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Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
Cooperative board game set in a nightmare-horror world. Fight for your life, scavenge, craft, and band together to survive.
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    1. Edwardo on

      I hope it's Mike himself sculpting her :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Mario on

      @Adam: who will be doing a skin painting tutorial? Is this like 1-2 pages, or something more in depth?

    3. Mark Johnson

      Another must get item...

    4. Victor Chan

      @greywulf - Thanks for your reply. Given the care Adam has put into everything from concept design (gaming rules and physical accessories in his videos) to sourcing artists, I am hopeful, too.

      @Maxime Gauthier - Great to hear! Thank you. The challenge with seeing some of the designs is that they're often either in 3d CG or concept art stage and not at a sculpted/pre-production test stage to look at. I expect that the reputation you're giving will be upheld. This will be one fantastic game to look at it and not just to play.

    5. Rand Chua TL on

      There is so many items i want!

    6. Green Arrow (DC) on

      @DaveC, Shawn, Brittle, and Graywulf

      Thank you all for bringing me up to speed. Been seeing that for a while and getting lost.

    7. Christopher Musawi on

      i'm holding out for a behelit.

    8. Matthew Edwards on

      @Adam Poots

      what if this version of Kara is the "lone survivor"

      ie after the battle of alabaster, kara is left on the station alone for an indeterminate period and has to survive of the land

    9. Darkson on

      Could it be gear cards to make the Green Knight so you don't have to own all the different monsters to get the gear?

    10. Missing avatar

      George Kong on

      I guess that big ass stone is the Kingdom Death equivalent of a big ass machine gun. Somehow I don't think it's translated very well :P

    11. greywulf on

      @Green Arrow - What You See Is What You Get... In games like warhammer your mini actually has to have a plasma pistol in its hand for it to be able to use it. In Monster here it seems that survivors can be dressed up wearing dragon armour but really be wearing leather just based on the gear cards.

    12. Maxime Gauthier on

      @Victor Chan - As an owner of the few Experiments of Death kits (the Twilight Knight pinup and the Wet Nurse, both their first models in plastics), i can tell those are, as far as i've seen so far, the most detailed plastic kits I've seen. I don't have any of KD's resins to compare with, but comparing KD's plastics with, say, more traditional plastics and even resins (I'm looking as everything GW, PP, Mantic, etc), KD comes out on top gloriously.

    13. Brittle on

      @Green: "what you see is what you get" - some miniature games require that any weapons / armour / gear that a character has be modeled on the mini itself.

    14. Shawn Polka

      @ Green Arrow (DC) - What You See Is What You Get. Normally used in miniature games to say that a model must be representive of their rules - aka, having the correct gear shown on the model.

    15. DaveC on

      WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get

    16. Green Arrow (DC) on

      @greywulf: I have been searching for answers but what does WYSIWYG mean?

    17. David Weiss on

      the stuff from wyrd is supposed to be pretty good to and we know it can be done in volume.

    18. Josh Erickson on

      I'm gonna say next update is Custom D10s with a Lantern for the 10 face.

    19. greywulf on

      @Victor Chan - we don't know, the plastic hasn't been finalized. There's potential (but not sure what %, high or low) that they will be trollcast, which could be amazing!

    20. greywulf on

      These gear cards and the actual gear for these promotional figures seem to only come with their specific figures. Is there any chance the minis would be packaged with 2 of the gear item, like 2 cola bottles and 2 hood heads and 2 giant stone faces so that we could add them to a different figure too? I know this isn't a WYSIWYG but it would be nice to be able to add them to other figures, no?

    21. Victor Chan

      Hey, everyone. I became a backer only a few days ago and am as excited as everyone here if te game and the figures. Because of budget I'm deciding to go with quantity (as many expansions and pinups as I can) vs quality (resin kits).

      I'm not asking about negatives of going plastic vs resin (resin's always gonna win out for quality hence my tough decision) but I just want to ask if anyone's familiar with how well the plastic figures from existing releases have turned out. Adam, if you see this, I intend no insult, just want to get a sense of what to expect from a KD plastic figure vs another plastic line, paintability, etc. Cheers and looking forward to the next (few?!) stretch goal(s)!

    22. Ryan Blackstock

      I remember asking for an extra hit location die :)

    23. Brittle on

      @David Weiss: that might make the whole nightmare horror gameplay experience a little too authentic for my tastes! I'm cool with the minis, but when somebody in my gaming group appears to grow a penis tail held by anus hands, I might have to draw the line.

    24. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      @J Durrant, don't know yet! Someone from the Team for sure, but the schedule hasn't been finalized yet.

    25. David Weiss on

      Maybe it's a crystal of whatever Adam does to come up with this stuff

    26. Gary Sandstrom on

      Ladies and gents, it would appear he needs a hand to reach this next goal.

    27. Brittle on

      @Chevaliers: you could always house rule that the face is made of... unstable plutonium? Sci-fi compatibility achieved! =P

    28. Missing avatar

      J Durrant on

      So who is going to sculpt to model?

    29. Brittle on

      @KD: Exactly what I was trying to say! My apologies if it was unclear - I wasn't trying to misrepresent your comment.

      Looking forward to the next stretch, dice or otherwise!

    30. Psychor on

      I also thought it was a dice ring. Haha - oh well.

    31. Orlando_the_Technicoloured


      I note the fleshtone painting guide with interest, is there perhaps a Studio McVey input into that ?

    32. Green Arrow (DC) on

      Wow adam, that is a great addition to the game. Having monster trouble? Shape stone just not cutting it for you?Trade in your sharp stone for a full size stone face!!! Bone crunching fun. :P

    33. Alejandro Kondrasky on

      "MY FACE IS MY SHIELD!" "Yeah...? Well, FACE THIS!" Being realistic (???) is possible to model her in that pose ? probably in plastic but it seems like hard to maintain that rock face in that position, a great achievement in any case (or at least that's what my ignorance let me see )

      And that hand is just freaking crazy, i don't know what is exactly... but I'm just going mad about it! Fingers ? :D

    34. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      There will not be any SW rules. We felt that the prehistory vibe didn't work well in the sci fi universe of SW.

    35. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      omg! embarrassing! i fixed it!

    36. Missing avatar

      Oliver Walters on

      Anyone else noticed that the goal completion at the top is wrong. It shouldn't be $1,450,000 it should say $1,400,000. Just saying...

    37. William Flickinger on

      @Adam - Are there intentions for this to be compatible with Sedition Wars (like the Candy/Cola with "Relic Knights")?`If compatible, would there be rules/stats for SW included?

    38. Adam Canning

      It's the King's Other Hand. :)

    39. Esoba on

      @Adam - So this is either custom dice or a ring pop. Which is it Mr. Poots ;) ?

    40. Balgin Stondraeg

      Funny thing, Kara's picture ahs the wrong number at the top and claims we've reached the next stretch goal already. Clearly that 5 shouldn't be there :P.

    41. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      The Dice Ring Project was not canceled. There just was not enough time to do something custom for the kickstarter, we plan on working together later this year.

    42. Jibboom

      It won't be this, but the silhouette made me think a KD-style dice holder that looks like a disembodied hand would be cool. I have not seen anything to suggest the game has any need for one though.

    43. Esoba on

      Custom dice would make me a very happy panda.

    44. Brittle on

      If I recall correctly, Adam mentioned (vaguely, in passing) that the dice ring collaboration didn't work out due to some production issues clogging up the world's for the other guy, preventing him from being able to work out anything before the end of the KS. The custom dice remains (excitingly) possible, though!

    45. AGN1964 on

      @Esoba, I'll suck on that!

    46. Lucio Maron on

      It's a Powergamer D10... with 10 on all sides ;)

    47. Esoba on

      @AGN - Boy aren't you going to be pissed when it is a Kingdom Death themed ring pop ;)

    48. AGN1964 on

      If the next one is tricky to figure out, all I can say is the puzzles in this game will be rather easy!