions will definitely be rewarded as they seriously mean the world to us. We have been friends for 20+ years, this is the dream, and we’re inches away from achieving it completely, but only with your help.

In honor of our appreciation, we have put together an affordable and fun list of Pledge Rewards for you to choose from, the centerpiece being the Kickstarter-EXCLUSIVE cover to JOHNNY RECON #2 (pictured above). This cover will ONLY be printed and distributed to supporters from Kickstarter and will not be available on our website, at conventions, anywhere other than here. Check out the sidebar for all the other great rewards we have set up as well.

We really appreciate anything you can pledge, and we both can’t thank you enough for helping our childhood dream come true!

For additional information about JOHNNY RECON and POPGUNPULP Comics, feel free to check out these interviews from Indie Pulp and Pulp 2.0 as well as our website.

Thank you again!

-Scott Dillon + Mitch Gerads

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    You will receive a signed and numbered cover copy of JOHNNY RECON No.02 ONLY available to people who pledge for this project (FREE SHIPPING). Thank you so much!

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    You will receive the above as well as a signed standard cover copy of JOHNNY RECON No.02. Your name will also be printed in the acknowledgments section of the book.

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    You will receive all of the above as well as two additional copies of the comic (one with the exclusive cover and one with the standard cover), plus a signed and numbered sketchbook featuring pencils, inks, and roughs from JOHNNY RECON No.02 with an ORIGINAL ART sketch on the cover.

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    You will receive all of the above as well as a page of original inked artwork from the book itself (artist's choice).

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    You will receive everything from the $10, $25, and $50 rewards, plus we'll draw you, or someone of your choice, being killed prominently in JOHNNY RECON No.02. You will also receive the original inked page that this scene appears on.

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    You will receive everything from the $10, $25, and $50 rewards, plus the original pencil, ink, and marker cover illustration to the cover.

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    You will receive ten signed and numbered copies of JOHNNY RECON No. 02 (five copies with the exclusive cover and five copies with the standard cover) as well as a signed and numbered sketchbook with original art on its cover, plus we'll let you design an alien race that will appear in issue No.02 and will play a big role in future issues. You will receive the page of original art that the race appears on, and we will credit you in the issue for your creation as well as in all future issues featuring the alien race you helped design. Please keep in mind that your creation will become the intellectual property of POPGUNPULP Comics.

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