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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
5,410 backers pledged $2,049,721 to help bring this project to life.



Hello Backers,

One year ago today, I pushed the button that launched Kingdom Death: Monster and my humble life of making boutique miniatures was turned upside down! The memories of that very first day are flooding back to me. The excitement and the enthusiasm of you backers has kept me pushing out 16 hour work days for a full year now!

Thank you! Now let's get to the update!

I am pushing the estimated fulfillment of the project back to Q2 2014. 
While its actually still possible we hit the tail end of Q1 ( march ) I am giving us a little breathing room in case something fails to meet my high requirements or part of the shipments get stuck in customs. I am just being super duper honest with you guys, we will have to see how it goes and I will keep everyone updated at milestone moments as we continue to move forward. 

EU Fulfillment
Will not be finalized until everything is checked and packed in our warehouse. Once we have all the final numbers I will finalize the best way to ship everything. Our current plan is to pack every single reward box and then work with a shipping company to pick everything up, bulk import it and then ship it all from a single point in the EU with a customs declaration equal to the reward level. We are exploring all options to make this as ideal as possible for EU backers. Please be aware that this plan is subject to change.

Kingdom Death Plastic
Hard plastic kits are a huge amount of work. At this point I've been working two 8 hour jobs everyday, for a year. 2pm - 10pm it's game rules, print and design work. From 10pm-6am its on Skype with my project manager in China. It's been truly intense as we scrutinize every single cut and just about every detail of the entire range. Our goal is for every plastic miniature to be the best it can be and all that time and effort of both teams is finally crystalizing into the form of Kingdom Death plastic miniatures. Many of my friends can't tell the difference between the resin & plastic versions until I hand them a macro lens camera.

Finalized Innovation Card Layouts These actually have only had a myriad of subtle design changes from their original first pass. Now they are really feeling just "right" on the table along with the rest of the settlement phase!

Final Phase of Armor Kit mastering
The armor kits are just about organized and are moving into the final form of mastering where we define how they will sit in their sprues. Rest assured, I am taking every possible opportunity to squeeze extra bits onto each kit! 

Aya the Survivor Origin Comic
I don't think I can describe how much this part of the project excites me. The style Lokman has settled on for the pages is just perfect. Originally it was only supposed to be 8-10 pages… now it's gonna be 20 pages!

I Love The Hunt Phase
Originally the hunt phase was just going to be super old-school, with random rolls on a big table and that was it. It was only a few days into the kickstarter a year ago that I decided to expand it and give each monster their own events and put the entire phase on its own unique board... I gotta admit I just love how it looks. In the core game alone there are 120+ random events that keep this part of the game awesome every time.

Back of the Hunt Board Upgrade
We are fine-tuning the usability and organization of the game to make it the most playable version it can be. Now the back of the hunt board will have this monster control panel to help keep the monster organized during a showdown.

Dung Beetle Knight UpgradeYeah so… I just couldn't resist this one! Due to our initial delay I was able to sneak in this upgrade to the Dung Beetle Knight expansion. Beetle Knight Armor Plates! We designed this to fit most of the kits and they can be worn in addition to other armor for extra protection. They may uh, slow you survivor down a little bit tho!

KD:M Kickstarter Black Friday Only, Late Backers are welcome
Every day, our inboxes are stuffed with a variety of people asking to become backers. For this black friday only (November 29), we have decide to make our final exception, the last back door pass, the absolute final opportunity to become a very late supporter of the Kingdom Death:Monster kickstarter. If people miss this, they will have to wait until our warehouse is full, backer fulfillment is underway and we open pre-orders based on final retail prices. 

We have three mega late pledge options. Late backers will not have access to the pledge manager. It's the only way to do this and keep things manageable for us. Late backers will be added to a separate late backer fulfillment list and will be emailed when we have KS updates. Late backers will get all post delay upgrades.

1. Bronze - Survivor Level 
2. Silver - Survivor Level + All Expansions
2. Gold - Survivor Level + All Expansions, Plastic Promos & Plastic Pinups.

Available here

Wrap Up
As bits and pieces of the project finally begin to wrap up… I just can't describe how excited I am. We have had so many wonderful play-test groups and so many survivors have already met their demise on the cold stone-faced floor. Once you guys finally have the game and its many expansions in hand, I can't wait to hear all about how everyone's best survivor met their ultimate end!

I think the website will definitely need a death counter of some sort… with unlockable content at certain milestones? Hmmmmmmm… Ok I had better stop thinking about that for now, so I can focus on everything that needs to happen now.

The next BIG update should be late into December. Dunno if I will be able to squeeze a small one out in between now and then, depends on how demanding the next 2 weeks are.

Thank you all again. Thank you for your support, thank you for your patience and most of all thank you for being awesome! Kingdom Death backers are the greatest backers there have ever been!!! I am doing everything I possibly can to make sure the Kingdom Death experience is the greatest we can muster!!!

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    1. Pride365 on December 24, 2013

      @Gabriel Lee Adam said their should be time right before shipping begins.

    2. Gabriel Lee on December 24, 2013

      Is there a way we could increase our pledge so I could get more of the expansions?

    3. Missing avatar

      David Ochagavía Gallego on December 21, 2013

      Thanks Pride365, I already knew that Adam´s priority is this KS. I was realy praying for take those pretty pretty minis into the game in the future.
      I´m very proud to be here, taking advantage of Adam genius & devotion :))

    4. Pride365 on December 16, 2013

      @David Ochagavía Gallego Adam has already said that as of right now he is focused on getting this KS done and depending on how it goes will decide what happens from their. Their has been talk of a second game with bigger badder monsters and use of Hero Classes, he has also mentioned that maybe their would be further expansions to this game but that right now the focus is on getting Monster to us.

    5. Missing avatar

      David Ochagavía Gallego on December 16, 2013

      I´m going mad with the miniatures I see here...
      A question: the miniatures not included in the KS (as that fantastic storm knight) will be avaiable in the future, as elements of the game or something like that?
      If the answer is Yes... they will come with cards?
      Thanks for make me dream, Adam

    6. Zanntos
      on December 14, 2013

      Hopefully we will get to hear some stories about expansion critter testing at some point, I'd love to hear stories of how a Slenderman or Dragon King obliterated a party the way some of the Butcher stories have.

    7. Pride365 on December 7, 2013

      @Daniel A Sniadoski I deff think this will be good for people to get everything if they couldn't before! And I also think the quality of plastics is making me wonder if I will ever need resin again....

    8. PrintMonkey on December 5, 2013

      There are a couple expansions and an entire swath of the pinups that I couldn't afford at the time the KS closed. I was concentrating on all the KS exclusives and a couple of my favorite pinups. Now I can (potentially) add everything I wanted. Which is, well, everything! :-D Resin, plastic. It don't mater much to me considering the quality Poots is giving us. I'd be content with just getting them all as plastic.

    9. Pride365 on December 5, 2013

      Not sure what else I can add in the pledge manager it would only be more resin stuff and after seeing the plastics I am not sure I really need 2.

    10. PrintMonkey on December 4, 2013

      Very, VERY nice stuff!!! I'm going to end up adding so much once the pledge manager opens up again! :-D

    11. Mad Clown Miniatures on December 3, 2013

      The Beetle Knight armour kit looks really cool and would tempt me to add this if and when the Pledge Managers next do open.

      As some of you know, I have been making one or two personal KD survivors to encourage my non-gaming friends to play Monster with me. I've only actually started one so far (for shame!) and have actually been working on it since May (OMG). I'd hit a bit of a brick wall with it. It's a mash up of various different elements and armour kits and seeing the Beetle armour kit I knew just what it needed!

      He is now sporting Beetle armour shoulder pads and a matching shield. I plan to add a hammer / axe type weapon which will be a stone face fragment strapped to a Beetle leg handle (the leg type limbs that are seen on the Beetle Knights back).

      It's starting to take shape so I'll post a WIP pic' later this week!

    12. Daniel M
      on December 3, 2013

      @Mobieus FYI, Adam has confirmed that the cards will fit in Dominion sized sleeves.

      Most cards are 2.25" x 3.5" and they fit in Dominion sleeves.
      The exceptions are the gear cards which are 2" x 2" and the Location cards which are 4" x 8".

    13. Sean Easterling on December 2, 2013

      Every single update reconfirms my decision to back this project and I am so very happy to see it progress, my contact with the staff at Kingdom Death has been excellent, professional, fast, and oh so very reassuring. This is not a simple nor easy undertaking and Adam and his (ever swelling) team have taken it to task and for that I thank every single one of them.

      I am sorry for their production woes and the UNAVOIDABLE delays, but I realize they are not just finishing a funded project at their leisure, but laying the foundation for a wonderous new product that take the table-top community by storm and expand into (i belive) one of the best expierences available.

      Thanks for your work Team Kingdom Death, and thank you Mr. Poots for your vision, we are waiting to praise your labor of love.

    14. Pride365 on December 1, 2013

      @Luke Roberts I look forward to it! And I will talk to you about any non gameplay stuff whenever you want during that time while you are waiting for your stuff!

    15. Luke Roberts on December 1, 2013


      That's the reason that once people start cracking their boxes I won't look at the comments section till I have my own in hand, considering it's taken a good while longer for the storm knight lot of mini's tor each Australia, it may be weeks of people playing before I do and well, yeah, bugger that, I want the full experience outright as the survivors would - blind play through, won't even look at combinations and power plays I can do by going through cards first heh! Also, we're still playing a campaign over skype, I haven't forgotten!

    16. Missing avatar

      Ryan Bailey on November 30, 2013

      Good things are worth the wait!

      Adam, thanks for all of your hard work on this. I've never been so excited for a game. I can tell that this is really something you are putting all of your heart into, which makes me even more excited to play it. Thanks again for the update!

    17. Pride365 on November 30, 2013

      I do not want a widespread play test as I want to be able to experience this for the first time as the Survivors do

    18. John H. on November 30, 2013

      @Morgue - In general, KS seems to have done OK for me:
      - Ogre a full year late.
      - Sedition Wars 2 months late
      - DreamForge Leviathan a few months late
      - Zombicide 2 a month early

      Relic Knights will be 7-9 months late, not a big surprise there. Product looks it'll be quite good, tho the rules looks a little iffy.

      Kingdom Death is going to be less than 6 months late, but of higher quality, and I'm OK with that, due to good communication.

    19. John H. on November 30, 2013

      I hope there is a backer playtest of the rules before the game goes into print. Being able to clarify things with the public at large would be a great thing to prevent confusion later..

    20. Pride365 on November 30, 2013

      I am hoping that this takes off and we get a lot of expansions not necessarily thought about right now.

    21. Missing avatar

      thecapopriest on November 30, 2013

      I also support a new game play video, preferably with a group of people playing.

      As to the wet nurse having no official rules, I wouldn't be concerned. I'm betting the community that will be in to Kingdom Death will end up creating a good amount of home brew rules for a lot of different models that do not have rules (e.g. the forge god, the chosen, and the wet nurse).

      I plan on home brewing some rules for my Darklands models, The mantichore and the Chimera.

    22. Adrian Lovelace on November 30, 2013

      oh, I also second the idea of some raw playtest videos.

    23. JP on November 30, 2013

      Totally agree with James. A new gameplay video would be awesome!

    24. Jason Massatt on November 30, 2013

      I think the mini dung ball on the first dung beetle armor render is adorable. And gross. And yes I know it's not part of the model, but it should be. ^.~

    25. Adrian Lovelace on November 30, 2013

      its a shame that there is another delay... but once again, for $750+ I want it done right! thank you!

      HOWEVER!!!! im ganna go ahead and pretend I didn't read the wet nurse isn't going to get rules!! of all the news so far that would be the most disappointing.

    26. James Streeky on November 30, 2013

      Personally, I would love to see a new gameplay video of some of the play testing. That would give me a much better idea on how the game has progressed, mechanics-wise, and all then we get to see all the new bits! I still watch the one you put up so many months ago and get excited for it. I know it probably won't happen, but man would it be awesome!

    27. Luke Roberts on November 30, 2013

      @The Morgue,

      read down (now on the 2nd page of comments), I responded to Timothy Justin already on exactly the same points. have a read, and apply it all to you.

      tl;dr, don't get all pissaed off and uppitty because a project is behind their ESTIMATED DELIVERY.

      The original product you backed for was shit house in quality compared to what we are now getting at no extra cost. The 2nd quarter next year delay is a buffer zone well ahead in communication to let us know that whilst the game may be sorted, shipping solutions which have changed in multiple countries since the kickstarter started have to be met as they aren't what they were 1 year ago. You are one pof the vocal minority pissed off because you chose to act as a financer for a project which couldn't do it on its' own - there's risk in that. It's called GAMBLING. You back a kickstarter project and you take a gamble. You're like person number 4 out of over a thousand commentors here over the past several updates and in the comments section that is pissed off and raging because dear gosh! The project is not going to be delivered to your door by the end of today. Again, have a look at the kickstarter pledge levels they are there in the top right column - ESTIMATED DELIVERY NOVEMBER 2013. You know what? Adam and Kingdom death could deliver this with no communication to us in 5 years time and they won't be breaking the promise they made to you and us as the financial backers of this project to see it take to fruition. So instead of raging, sit back and get your facts right. ESTIMATED IS NOT DEFINITE. Adam stating that the project is being delayed is him being polite, when in actual fact he doesn't have to announce a delay he can keep saying everything is on track, the project blew out to 4 times the size in terms of manufacxturing so the estimated date for delivery was just that, do the numbers factor it in, it's on track,d eal. But no, instead, we get a crap tonne of upgrades and communication stating that it will be shipped by no later then end of Q2 2014. That's pretty good considering it's still 7 months away to know that far ahead and build in a buffer that states this will happen no matter what. Maybe you should read this update more carefully as well, you'll see how on track it is and how much extra we keep getting for free as a result. Chill out and stop the rage, this isn't Relic Knights, this community of miniature backers for kickstarter is actually quite something else entirely and very special as a result. Raging is pointless especially when you can't get the facts right in the first place.

    28. Robert M. Day on November 30, 2013

      Aw man not coming around my birthday like I was hoping. I would much rather all the kinks get worked out and have it delayed though then get a game that is sub pare. Love reading your updates as always and thanks for the add-on armor parts Adam!

    29. DerSkuggan on November 30, 2013

      Greate update and the minis look... AWESOME! Is there any way to add my pledge so that I can order all the plastic versions of those pinups?

    30. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on November 30, 2013

      @Syrynerson, Currently swelling in size! lol

    31. Cardoc24 on November 30, 2013

      dang it! I missed out on the Black Friday Black Grab Bag of Death!!! Did get an experiment of death and a chosen....very happy. Cant wait for this game!

    32. Pride365 on November 29, 2013

      @The Morgue Seriously? This is what happens with KS's they get delayed but KD has been completely transparent about the process and has added things every time he has had to back things up. This is probably the best run KS out their even with delays. Slow your Roll!

      @Srynerson They keep adding art so that will come when everything else comes from everything we have been told. Adam hasn't said otherwise.

    33. Missing avatar

      on November 29, 2013

      I've run a few searches and didn't spot anything in the update or comments, so I'll apologize in advance if this has already been asked and answered, but what's the status on the "digital art book". That was due in November and should be completely unaffected by manufacturing challenges for the physical components.

    34. Scott Steussy on November 29, 2013

      @KingdomDeath, if you need the cash, you should throw the plastic pinups up for sale on your store ASAP. If you have the product to move, move it, and get some income.

    35. Covienus on November 29, 2013

      Thanks for the up date.
      I hope you make minis of the guy and girl that are wearing the dug bettle armor they look awesome.

    36. The Morgue on November 29, 2013

      this is why Kickstarter pay your money, they never deliver.
      Imbrian Miniatures - 1 year after I pledged...0 minis received.
      Sedition Wars - Train wreck.
      KD - now 6 months behind.
      Never mind posting concept us what we paid you our cash for!

    37. JP on November 29, 2013

      Thanks for the update. Can't wait to actually play it. Every time I am looking at a new board game nowadays I find myself thinking about KDM. I totally love how dedicated you are about your 'baby' and I really appreciate your open words about a further delay. I would rather wait longer than having it rushed and below your expectations. Anyways I reaaaaaaaly want to explore the world you have created. Reading about the lone drummer just gives a small glimpse how much you care about the overall story and feel to it. totally love that :-)

    38. Sodom on November 29, 2013

      I love how extensive the updates are with both art, models and info we all crave. Thanks for keeping us up to date and I can't speak for everyone but I do not mind a delay for quality.

    39. Fontaine Christophe on November 29, 2013

      Great update as usual !
      Even though the probable extended delay is no goos news, the added bonus of the dung beetle knight armor kit helps us swallow the pill. Well done Mr Poots, well done !

      I'm now utterly convinced by the quality of the plastic pinups. The extensive work on the frame seems to have paid off nicely and the models look easy to assemble without visible joints and stuff; Nice job! And it's great to finally see the leather queen and the lantern pinup. I can't wait to have them in my hand and paint them.

      The armour kit mastering seems to go smoothly, nothing to fear here. The added DBK kit is really a sweet treat, and the kind of bonus that makes me think that Adam and his team really care about their customers' experience.

      Finally the hunt board looks beautiful!

      And now the sad part : waiting another month before next update... :-(

    40. Mobieus on November 29, 2013

      I meant 'it' not 'in'

    41. Mobieus on November 29, 2013

      Aww, I missed the pinups from the sale :(
      Anyway I wanted to suggest adding some card sleeves to the pledge manager when in gets released next time. I would definitely pay to keep my cards minty!
      What do you think Adam and backers?

    42. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on November 29, 2013

      @Agusky your awesome, thank you!
      @Jason Hsu, Not exact time frame yet, still waiting on all the resin phoenixes!
      @stephen strobel, before fulfillment begins we will have another round of pledge manager happenings. Its a little taxing on our end because it can be a bit time consuming to chase those few loose enders around that don't relock their pledge! I am thrilled everyone likes the plastic! But we did place a huge order for all the resins people pledged for way ahead of time so… don't leave me with a hoard of resins! ;_; lol
      @Deepkind, in the core game beating the watcher is the goal. after that the game goes into an escalating boss rush mode where you can no longer craft gear or innovate. However the lantern festival expansion replaces this ending and continues on where you left off extending the overall timeline of the campaign.
      @Stick, yeah sorry. We are treating the late backer pledges separately from the KS pledges, trying to combine them would just be too much to keep track of on our end. Oh and thank you!! The game has been played a lot and we are constantly making small tweaks. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but we've had around 30-40 different people play test so far with easy several hundred hours invested. This resulted us in hiring a full time game master, that just organizes various play test groups everyday!
      @Jarnigan Cook, The resin releases from the KD store have been sustaining our monthly expenditure needs. Squeezing in a few extras here and there has not been too bad yet. But you are right in that it cannot go on forever. It's still too early to tell now, but I think we will end positive if only by a very small margin. I am ok with that, since it feels more true to the intent of the kickstarter and I'd rather use all the resources to make the entire project the best it can be, then to try and profit hoard. I have faith that if you backers are satisfied, we will be able to move the remaining 3,500 game units and move into greener pastures for the company itself. I am very much, betting it all on you guys! hehe
      @Brooks, no its not.

    43. Sodom on November 29, 2013

      scratch that, we got some other addons I think for same price.

    44. Sodom on November 29, 2013

      Love the update but is the new silver level a better deal than what us backers(especially the early birds) already got? That kinda sucks.

    45. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone
      on November 29, 2013

      Wow, awesome update as usual. Don't have any praise to say that hasn't been said already. My only disappointments are that I was too late for the grab-bag and that I'm too tapped out financially to get me a gold or silver bundle... Oh well, I still don't regret getting Journey and Shadows of Brimstone (at the very least I'll be able to do some wicked homebrew mashups).

    46. Michael David on November 29, 2013

      Anyone have any ideas on how the Dung Beetle Armor would be attached? Is in not permanent with glue? My plan for all the armor kits was to use magnets as others have suggested in the forums but how could that work for the Dung Beetle Armor. Any one else wondering about this?

    47. Jarnigan Cook on November 29, 2013

      One concern I have with all these delays: KD Running out of money.

      There have been a number of updates that all indicate added expenses. Shipping costs have gone up. Additional content like new masks and upgraded art (Which requires artists' time as well as more raw materials and additional logistics), and higher quality plastics. As the consumer it's great that this cost isn't being passed along to me but I am growing concerned about money running out.

      Given that Adam is pouring so much work in to this, I imagine he doesn't have another job -so is reliant on the kickstarter money for his own income. He deserves the money, of course, but with each delay it means that many more months without another income source.

    48. Carlos Kamu Zermeño on November 29, 2013

      @Ape: Yeah, thanks, just saw it. I won't miss that chance!

    49. Michael David on November 29, 2013

      Wow this Black Friday deal is really cool. It's great for people who missed out. But since I am already a locked in backer is there anyway I can get in on some of this goodness? I'm not saying I want to put in a whole new pledge but after looking at the Gold level Black Friday I would sure like to get everything like that Gold level has. The Pledge Manager is locked right now so just upping my pledge is not an option.

    50. Ape2020 on November 29, 2013

      If you check earlier in this thread you will see Adam confirmed the PM will be reopened one last time early next year.