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A physical compilation of Olivia Neutered John's first three releases.
28 backers pledged £450 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Blackened Death (Creator)
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My friends, with your support Complete Castration has been more than a success, it has been a FUCKING CRUSHING success. Thank you all, thank you one by one, you have brought this project to light.

Now that digipaks and cassettes have been funded, all backers of any physical album tier will get their choice of Complete Castration as a digipak or as a cassette. Furthermore we have amended the stretch goals - All successful stretch goals from here will add SWEET BONUS ITEMS to your backer rewards.

Patches, pins, stickers, condoms, and potentially OFFICIAL Olivia Neutered John FIVE KNUCKLE HUNGER BUSTER chocolate bars!

Yes really.

Sad note: Vinyl is just too damn expensive. Even if we /somehow/ hit the tier to get it print, the costs would have drowned everything else. So that is one bit of sad news. Murr.


New songs: As a THANK YOU for bringing us this far, I am recording EIGHT BRAND NEW SONGS just for Complete Castration. The songs are:

01) Complete Castration
02) Annihilated Oesophagus
03) Urethral Acid Injection
04) Crushed, Pulped, Liquefied, and Poured Down Your Own Throat
05) Invasive Insemination
06) Aedeagus
07) Blackened Death
08) The Burden of the Womb

Once again, from the bottom of my big fat Canadian heart - Thank you.

Updated stretch goals
Updated stretch goals
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